Shipping Boats Overseas

Shipping Boats to another country

For shipping boats overseas, it is important to do some preparation before you have your vessel picked up by a boat hauling service. Before the boat is shipped, the boat’s overall height and volume need to be reduced. To do this, booms, radar towers and antennas must be lowered or removed. The boat’s overall height, including the trailer, is measured, so removing larger items can reduce shipping costs and reduce the risks of damage to the boat. Moreover, there are several options for shipping boats overseas, such as:

  • Roll-on/Roll-off – The boat stays on a trailer and is rolled on and off the boat
  • Enclosed Container – The boat is put in a large shipping container
  • Flat Rack – For oversized boats, shipped in a custom cradle and strapped in the flat rack
  • Submersion – The boat is loaded and unloaded directly from the water

Shipping Boats Overseas

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