How much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car? The regular price to transport a car on an open car carrier transport is around $700. Across country car transport costs over $1,000, if you need car shipping of only 140-150 miles the cost is about $350.

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What is the average cost to ship a car?

The average cost to ship a car will be based on the following factors that a car transporter will assess:

  • Year, make and model of vehicle
  • The distance from pickup to delivery
  • Time of year (winter, summer, spring, fall)
  • Open or Enclosed Transports
  • Space and availability of the carriers
  • Cost of diesel gas

About Total Time Shipping a Car: We need more precise information like date, distance and what kind of car we will transport.
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How much does it cost to ship a car overseas?

Doing international car shipping can have a price of around $1,000 to $5,000 for standard maritime car shipping or from $5000 to $35,000 for air car transportation.

Moving a vehicle to another country is a different process than shipping a car domestically. From the method of loading and shipment to the paperwork and licensing required to operate internationally, there are many more legal and logistical hurdles, even in addition to the longer distance.

The final cost of a car shipping a car overseas is based upon many factors:

  • Type of car: Bigger cars will cost more to be shipped.
  • Car Shipping length of time: Upon the final car shipping destination will be around 4-12 weeks. If you need your car to arrive faster will increase the cost.
  • Car’s Destination: The car destination and distance will affect the cost.
  • Door to door car shipping versus pick up the car at the port: The door to door car transportation will be more expensive and you will have to pay extra money for the truck driver to ship your car to your home, instead of picking up the car at the port will help you to save money.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car?

How much Does it Cost to Ship a Car with We Will Transport It? If you are moving from one country to another or going too far from your place for any particular reason like for a job or something and you need to get there on time then driving a car will not be a good option.

There are many places where it is easier to fly there instead of driving but you still want the luxury of having a car away from your home.

In this case, it is good to hire a car shipping company to ship your car.

Well, there is not any universal chart to define car transport costs, as it mainly depends on where you are moving to and from.
If you ask me how much does it cost to ship a vehicle there is no perfect answer for that either. Every vehicle like trucks, SUVs, coupes, or sedans every vehicle has different rates, for example, loading trucks will always cost higher than other vehicles such as SUVs or even a Sedan.

And certainly, the more distance you cover the more it will cost.

There are various factors on which the Cost to ship a car depends:

  • The route you are using
  • The location you are moving to
  • Type of vehicle you are using
  • Type of shipping you select
  • Condition of vehicle
  • Seasonality

What is the average cost to transport a car?

As we mentioned above there are various factors on which the cost of shipping a car depends. But if we talk about the average cost then shipping a car internationally will be higher.

For instance, say a particular company costs $600 ‐ $800 to transport a car between two countries but the same company will cost more than $800 to transport SUVs or loading trucks for the same distance.

How to Calculate the Cost to Ship a Car:

Just like you use an online calculator to calculate the price, you can get a rough estimate of the enclosed car transport cost per mile.

You can calculate it by multiplying the distance your car will cover by the approximate cost per mile. On the basis of your calculation, you can easily set your budget.

For instance, below is the example chart which you can use as a reference to calculate your car shipping cost.

Car shipping prices depend on various factors. Do not forget to ask each company if they are providing any deals so that you can take advantage of it.

If you want to know How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car? First, you need to know what Car Carrier you are going to select for your Car Shipping Process, then you have to select between Open Car Transport or Enclosed Car Transport.
When you call the Car Transport Companies to get the best auto transport quotes, you will be looking for the best car shipping price moving and auto-delivery options.

Call We Will Transport It and you can get a flat price moving for different States and Cities.

How Much to Ship a Car?

The average price for short delivery is around $650 and for a long delivery is around $1200. But the cost to ship a car depends on many factors; first, we need to know the distance from the pickup point and the delivery point, other factors are: the season of the year, the gas price at the moment of the order, what kind of car carrier you are going to use (Open cat shipping or Enclosed car Shipping). The delivery will be door to door? The car is inoperable or not.

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How much does it cost to ship a car with We Will Transport It? You may be needing to transport your car and require car transport services. Here in our company, we offer the most secure and convenient car transport service.

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We require some basic information regarding the model of your car, its production year and your own contact information and pick and drop-off points; this is to ensure that you receive the most satisfying services from us.

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We have been working in the field of car transportation for decades. We have lasted this business because of customer trust and reliability. We work with the most reliable truck drivers to ship your car; you have entrusted us with your car transportation and we will deliver it in time and in prime condition.

It doesn’t matter how many cars you are sending or receiving, you can rest assured of the quality of car transportation services you are receiving.

How much to transport a car?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding car shipments and car transportation;

What are the costs involved in a car shipment?

Costs involved in a car shipment are highly related to the size of the car and the distance between the drop-off point and point of delivery. For instance, transporting a small SUV costs about $800 to $1250 to be carried a distance between Las Vegas to Florida. However, smaller size vehicle such as a sedan can be carried out from California to Texas at a cost of about $700 to $800. You can contact us to get an exact quote on your vehicle’s shipping costs.

