How to Prep Heavy Equipment for Shipping

Ready to prep heavy equipment for shipping? So, you’ve scheduled your transport. Your transport company has given you a pick up date and time, and now you have to prep your heavy equipment for shipping. This may seem a bit daunting, but it is actually easy to do if you know what needs to be done.

First, check the owner’s manual. All owner manuals should have clear instructions on how to prepare your heavy equipment for shipping. It is important to know what fluids need to be emptied and what wires need to be disconnected.

Second, remove, store, or cover any parts of the machinery that may be damaged during travel. You have to consider high speeds and weather conditions when doing this. Most heavy machinery isn’t made to travel at highway speed, so this step is extremely important.

If you follow these two steps, your heavy equipment will be ready in time for the pick up date and will arrive at the drop off location safe and sound!

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prep heavy equipment for shipping

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