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    The idea of using shipping containers as homes might seem a little unusual to some people, but they quickly change their minds once they get the chance to look inside shipping container homes. Shipping containers are sturdy and rugged, and they’re superior to conventional building materials in many significant ways. It’s now possible to build luxury shipping container homes on a budget, and they offer a great combination of functionality and style. A shipping container travels hundreds of thousands of miles in its lifetime, and you and your family can take it on a new journey together.

    We Will Transport It offers trusted auto shipping from coast to coast, and we can beat any price quote on auto shipping services. We also partner with many of the nation's leading shipping container home builders, and we’re happy to answer your questions at any time. Whether you need to find someone who builds shipping container homes in your area or if you need to get a good price on used shipping containers, you can contact an agent 24 hours a day at 1-888-236-5734. We can also give you a free shipping quote when you need your containers delivered to the site of your future home. We take pride in always offering a great customer service encounter, and you can always schedule a shipment with no money down.

    Advantages of Using Shipping Containers as Homes

    If you’re on a limited budget, it’s now possible to create luxury shipping container homes using upcycled shipping containers and a little creativity. You can sketch out your own shipping container homes plans, and then you can search for a qualified builder in your area to help bring your creation to life. There are plenty of local builders who are now specializing in well-built and cheap shipping container homes, and plenty of traditional contractors are also launching container home divisions. You can find shipping container homes for sale in an increasing number of markets throughout the country, and if you’re an investor you can get great resale value from luxury shipping container homes built in up-and-coming areas. There are so many great reasons to use shipping containers as homes, and these are a few of our favorites:

    Cost savings

    Cheap shipping container homes are a great way to fight back against the increasing costs of building a new home. They’re also a smart investment. An increasing number of consumers are looking for shipping container homes for sale, and cheap shipping container homes can appreciate in value quickly.
    • Durability

      Shipping containers homes cost less to build than homes constructed from conventional building materials, but don’t let the low price tag fool you! When you look inside shipping container homes you’ll see comfortable and structurally sound homes that are attractive and built to last. Your shipping container homes plans should budget for the costs of long-term maintenance, but they will be much lower than conventional homes.

    • Style

      When you look for shipping container homes for sale in your community, it’s hard to dispute the curb appeal that they have to offer. Mid-century modern architecture is making a big comeback, and a shipping container home definitely offers the bold lines that you're looking for. You can also create innovative and imaginative shipping container homes plans that will help you stand out in any subdivision. The exterior of the homes have a strong industrial look, but you'll find a cozy residence that includes all of the comforts of home as soon as you step inside shipping container homes.

    • Sustainability

      If you’re looking for great ways to reduce your family’s carbon footprint, container homes are a great option. You’re repurposing obsolete shipping containers that would otherwise sit idle in a shipyard, and you won’t be using as many manufactured building materials. As the costs of housing continue their upward trend, container homes offer families a more affordable and eco-friendly alternative to homes constructed from traditional building materials.

    How to Find Qualified Shipping Containers Homes Builders

    Many home builders now specialize in exclusively building shipping container homes, and you'll find plenty of options when you search online for builders in your community. Even if the builder doesn’t specialize in the construction of shipping container homes, it’s worth your time to talk to anyone with experience building homes in the area. An increasing number of seasoned builders are now branching out into container home construction, or they might be able to help you find someone reputable if the project is outside the scope of their current abilities. Your local Chamber of Commerce might also be able to provide you with a list of reputable container home builders in your area.

    It’s standard to get at least three estimates when you’re looking for a builder, and it’s a good way to see how they compete on price. The bids should come in at around the same price range, and you can request an itemized breakdown for all of the expenses. Homebuilders count on word-of-mouth advertising and referral business, and they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to earn your business. Trust your instincts as well. If you get a good feeling about a builder, don’t be afraid to ask for some references.

    Remember to Include Container Home Shipping in Your Budget!

