Are You Needing Open Car Transport Services?

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Open Car Transport Services


Are You Needing Open Car Transport Services?

Do you need to have a vehicle transported from one location to another using Open Car Transport Services? If so, you might want to consider whether open car transport works for your particular situation and needs.  It’s an affordable way of getting a vehicle moved.  Just as the name implies, vehicles are hauled out in the open (as opposed to being transported within an enclosure), so they ARE exposed to elements.

For this reason, open car transport is less expensive compared to enclosed vehicle transport services.  When you choose open car transport, the trailer is open, so all the space can be used.

This allows for the vehicle to haul as many cars as possible.  However, the only downside is the open exposure to elements.  If your vehicle is very expensive or rare, you might want to consider enclosed transport to protect it as much as possible.

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