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farm equipment transport tipsIf you run an agricultural operation, your farm implements and equipment play a major role in your day to day operations. If you need to have a piece of equipment transported, you want to make sure it arrives at its destination in one piece and puts no one at unnecessary danger while in transit. Here are a few tips regarding the transport of your farm equipment that will help make the move go much more smoothly and ease a lot of the stress that goes with such a transport.

First, make sure you have accurate dimensions. To get an accurate estimate and to send out the right vehicle, the company needs to know the exact measurements, including the dimensions. They will also need to know the exact weight of the equipment. Look up details in the owner’s manual or make calls to the manufacturer if necessary.

Describe the equipment accurately and in detail. It is important for drivers to have accurate descriptions because of the confines of their truck space and determining whether it needs to be hauled on a flatbed, towed on a trailer, or a special trailer needs to be used. Tell them about any accessories or add-ons to this piece of equipment.

Make sure your equipment gets prepared properly for transport. You want to make sure all vulnerable pieces of equipment are properly protected. This means you should check the manufacturer’s website to see what needs to be done. Even call the manufacturer if you can’t find details online or in the owner’s manual. Sometimes this preparation means you should disconnect batteries, drain the engine fluids, secure and wrap any blades, make sure fragile items are protected by bubble wrap, and cover any parts that are vulnerable to the elements.

Check for the insurance coverage. Don’t hesitate to check with your insurer and check with the transporter about their insurance. You want to make sure you are properly covered should the unthinkable happen. If necessary, add on extra coverage. You would rather make sure you are well protected should your equipment be damaged in an accident or by the elements during transport.

Find a competent, experienced transport service to haul your equipment. Make sure as part of the agreement this transport service is going to acquire all the necessary permits and route the path that your equipment will be taken to reach its new destination. And remember, because of the size of the implement it might take longer than a regular vehicle would in order to reach its destination so you should plan accordingly. To learn more about having your farm implements transported, contact We Will Transport It, Inc. today!

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