    The key to managing the costs of cheap shipping container homes is to shop around for the best possible prices on materials, labor, and shipping. The fixed cost of conventional building materials will remain pretty constant, but the cost of shipping containers can be affected by current availability and seasonal demand. There are a lot of people building container.

    The costs of container home shipping will be the cheapest if you make your arrangements ahead of time and have a little bit of flexibility with your schedule. People are building shipping containers homes all over the country, and We Will Transport It can beat any price quote on container shipping services. Let us know how many containers you’ll need to build your dream home, and we’ll help you get the best possible deals. We can deliver as many shipping containers to the job site as you need, and we’ll make sure that they’re waiting for you at the site when construction is scheduled to begin.

    Moving A Storage Container | Shipping Container Homes Nationwide

    We are specialists in Shipping Container Homes or Moving Container Houses. There are a few ways to move containers. One of the easiest ways is a container trailer however, due to backups in the port it's very difficult right now to secure a container trailer. With We Will Transport It, we like to think outside the box and have come up with some effective and efficient ways to not only make our customers happy but can save them money along the way.

    Being that container trailers are scarce and are limited to how effectively they can load and offload heavy containers, we have found that dispatching a step-deck trailer and assisting our customers in finding reputable and credible 3rd party loading companies, which will be rotator trucks, heavy-duty wreckers, and forklifts can often save our customers money. This helps us provide faster service since step deck trailers are more accessible.

    One thing customers should be conscious of is how much space will be needed to load a container. Accessibility is key. Terrain, weather, and areas with little or no space could require additional 3rd party assistance in order to efficiently load the container onto a trailer. Customers would need about 50ft of space on one side of the container and about 100ft in front.

    Cost Of Moving A Storage Container

    The cost to move a container can vary depending on several different factors. Some of these factors can include the size of the container (40ft or 20ft), the weight, contents, eg: household goods, hazmat, equipment or freight. The cost of transporting a 40ft container 2,000 miles depending on some of these factors can be anywhere from $4-5 a mile plus loading and offloading which can range anywhere from 400-750$.

    A 20 ft container on average to ship can be anywhere from $2.50-$3.0 a mile. In the logistics industry, location plays a big role in the pricing meaning rural areas can cost more especially when 3rd party loading/offloading companies are involved.

    How our extensive knowledge of moving containers can benefit you in relocation

    From residential moves to facility relocations to port shipments We Will Transport It has found solutions to accommodate any caliber of customer.

    By utilizing different loading and offloading we have not only met our customer's time frames but we are able to beat out most of our competitor's quotes by a significant amount.

    All of our drivers are vetted thoroughly meaning they must be insurance claim-free for over three years, have a rating of 98 or better with the Department of Transportation and have clean driving records.

    Experience is key with shipping a container and we make sure we assign the job to the right person. Depending on the scope of the order, not only will we be providing white-glove service with our drivers but we also find ways to eliminate any extra costs for our customers thus keeping them happy and satisfied along the way.

    We can also ship stunning homes made out of containers!

    Container Movers specializing in the transport of your dream Container Home. We offer the best in customer service and continually strive to provide the most affordable quotes on moving storage containers in the industry.

    Moving Storage Containers and Shipping Container Homes Anywhere

    Shipping container homes and using the right Container Movers - ‘We Will Transport It’ once again makes it to the spotlight.

    We are pleased to announce that 'We Will Transport It’ has now added moving containers to its list of available services. Yes, we are shipping containers as well!

    Moving storage containers

    ‘We Will Transport It’ is a customer favorite car transport company. In addition to transporting your everyday vehicles, we also specialize in transporting oversized and heavy equipment. We are also safe transporters of boats and yachts.

    And NOW, we are also providing shipping services for storage containers too. Moving storage containers can be challenging, but with our help, you don't need to worry about a thing.

