Moving Heavy Equipment and Large Vehicles Across the Country

moving heavy equipment across the countryIf you run a construction company, surveying or mining operation, or some other kind of business that requires large equipment and vehicles, you might need to get your heavy equipment and large vehicles across the country to another job site. You want to have these vehicles transported professionally, safely and economically. These kinds of moves can take anywhere from tens of thousands of pounds up to millions of pounds across hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles. Before any machine or equipment is moved, the carrier will have to plan the job carefully.

Heavy equipment and large vehicle movement requires in-depth planning because of the load sizes. There are restrictions regarding height, width, and weight on some roadways. We work with experienced carriers with an eye for detail and who are familiar with handling such moves. They are familiar with the traffic regulations and will follow through to create a route that is safe and efficient. They will also get all the required permits and escorts that are needed to make the move safe and legal. We have worked with many teams who are experts in machinery moves, rigging and specialized equipment moves as well as large vehicle transport.

In order to adequately plan your transport and to come up with an accurate estimate, you will need to have accurate measurements for your vehicles or equipment. The carrier will need to know the height, ground clearance, weight, width, and length of every vehicle or every piece of equipment that is being moved. Larger pieces of equipment and larger vehicles will need to be moved by a separate trailer. This adds to the transport costs. Of course, because of the larger sizes these kinds of vehicles will need to be transported on open trailers.

Because of the extensive planning and complexity involved with these moves, they will need to be planned as far in advance as possible. These kinds of transports cannot be done with a day or two notice. We work with a variety of professional heavy machine movers and vehicle carriers, so you can rest assured that the project will be handled professionally and will get the attention that it requires and deserves in order to be done timely and accurately.

If you are going to need heavy equipment or large vehicle transport, contact the team at We Will Transport It, Inc. We will find a carrier that will efficiently handle the job. You will stay updated and informed in regards to the transportation plans and the route that will be used to get your equipment from point A to point B. We will ensure you will be treated respectfully and treated fairly throughout the entire process. We take customer satisfaction seriously, so you can rest assured that the move will be done right and to specification. Contact us today to discuss your large vehicle transportation needs. We will make sure your equipment gets where it needs to go when it needs to go!

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