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Looking for a realistic Vehicle Shipping Calculator? Get the best shipping quote in the industry by filling out the form and saving up to 10% off now. Car shipping is a convenient service for people on the go, and travelers have their choice of several reputable carriers.

Vehicle Shipping Calculator

We Will Transport It has an easy-to-use car shipping quote calculator available 24 hours a day and a team of seasoned vehicle transportation specialists available at 1-800-677-1196 when you’re ready to schedule a pick-up. Click here to use our vehicle shipping cost calculator now!

Vehicle shipping costs and quotes

Our vehicle shipping calculator enables travelers to get an instant quote for vehicle shipping. Your price quote will be our best estimate for your shipping costs, and we’ll solicit bids for your pick-up after you confirm your shipping order. Comparing rates is the best way to lock in low prices, and you’ll have multiple offers in just a few days!

Free online instant vehicle shipping calculator

Our car shipping quote calculator is easy to use and completing the online form only takes a few minutes. We’ll need to know your pick-up location, your destination, and what type of vehicle you have, and we’ll give you an accurate and up-to-date price quote in minutes.

Ship your vehicle anywhere in the USA!

We can transport your vehicle anywhere in North America, and you can schedule a pick-up with no money down. Use our auto transport calculator to calculate your shipping costs 24 hours a day, and call us when you’re ready to schedule door-to-door car shipping to any address in the USA.

5 Star international vehicle shipping company

We can ship your car overseas in a cargo shipping container or roll-on roll-off (RoRo) transport. Enter your overseas destination into our auto shipping calculator, and we’ll give you an instant quote in minutes!

International vehicle shipping cost calculator

We offer plenty of options to ship your car overseas, and you can use our auto transport calculator to review your estimated shipping costs.

Vehicle Shipping Calculator

You’ll need to schedule ground transportation to a port or drive your car to the nearest terminal and drop it off. We recommend scheduling overseas shipping 1-3 months before your trip to avoid unnecessary delays.

Average car shipping cost per mile

Using our car shipping quote calculator is the best way to get an accurate estimate, but here are some sample rates based on travel distance and transport mode:

Transportation distanceAverage open carrier shipping rateAverage enclosed carrier shipping rate
500 miles or fewer$630$930
Between 500-2500 miles$1,135$1,550
Over 2500 miles$1,350$1,830

3 Simple steps for booking trusted vehicle shipping services

  1. Look for a car shipping service that makes scheduling service easy

    We offer an online auto transport calculator that you can use 24 hours a day, but it doesn’t stop there! We have a team of seasoned auto shipping experts available around the clock, and they offer the best customer service experience in the transportation industry. If you’ve never scheduled car shipping, you’ll have expert guidance that begins with your first phone call. We have an unrivaled commitment to 5-Star service, and we’re ready to make you our next satisfied customer!

  2. Give your vehicle transporter perfect key details about your auto shipping order

    Our car shipping quote calculator is the best way to get an instant estimate. We’ll need to know your travel route, vehicle type, and preferred mode of transportation. You can spend a little extra for expedited shipping, but you’ll get the best rate if you schedule your pick-up early.

  3. The professional vehicle transport company will ship your vehicle for you!

    Our auto shipping calculator is the first step toward scheduling a professional car shipping service. Our shipping experts make it easy and hassle-free to schedule a pick-up, and they love helping our customers save money. Your vehicle will be picked up at your home and transported to your destination by a licensed driver from a bonded carrier.


  • What are the shipping costs to transport my vehicle?

    Car shipping to most destinations in the USA in an open transport costs between $500-$1,800, and you should budget an additional 30-40% to ship your car in an enclosed trailer. We recommend using our auto transport calculator to get an accurate estimate in minutes. Input your pick-up and delivery locations, desired pick-up date, and preferred shipping mode to get a real-time quote.

  • What are the shipping costs to transport my car overseas?

    The costs of shipping your vehicle overseas range from $500-$2,500, and you’ll also be responsible for ground transportation to the port, port taxes once you arrive, and other fees. You’ll get the lowest price if you drive the car to the terminal yourself, but we’re happy to help you schedule ground transportation from your home to the nearest port servicing your destination. You can also use our auto shipping calculator to estimate your international shipping costs, and we recommend scheduling your pick-up 1-3 months before your trip.

  • How to get an instant quote using the car shipping calculator

    Our vehicle shipping calculator is highly intuitive, and you can call us whenever you have questions. The auto shipping calculator has fallible fields to enter your pick-up date and location, your destination, vehicle information, and special instructions. You’ll have a fast and accurate quote in minutes and never have to make any upfront payments to schedule a pick-up.

Use our vehicle shipping cost calculator to get an instant quote now!

Car shipping is more affordable than you think, and we have a team of transportation experts ready to help you lock in rock-bottom rates! We offer a vehicle shipping cost calculator on our website, and you can reach us 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196. Whether you want to ship your car overseas or take a business trip closer to home, we’re here to help!

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