    We have over 25 years' experience in the vehicle transport business, and we have what it takes to provide first-class transportation services to all our customers. As some would call it, we are a premier vehicle transport company, and we have set the market standards of providing A-class transport services.

    We take the lead among other car transport companies and have vast experience in the industry. So you can expect that we will be moving containers with excellence, too.

    Like every other service of ours, you can expect our moving storage container services to be outclassed as well. We have a record of providing exceptional service to our customers; we won't disappoint you; we have a reputation to maintain! After mastering the art, we have gracefully added moving storage containers to our skillset.

    The science behind moving a storage container

    For international shipment of goods and commodities, entities and people usually go with container transport. Container transport usually takes sea routes for transportation. The cargo you want to ship is safely packed inside these containers and takes a long journey without ever being touched. These containers come in standard sizes. They are robust and are very effective at enduring long trips.

    These storage containers can easily fit in trailers and trains to add rail and road transport as an option in transporting them. Shipping containers choose the best means of transportation. This choice depends on the nature of the goods being shipped as these containers can fit into any transport method being used.

    Using moving containers has also proven to be very efficient in achieving economies of scale for many companies. Container transportation is highly safe, and your goods travel securely. Hauling container brings considerable advantages to international trade by cutting down transport costs, and there's no damage to the goods either, so those costs are saved too.

    Why choose ‘We Will Transport It’ as your shipping container company?

    We are masters at moving storage containers. As our loyal customers would know, we are the absolute best in the market. We have a proven streak of providing the best pricing for moving storage containers in the market - We won't break that streak. All our prices are set by keeping the customer's costs in mind. We operate at really affordable rates. The free quotes we provide before the shipping process are accurate. That's a guarantee.

    We provide shipping container mover services with the swiftest transit time, both within and outside the United States. We won't stray away from the deadlines you have provided, and we operate on tight schedules.

    We allow our customers to choose the cargo delivery option that best suits them and don't impose our opinions. For that reason, we have an enormous customer base of content customers. As a result, our website is flooded with positive reviews left by our faithful customers.

    You can compare our quotes (whether you opt for transport by ocean or truck) with other transport container companies for your peace of mind.

    We handle your supply chain needs with due diligence and expertise. In addition, we provide insurance coverage for your storage containers and operate with highly technologically advanced and task-specific equipment for moving containers.

    You can track your storage container move at every step of its transport as we readily update at each milestone achieved while providing our shipping container services. We also take care of all the paperwork necessary for a seamless journey.

    Our representatives are available 24/7 to help you with anything that you need. They are trained to communicate effectively and provide creative and agile solutions to your problems.

    How to get started with us?

    To get into business with ‘We Will Transport It’ as your moving container company, first, you need to inform us of all your shipment needs and then we can provide you with a free quote from our website.

    While giving us your details, first you need to select your means of transportation. Whether you want to move a container by road using an hauling container transport truck, by rail, or by the ocean. Ocean transport is highly recommended if you want to ship your container overseas.

    If you've opted for ocean transport, you need to specify the port in the United States from which you'll be moving containers. Next, you'll choose an option from 'Full Container Load (FCL)' and 'Less Than a Container Load (LCL)'. FCL refers to shipments for which a single party owns all goods in the container, while LCL involves numerous shippers' goods packed together in one container. As you might have already guessed, LCL costs more than FCL per unit of freight.

    Once you’ve given us all the details, and you're satisfied with our freight charges you can then book your order, and we’ll get started!

    Feel like going old school and shipping your container by road?  Search ‘shipping container near me’ on your browser and find our nearest branch and let us do the work for you!

    Luxury shipping container homes FAQ

    Shipping container homes offer homeowners plenty of convenience and value, and we have a team of customer service representatives standing by if you have any questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question in the section below, you can reach one of our agents at 1-888-236-5734, 24 hours a day.

    • How much is a shipping container home?

