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Shipping a Dump Truck

Affordable dump truck transportation quotes from an industry leader in heavy vehicle shipping. Choose the best dump truck transport company. Out of all the heavy vehicles that are transported around the United States, shipping a dump truck is one of the most challenging projects. Dump trucks vary in size and weight, with different models used for light commercial work, right up to heavy construction and mining dump trucks. A high level of experience and expert logistics are required to successfully perform dump truck shipping from State to State.

dump truck transportation

If you need dump truck shipping to transport a truck for sale, to get your equipment to a new job site, or for any reason, you need to rely on one of the leading dump truck shipping companies in America.

We Will Transport It Inc. is the name to remember when you want a reliable service and cost-effective dump truck shipping quotes.

The Process of Shipping a Dump Truck from State to State

The logistical challenges of shipping a dump truck can be significant. Small and mid-sized dump trucks intended for construction and municipal use can generally be transported on specialized flatbed trucks. The popular Caterpillar CT660S truck is a model that is commonly moved around the nation.

However, when it comes to the largest trucks, a standard flatbed won’t do. Instead, a lowboy trailer will be required. A lowboy has a two-tiered flat deck that allows for some of the largest dump trucks to be moved over long distances.

Because dump truck shipping from state to state is such a niche industry, you won’t be able to get a quote by calling your local auto-transporter. We Will Transport It Inc. is the clear solution, providing dump truck transportation quotes throughout the United States at any time of the year.

With our extensive network of transporters, we can move the largest and heaviest dump trucks.

What is the Cost to Ship a Dump Truck?

Dump Truck TransportationCost is always an important factor when you are comparing dump truck transportation companies. Due to the complexity of dump truck shipping, costs are notably higher when compared to shipping standard vehicles, however, we offer some of the most affordable dump truck shipping quotes in the industry, and we will always work to find the best deal.

Our transporter network means that we aren’t just limited to a single operator, so we can find quotes that other shipping companies can’t. Our transporters have strong reputations in the industry, and drivers and support staff are fully vetted for your peace of mind. Our service is DOT compliant and we adhere to all local and state laws when moving oversized vehicles.
The actual cost will depend on the pickup and drop-off location, the size and weight of your dump truck, and other factors like time of year and fuel costs.

Keep in mind that shipping a dump truck isn’t as simple as moving from point A to point B. The most logical route by car might not be the ideal route for dump truck shipping. Local laws on road usage, fees, and permits can all contribute to the final quote. Fuel prices change throughout the year, and this will also influence the final dump truck shipping quotes.

While there are no flat rates in this industry, we can commit to providing the lowest-cost solutions. Our logistics experts have extensive experience in route planning and compliance and will always develop the most efficient shipping plan.

When you need low-cost dump truck transportation quotes, always rely on We Will Transport It Inc.

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Contact us online with all details of your request, including truck make and model, total dimensions (LxWxH), and gross weight. A pickup and drop-off location will also be required to start the dump truck shipping cost calculation process. You can also talk to us right away, by calling on 844-218-0004, 877-880-5991 and 888-410-0076 today.

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Shipping a Dump Truck

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