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Automobile shipping is something that most people who want to transport a car have plenty of questions about, including the usual logistics and cost questions. This is understandable because the process of transporting cars from one place to another using auto hauling companies is a mystery to them.

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So, if you’re thinking of shipping your car, then you are probably especially interested in knowing more about auto shipping companies and what you should be prepared for when deciding on an automobile shipping company.

  1. First, make a list of the auto shipping companies that can transport your car and provide you with all the necessary paperwork and insurance coverage. One way to compile this list is to do a Google search for the key phrase, “auto shipping companies near me.”
  2. Next, you will need to decide where you would like it to be shipped from and where you would like it delivered.
  3. After that, you must decide when you want it picked up and when you want it delivered.
  4. Finally, you will need to determine which company offers the best shipping rates for the services it offers.

How to Find the Best Auto Shipping Companies

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to decide between the various auto hauling companies for your needs. Since a lot of names come up when they type “auto shipping companies near me” in their browser search bar, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Although it can be a challenging task, you can figure it out if you have the time and are willing to do some in-depth research. While there are many auto shipping companies out there, not all of them can be trusted.

Auto Shipping companies, Automobile Shipping, Best Auto Shipping companies, Auto Shipping companies near me, Auto hauling companies

When you are shipping your car, you should choose an automobile shipping company that has a stellar reputation. To find out if a company lives up to its advertising claims, you can contact BBB or DMV.

When searching for auto hauling companies to transport your car, it is possible to find reviews of businesses on Yelp, Angie’s List, and TrustPilot. You can also read reviews on more industry-specific reviews that specialize in transportation news and events.

When you’re doing your research and come across a company with many negative reviews, this may serve as a sign that they do not care enough about their clients. Carefully read the complaints regarding the company’s transportation service, its vehicles, and its drivers to understand what you should look for when hiring a car transport firm. Another red flag is to watch out for is a lack of reviews for the company. This might suggest that the company is new. Given the circumstances, you may not want to invest your time in a company with few reviews of plenty of negative ones.

Another way to research is to do a thorough business background check using websites like Zoom Info to find auto shipping companies that have all the appropriate licensing, insurance, and drivers on staff.

Generally, the best auto shipping companies offer competitive rates and have strong customer relationships. Additionally, some auto shipping companies also have a large network of branches and drivers as well as a large staff of highly skilled employees, ranging from mechanics to customer service representatives.

Besides finding car transport firms using “auto shipping companies near me” queries, another way to find a transportation business is to use the social network. Social media makes it easy to learn more about the best auto shipping companies. So, if you’re looking for a local company that will pick up your vehicle, or an international company that has global coverage, social media is yet another good place to start. You’ll find many people willing to share their experiences with you and recommend auto shipping companies.

How to Decide on Pickup and Delivery

Whenever you instruct an auto shipping company to pick up or deliver your vehicle, you must be clear on two things. First, you must specify the location. Second, you must specify the date and time.

Auto Shipping companies, Automobile Shipping, Best Auto Shipping companies, Auto Shipping companies near me, Auto hauling companies

Although these suggestions are obvious, you’ll be surprised to learn that even the best auto shipping companies can fail to deliver quality services because of inaccurate addresses or scheduling.

Here, then, are two things that you need to do accurately and well to get the best service.

  1. Be clear about where you want your car picked up from and where you want it delivered.

    Although choosing the right auto shipping company is essential to make sure your car is picked up from your current location and arrives at its destination quickly and efficiently, you can make it difficult for a transport company to deliver on their promise.

    It’s easy to make mistakes when making a booking because with online car bookings now a single click away, transportation to your destination is faster and easier than ever. You can not only select pickup and destination points but also customize your booking with the greatest ease.

    If you provide clear instructions and accurate information about your pickup and destination, then the truck driver will be able to pick up your car and transport it to your desired location efficiently.

    So, briefly, when booking your transport over the phone or online, be sure to provide both the pickup and destination addresses as accurately as possible and don’t forget to include the correct zip code.

    If you’re not sure of anything—for instance, the exact address of the destination site or the best day to schedule the pickup—gather all the information you need before you make a booking to expedite the entire process. Sometimes even the best auto shipping companies blunder because their customers gave them inaccurate information.

  2. Be precise about what time you would like your car to be picked up and delivered.

    Although you might have found a company when you do a query with “auto shipping companies near me,” you might be disappointed with their services. If this happens, don’t be quick to blame them. You may, in fact, be at fault—because you were not clear and precise when setting up the pickup and delivery dates and times.

    If some unexpected issue has arisen that will delay the pickup or delivery, contact the automobile shipping company. The best auto shipping companies will allow you to amend the date and time of your vehicle delivery once you have made a booking. In most cases, it’s rarely too late to call them back if you need to change your schedule.

    The company will also understand if you choose to delegate picking up and delivering your packages for any reason. However, they strongly recommend having a representative at both the pickup and delivery points who is at least 18 years old.

