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Best Tractor Shipping Company in the US

We are a Tractor Shipping Company based in the United States. We are experts shipping, transporting and hauling tractors local, nationwide and overseas.


We will transport made my experience easy from pickup to delivery, great communication from the get go. Delivery was made ahead of time I will definitely use We will transport again in the future. 5 star service at an affordable price.

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Best Tractor Shipping Company
in the United States

As a Heavy Haulers Company, we offer the best Tractor Shipping and Hauling Services. We are a Tractor Shipping Company specialists and we offer the best shipping quote, just call us and save. Our Tractor transport services are the best nationwide and overseas!

Looking for Tractor Hauling Companies?

At We Will Transport It you will get the best Tractor Transport Services Nationwide. When you are looking for the best tractor shipping companies you have to count on We Will Transport It with more than 20 years of shipping tractors, transporting farm equipment and heavy equipment, Nationwide and International Shipping process.

Farm tractor transport

We understand what is on the line. A potential lifelong customer. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to ensure a smooth transportation process.
Being on time, offering very competitive rates, staying compliant with all DOT rules and regulations, and most important; making sure you are extremely satisfied.

Tractor Shipping Company

Are you looking for a Tractor Shipping Company? Shipping tractors are unlike shipping any other piece of heavy equipment. Tractors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are rather small and some are extremely large (oversize).

The difference in size makes it difficult for the average shipping company to just start shipping tractors. We’ve been shipping heavy equipment for many years without any huge incidents or problems.

Tractor Shipping and Hauling Company, Tractor transport services

Be wary of companies that are not highly reviewed. While doing your due diligence, you want to ensure the company you are obtaining quotes from has at least an average of 4.5 stars. This will ensure that the company goes out of its way to ensure its customers are happy.

To give you an idea, we have well over 410, 5 Star reviews on

No business is perfect, but when things go wrong you need a company that cares. Tractor Shipping Company, call We Will Transport It, has perfected the processes and procedures for shipping a tractor and as a result, has become a highly sought-after tractor shipping company.

Call for our Tractor Shipping Company services and save money with us!

Tractor Hauling & Farm tractor transport

We’re proud to say our repeat business is at an industry high because of the difference in customer service, our aggressive pricing, and the fact that we strive to always be on time. It is our goal that we impress you so much with our pricing and service, that we become your go-to shipper for all your shipping needs in the future.

How to Find Good Companies that Ship Tractors

Tractor Shipping and Hauling Company, Tractor transport servicesAs we touched on in our previous section, finding a Tractor Shipping Company is actually easy. Finding a good company is the difficult part. We’ve been in this industry many years and often hear about how other companies have failed to satisfy their customer. This is unacceptable to us. If there is something you are not satisfied with, we will do everything reasonably within our power to make things right.

Reviews are a large part of ensuring the company you are researching is a good company vs a bad company. You may be thinking reviews can be faked and that is true. That is why it is important that you take the extra few moments to read the reviews. Fake reviews are usually short and have no details.

Best Tractor Shipping Company in the US.

Tractor Shipping Company, We will transport it

Transporting Farm Equipment

Tractor Transport Services

We are Tractor transport Services Specialists. It is very difficult to make up staff member names and a detailed story on why they are happy. In addition to reviews, you will want to ensure their DOT rating is an A+. There is way too many options out there for you to accept anything less than an A+. This will ensure the company you are considering is in the best possible standings with the DOT.

Following the rules and regulations to a T is critical. Especially when transporting heavy machinery like a tractor. Most companies will ask you for money before you even see them via an upfront deposit.

We feel that is a poor way of doing business so do not require upfront deposits. This should immediately give you an idea of how we’re different because there are many Tractor Shipping Companies out there that actually use that upfront deposit as a commission to their sales agents. We know because we’ve been in the industry for a long-time and we intended on being the company that does things differently.

Farm Tractor Transport Services

The Best Farm Tractor Transport Service at We Will Transport It. After 400+++ 5 star reviews and many of them are because of our Tractor Shipping Company services, we feel like we are doing a great job at doing what we set out to do.

After you’ve researched your tractor transportation companies, you will want to obtain quotes. Be sure to look at every line item in the quote to make sure there are no hidden fees or verbiage that state at the end of the delivery there will be a delivery success fee. You would be surprised at what we’ve seen over the years.

However, these kinds of tricks are usually made public very quickly so this is why we recommended you invest the time to read reviews to ensure that there are no disgruntled past customers upset about the hidden fees they were hit with.

Shipping Large Tractors a Long Distance

If you require a company to ship an extra-large tractor a long distance, you will feel comfortable knowing we are able to accommodate your transportation request. Not all trucks can handle shipping large tractors. With our large fleet, we are able to make sure we have the right equipment to get the job done right.

Tractor Shipping and Hauling Company, Tractor transport services

If the load is considered oversize you will need a vehicle to pursue the tractor-trailer. Special rules must be followed and we do everything by the book. This is how we have maintained our A+ rating with the DOT and also keep our customers extremely happy.

For instance, it may be required that a pickup truck follow the tractor driver highlighting the fact that there is a wide/oversize load.

Not sure if your large tractor qualifies as an oversize tractor? No problem! Feel free to give one of our friendly tractor transportation consultants a call so we can ask you a few questions to determine if your tractor qualifies as an oversize tractor.

Compare Tractor Hauling Quotes with Ease

Now that you have all the information for Tractor Shipping Company services, you need to make sure you pre-qualify a tractor shipping company, you can call us knowing you are dealing with a top-rated company.

Customer service is always our #1 priority because, without you, we wouldn’t exist. This is why we ask you to give us a shot at earning your business.

Our team of transportation consultants is standing by waiting to hear from you.

Call for our Tractor Shipping Company services and save money with us!

Tractor Hauling | Tractor shipping companies

How to ship a tractor?

You can ship a tractor on a flatbed or a step-deck with ramps unless you have a loading dock.

How much to ship a tractor?

Depending on the dimensions of the tractor, the location for pick up and delivery and does it run. Also, if you want it expedited or can wait several weeks for a backhaul. But the average price is around 1.50 a mile for anything that is a partial load going over fifteen hundred miles and three dollars a mile for full loads.

How much does it cost to transport a tractor?

Depending on the miles and the size of the tractor is how prices are made but an estimate is anything under 25 ft long under 9 high and going at least 400 miles or more will be 1.75 a mile.

Check the cities where we have offices among others and overseas:

  • Heavy Equipment Shipping & Tractor Hauling, Canada
  • Farm Equipment Shipper, Los Angeles, CA
  • Tractor Shipping and Hauling, New York, NY
  • Heavy Haulers Company, Orlando, Florida
  • Heavy Machinery Shipping | Tractor Shipping and Hauling, Miami, Florida
  • Heavy Haulers Colorado
  • Heavy Equipment Transportation and Farm Equipment Jacksonville, Florida
  • Tractor Hauling | Farm Equipment Transportation, San Antonio, Texas

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