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Oversized Equipment Transport

Many industries rely on the use of oversized equipment. This is equipment that is either taller, wider, or heavier than the traditionally sized equipment used in many industries, such as agriculture, construction, mining, excavation, and so forth. When you need to transport this equipment to another location, you want to make sure that it gets there timely and that it gets there safely and free from damage. While accidents do happen, you want to deal with a company that has a proven track record and that has experience in dealing with such projects. At We Will Transport It, Inc., we have the ability to handle such tasks.

Shipping a Woodchipper

To prepare oversized equipment, you need to check your owner’s manual first. The manual might have recommendations regarding what to do, such as disconnecting the battery or emptying fluids. If you cannot find details in the manual, then go to the manufacturer’s website for help. Any loose parts should be properly removed or secured so they are not damaged or so they do not become risks to others during transport. All the required permits must be obtained before attempting to haul the oversized equipment.

The FMCSA site has all the specific guidelines regarding the transport and securing of oversized loads. The size has to be accurately measured because of the power lines, bridges, and roads that you will be traveling on. At We Will Transport It, Inc. you don’t have to worry about permits and licenses. We have experience in this area and will properly secure everything that is necessary to come up with an efficient route to get your equipment to its new destination. Our team will ensure delays and legal complications are avoided by getting all the proper documentation in order and taking your transport seriously and giving it our full and utmost attention.

Your equipment will be out in the open and will come into contact with the elements, so any parts that are susceptible to damage or vulnerable to water or wind damage should be properly protected. Also, consider parts that might be damaged by heat or cold. Refer to the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s site for recommendations regarding this. Then, make sure you are ready for picking up and dropping off your equipment as applicable. Additional equipment might be needed to load and unload oversized equipment, such as cranes, loading docks, or ramps. Our professional oversized load team will help you properly plan. Call us today at (877) 880-5991 for a free estimate.

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