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Is there a difference between the prices involved in shipping a vehicle between the states?

Yet it does. Although there are a number of factors to consider; distance’s greatness, methods of shipment, size of your vehicle, the weight of your vehicle, the costs of fuel in various states and your shipping company.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, choose the open-air shipment across the country; the reason is that open-air vehicles are more common on the road. The frequent availability of these drivers makes it a much cheaper option for these transportations.


How much does it cost to ship a car with We Will Transport It

Is there any restriction on the car’s content while shipping?

Yes, the laws prohibit such circumstances of your car’s shipping with a load. It is also not recommended as it increases the weight of your car. Consequently, the shipping companies charge you more for the greater weight of your shipment.

Does it cost a lot to ship a car nationwide?

This is dependent on which is the starting point of your shipment. However, various companies charge different rates accordingly. Here is our company we can offer you the most reasonable prices while keeping the shipment time short.

What is the cost involved in car transportation?

Here is a list of factors affecting your car transport prices;

  • Year of production and the model
  • Distance
  • Time of the year
  • Method of transport
  • Fuel costs
  • Availability of space

Is there any necessary car transportation involved in the process?

Yes. Taking the right steps can help to ensure the best services. Here is some factor to consider for transporting your car;

  • A trustable transportation Company
  • Customer reviews
  • Car transportation method; whether open or closed
  • Driver’s experience

Is shipping a car safely?

While accidents are inevitable, there are avoidable as well. Experience management and reliability of a company can ensure the safety of your car while being transferred.

Do you need a car shipping company?

Diligence, reliability and entrusted customer reviews are the honor of our shipping company. If you seek a reliable option to transfer your car, we are here to offer our services to you. After finishing your registration process, all you are required to do is to wait for the final delivery at the designated time and place.

How much does it cost to transport a car?

Depending on the size of the united, the location for pickup and delivery and how flexible you are for pickup, are the key factors in pricing.

The cost of car transport depends on how do you want to ship the car (Open car transport or Enclosed car transport), also the miles and how fast you need the car to transport it.
If you are looking forward to transporting a car, you will come across numerous questions. Finding how much to transport a car holds a prominent place out of them. This is where you need to take a cost calculator and contact info to determine the different shipping options offered by local movers.

What is the cheapest way to transport a car?

Find a popular city to have your car picked up, be really flexible with the time frame and if you can, have the miles put on your car, then go with driveaway services.

Open car transport, open carriers are the cheapest way to ship a car nationwide. Enclosed car transport will be more expensive and secure but if you need to save money we strongly recommend a very good Car Shipping Company like We Will Transport It and you will save time and money with us.

What is the best car transport company?

There are only serval reputable companies in this industry, do your research online and never give an upfront deposit.
We Will Transport It, WWTI Car Transport is the best car transport company in the market because they have the best customer service, best truck drivers and very fast and secure car transportation and delivery.

When you have a requirement related to auto shipping, you will come across the need to go ahead and get the assistance of one of the most reputed car shippers.
This is where you need to start looking for auto shipping companies. Then you can find a company that can deliver promising results to you with pickup and delivery that you need as well.

Is it safe to ship a car?

Accidents do happen like anything else but shipping a car is just as safe or safer than driving a car.
Yes, it is completely safe for you to ship a car. Most of the people who don’t have a clear understanding of auto shipping wonder whether it is safe for them to ship a car or not.

In general, it is safe for you to ship a car and you don’t need to worry about anything at all. However, you should also make sure that you are picking a reliable service provider for car transportation requirements. Only those service providers follow appropriate guides and regulations at the time of transporting cars. Therefore, you will only be able to get a positive service from such service providers.

Are you looking for car moving companies?

Then you came to the right place, we are A-rated all around the board on goggle and Bing. Always do your due diligence when you are shipping your means of transportation.

To make sure that you will have the experience we offer door-to-door car transportation if you decide to use this option. Our auto transport services will cover all your expectations and we will do everything to make a secure and fast delivery of your vehicle.
When you check the auto shipping quotes you will notice a huge discount if you compare these prices with the competition, that is why We Will Transport It is the ideal package that you have been looking for when you compare our car transport service, customer service with the rest of the car moving companies nationwide.

With Will Transport It you only have to wait for the car delivery and you will start driving to your dreams.

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Our Conclusion:


If you are looking for cheap car transportation services, you have come to the right place. For delivering your car, we guarantee time efficiency and a controlled process. Our customer review speaks for itself; we have been idle of trust, and reliability for each and every customer that has to receive our services.

Our auto-delivery system is a door-to-door service; you are informed of all the billing information you will be given a carrier invoice. You or another consigned receiver is required to sign these documents after receiving your car in the exact condition of receiving.


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