    If you follow the simple guidelines, they will give you when you make your booking, the process can proceed smoothly. For example, a company rep will ask you to inspect your car before it leaves the pickup location to determine whether it has scratches or dents and to write a note on the Bill of Lading if there is any damage. At the destination, you will also need a representative to sign off on the condition of the car.

How to Choose the Best Deal?

After you’ve found a car transport company either by doing an online search for “auto shipping companies near me” or finding one through your social media contacts, you may have a concise list of companies that look promising.

Auto Shipping companies, Automobile Shipping, Best Auto Shipping companies, Auto Shipping companies near me, Auto hauling companies

However, before trying to decide which has the best price, you need a ballpark figure to compare their quotes with. It is estimated that the average cost of most auto hauling companies to ship a car is upwards of $2.00 per mile for journeys shorter than 200 miles. Also, on a per-mile basis, the average price drops to $0.58 per mile for true long-distance moves exceeding 1,500 miles. Additionally, it’s best to choose an enclosed carrier because this offers better security and protection during the moving process.

When choosing the best deal, compare automobile shipping quotes from different best auto shipping companies and highlight the factors you should consider before you decide.

Here are some rules of thumb to make a smart decision:

  1. Keep in mind that quotes are only approximations and should be interpreted accordingly.
  2. When you receive a quote, ask what is included in the price.
  3. Don’t just ask for one or two quotes. Get multiple quotes from different companies to get an idea of what you should be paying.
  4. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest quote. Many people feel tricked by low prices quoted on the phone and then feel indignant when receiving a much higher bill later. To avoid getting hoodwinked by an inaccurate quote, always ask the sales rep if the price quoted represents the purchase price or is an approximation.

A Quick Review

In sum, the last thing you want is a lengthy shipping process when you’re shipping your vehicle.

Find the right car transport company with these tips for a hassle-free experience:

  1. Choose the best auto shipping companies that you can find by searching in one of the major search engines using the keyword phrase, “auto Shipping companies near me.” An alternative method is to ask about car transport companies on social media.
  2. Be clear and accurate about pickup and destination locations and schedules.
  3. Learn how to choose the best deal.

Now let’s look at some FAQ’s about shipping your vehicle.

FAQ About Automobile Shipping

Now that you know more about auto shipping companies, here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Is the Best Auto Shipping Company?

When you make a query with “auto shipping companies near me,” you will discover many good auto shipping companies in the United States, like Easy Auto Ship, Montway Auto Transport, and American Auto Shipping. However, most consumers consider We Will Transport It the best because they manage all their transportation needs. They’re popular because they usually go above and beyond what automobile shipping customers expect. They are not only the easiest auto hauling companies to work with, but they always stick to the delivery schedule.

Can I Do Auto Shipping Nationwide?

Shipping a car across the country is doable. Many auto shipping companies offer coast-to-coast shipping. Usually, they transport it by truck, but sometimes, depending on the location, they may even transport it by rail. How much you’ll have to pay at the end of the day depends on how far you’re shipping, the type of shipping you use, and the time of year.

How to Ship an Auto to Another Country?

When you use the key-phrase, “auto shipping companies near me,” most will only provide transportation within the continental United States. However, those that provide shipping to another country offer you three options.

  • Using roll-on and roll-off. Think of a giant parking lot hidden within the hull of a huge ship.
  • Using car shipping containers.
  • Using air freight auto transport. Although this is the most expensive option, shipping your vehicle internationally is the fastest and safest method.

How Can I Ship My Auto Across the Country?

After you do an online search for “auto shipping companies near me,” you will discover that most auto hauling companies can ship your auto across the country in four ways.

  1. The first method auto hauling companies use is by truck. This is the most common way of transporting a vehicle. Shipping by road is usually cheaper than shipping by rail. Shipping directly to a street address is sometimes possible depending on the automobile shipping company. Usually, the best auto shipping companies build this into their service plan. You will have to choose between a covered truck that uses an enclosed trailer, or an uncovered truck uses an open trailer.
  2. The second method auto hauling companies use is by rail. Although a car can be transported more quickly and safely by rail, the cost is generally higher. Rail transit is less common than trucking, and some auto shipping companies require additional insurance.
  3. The third method auto hauling companies use is by boat. A car may be transported this way if it’s not going to an offshore location, such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands.
  4. The fourth method auto hauling companies use is by air. An airplane is the most expensive and least flexible way to ship a car. Since many automobiles are large and expensive, getting them aboard an airplane can be a time-consuming process. However, air shipping is the fastest and safest way to move a car.

Looking for the Best Automobile Shipping Company?

When you search for “auto shipping companies near me.” our company, We Will Transport It will come up.

Regardless of where you live in the United States, or even abroad, We Will Transport It can transport your car, no matter where you live, without you having to worry about the logistics. Although it’s often a challenge to transport a car, We Will Transport makes the process convenient for automobile shipping and straightforward for you.

With our services and competitive rates, we can serve you throughout the nation and interstate. Ranked among the best auto shipping companies in the world, We Will Transport It provides a dependable, professional, and secure shipping service with excellent customer service.

You can get a free car shipping quote and save up to 10% by calling 1-800-677-1196 or by booking online at We Will Transport It.

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