      The sky’s the limit when you’re building luxury shipping container homes, but it’s possible to build a tiny home from a single shipping container for $10,000 or less. Building a home from multiple containers offers a lot of possibilities, and it will probably cost you a starting price of around $100,000. It’s a little more challenging to estimate your budget if you’re building with multiple containers, but you’re going to pay an average of $105 a square foot to build most shipping containers homes. It's a significant cost savings when you compare it to an average cost of $150 a square foot for a home constructed from traditional materials. You should budget by the total square footage for the home when you’re putting together your shipping container homes plans in order to get a rough estimate of the construction figures. You’ll also need to determine the cost for all of the furnishings and fixtures inside shipping container homes. Even if you don’t install top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures, be sure that you always use quality materials.

      Framing is one of the most significant expenses when you’re building a traditional home, but building with upcycled containers helps you skip that step. Some people choose to paint their homes, and others prefer to maintain the original industrial look. A shipping container travels thousands of miles in its lifetime, and it develops a lot of character that you might not want to paint over. We can help you save money on the cost of container home shipping, and you’ll get the best deals if you call early. We can also help you locate shipping container suppliers and find you the best pricing.

    • How to build a shipping container home?

      In a world of tract homes and urban sprawl, using shipping containers as homes is a way to make a bold statement. Your home will be comfortable, durable, and attractive. All eyes will be on you and your home, so it’s very important to get all the details right. Be sure to do plenty of brainstorming before you get started, and look for shipping container homes plans online. Don’t limit yourself to your own community when you start looking at listings of shipping container homes for sale, because you can find a lot of great ideas when you look at the listings. Many realtors will include detailed photos inside shipping container homes to help you get some ideas. You will be limited by the size and dimensions of your containers and the way that you arrange them, but you can otherwise allow your imagination to run wild.

      You’ll need to find a quality home builder in your community, and your best bet is to search for a builder who specializes in constructing shipping containers homes. If you’re lucky, the realtor might even include information about the builder in their listings of shipping container homes for sale. Do your homework when you’re in the market for shipping containers homes builders, and read their online reviews. Builders and contractors have to take good care of their customers if they hope to stay in business, and reputable builders are happy to share reviews on their website. You owe it to yourself to be an educated consumer, and you should always contact companies to ask questions and request a list of recent references.

      Some builders take care of all of the details, but if you’re on a tight budget you can take care of some of the details on your own. You can pick out your own shipping containers ahead of time, and we can connect you with suppliers. We partner with the world’s largest transportation and shipping companies, and have the buying power to get you the lowest price on shipping containers as they’re taken out of service. We can also beat any price quote on container home shipping, and you can schedule delivery with no money down.

    • How much will a shipping container home cost to build?

      If you want to make the most accurate pricing estimate on container homes in your area, make it a point to monitor the websites of real estate companies listing shipping container homes for sale. Cheap shipping container homes built from a single shipping container are a great option for people building tiny homes, and they can cost as little as $10,000 with some thoughtful planning. But even the closest families need a little more room to move around, and a single container home might not be enough space. You can build luxury shipping container homes from multiple containers starting at around $100,000, but you’re better off considering the total square footage for the home when you’re preparing your budget. Building a new container home will cost you around $105 per square foot, compared to an average cost of $150 per square foot for a home built from traditional building materials.

      Your shipping container homes plans will need to budget for the cost of the shipping containers. A 20-foot shipping container will cost an average price of $1,500- $3,000, and 40-foot containers currently sell for around $4,500. Shipping and transportation companies often offer lower prices when they need to liquidate an excess supply of shipping containers, and you can find some really good bargains if you’re patient enough and take your time to shop around. Give us a call at 1-888-236-5734 when you’re trying to locate shipping containers for sale or to get a free no-obligation price quote for container home shipping.

    • How much will a shipping container home cost in Florida?

