Car Dealership Flood Damage Shipping Quotes this Hurricane Season

Car Dealership Flood Damage Shipping Quotes this Hurricane Season

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Car Dealership Flood Damage Shipping Quotes this Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is in full swing, and this is the time of year when hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces of vehicle inventory are damaged or written off as total losses. You can never fully predict how much damage a hurricane or flood will cause, but you can make sure that you are prepared by following all your internal safety protocols.

One aspect of that protocol will be having a reliable car transportation company, and with We Will Transport It, you can get the best car dealership flood damage shipping quotes that will allow you to quickly recover after a significant weather event.

How Bad Will the Hurricane Season Be This Year?

Hurricane Florence turned from a category 4 hurricane, into a Category 1 hurricane by the time it made landfall in September 2018. Heavy rain has caused widespread flooding and damage across the Carolinas and the surrounding regions. Not an isolated event, storms like this can wreak havoc and cause flooding each year in the United States.

Whether your dealership has been a victim of this storm or any other weather event, we can help you to transport flood and storm-damaged cars for restoration, sale, or export.

Flood Damage Shipping Quotes at Any Time of Year

Car Dealership Flood Damage Shipping Quotes
While our transport providers do not operate in the worst conditions, we can respond quickly following any significant weather event. As soon as roads are safe to travel, you could begin the process of dealership flood damage car shipping from state to state.

Flood-damaged vehicles in the United States can be restored, scrapped, or sold as total loss vehicles for private projects. In some cases, they are exported to overseas markets for teardown or restoration. Whatever the reason is for you need to ship vehicles from state to state, we can assist with the logistics and carry out the transportation safely and efficiently.

Our team has decades of combined experience in the vehicle transportation industry, and we’ve had extensive experience with dealership flood damage shipping quotes. There are a few different factors to consider whenever you need to move a single vehicle or even a whole fleet of vehicles.

  • Vehicle models and manufacturing years. This is used for calculating weight and size, and for insurance purposes.
  • The condition of the vehicles. Total loss vehicles may be eligible for different insurance rates. Conditions change from shipment to shipment, and we’ll let you know all the details when we calculate your quote.
  • The pickup and drop-off locations. Distance impacts the final dealership flood damage shipping quotes. Longer journeys attract higher transportation costs due to fuel, driver wages, etc…
  • The time of year and how quickly you need the shipping to be completed. We will work as fast as possible following a flood or storm to fulfill your shipping request. Keep in mind that inclement weather and heavy demand following the storm season can cause some delays.

We can start the process of car dealership flood damage shipping from state to state as soon as you make your request. Quotes are available by filling out our contact form online, or, you can simply give us a call to start discussing your needs.

Deal with a Customer Service and Transportation Leader

We are one of the only car dealership flood damage companies in the United States that can offer a true Five Star service. Our customer service leads the industry as we aim to always keep you informed with costs, setbacks (due to weather or external conditions), and anything else that you need to know about your shipping order. We are available by phone or email and recommend that you contact us in the first instance if you ever have concerns about your shipping project.

We adhere to our shipping deadlines with the industry’s best success rate. While there will be times when external factors lead to slight delays, we will always communicate these to you when they occur.

We understand that recovering from a flood or hurricane can be a highly stressful period, which is why we created our vehicle dealership flood damage shipping from state to state service to be the best that you’ll find.

We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we invite you to view our customer feedback through Google Maps.

Car Dealership Flood Damage Shipping from State to State with Total Confidence

We’re fully insured, we work with the best transportation teams in the nation, and our customer service will ensure that you have a stress-free experience from beginning to end. Best of all, our car dealership flood damage shipping quotes are highly competitive, minimizing your expenses in 2018 or any year in the future.

Talk to us today to get the wheels turning on your next shipping request.

Car Dealership Flood Damage Shipping Quotes this Hurricane Season