      Florida residents love using shipping containers as homes, and there are shipping container homes for sale in communities throughout the state. The price will be based on what’s inside shipping container homes, as well as their location. Cheap shipping container homes built from a single container are a good option for one person or for a very small family, and they can be constructed for as little as $10,000. If you’re more interested in luxury shipping container homes, a good rule of thumb is to estimate about $105 per square foot for the main structure. That doesn’t include the furnishings or the fixtures inside shipping container homes. No matter how large the finished homes will be, the shipping container homes plans have to be approved and you'll need to pull permits before construction can begin.

    • Which states allow shipping container homes?

      You can build a new shipping container home in almost every state now, and many states have already created specific regulations concerning using shipping containers as homes or are actively creating legislation. Here is a partial list of the states that currently allow shipping container homes:

      • Alaska
      • Florida
      • Louisiana
      • Missouri
      • Ohio
      • Oregon
      • Tennessee
      • Texas

      The International Code Council (ICC) is responsible for regulating building codes for all new construction that takes place in the United States. You can find a list of states that allow shipping containers as homes on the ICC website, as well as plenty of other important information. Even though a container home is in a class of its own, many states now regulate shipping containers homes in the same way as mobile homes or manufactured homes. You’ll need to make sure that your shipping container homes plans meet all of your local zoning and occupancy requirements, and you’ll need to pull the permits before construction begins. If you’re planning on building your new container home in a community that has a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) or a Property Owners’ Association (POA), you’ll need to review your covenant to make sure that your container home is allowed. Many HOAs are very container-home friendly, but you might need to obtain a variance before construction can proceed.

    • Are shipping container homes legal in Ohio?

      The Buckeye State is an ideal location to build shipping containers homes, and the Ohio state government has already approved the use of shipping containers as homes and created specific legislation. Your shipping container home must meet all local zoning regulations for your community, and it must be in full compliance with the Ohio Building Codes (OBC). The OBC does not regulate unmodified shipping containers, but once it becomes modified into a residence it has to meet building codes and be suitable for occupancy. You’ll need to pull permits and take out insurance on the home before construction can proceed, and the home will be required to pass an inspection before it will be considered suitable for occupancy. Many home builders will pull the permits for you, but be sure to find out what you can do to expedite construction. The small expense of hiring a lawyer to review your paperwork in advance is money well-spent if it helps you avoid costly construction delays.

    • How much do shipping container homes cost?

      Cheap shipping container homes and luxury shipping container homes will cost you roughly the same to build per square foot. You should estimate about $105 per square foot to build the home, and you’ll need to budget for the cost of the shipping containers, materials, labor, and home fixtures. You’ll also need to pay for the container home shipping to have the containers delivered to your property.

      You need to pull a building permit for new construction for a container home just like any other home. Make sure that you’re building in a zone that allows container homes and make sure that your proposal demonstrates that the home will be up to code and that it meets all standard occupancy requirements.

    • How much are shipping container homes?

      When you browse through local real estate listings of shipping container homes for sale and take a look inside shipping container homes, it’s difficult to imagine how a home that luxurious can cost so little. In order to get the best cost estimate for your container home, you should use $105 per square foot as a rule of thumb. You’ll need to consider the cost of the containers that you’ll be using, as well as the cost of container home shipping, labor, and materials. Be sure to look for a qualified builder in your area with experience building container homes. Many highly experienced contractors are also branching out into container home construction, and they often run large operations with the ability to offer you very competitive rates. Review local real estate listings to get an estimated market value for your new home based on comparable homes, and make sure that your construction figures come in comfortably below the finished home’s estimated value.

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    Whether you’re interested in building cheap shipping container homes as a private retreat for yourself and your spouse or you’re in the market for luxury shipping container homes suitable for a large family, our team at We Will Transport It is here to help! We're one of Florida's most trusted shippers, and we can help you find containers for sale and make container home shipping arrangements. We offer free shipping quotes on our website, and we have a team of customer-focused shipping agents available around the clock when you have questions about shipping container homes. We can beat any price quote, and you can schedule your shipment with no money down.

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