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We Are One of the Top 3 Best Bus Shipping Company Options in the US

Have you been looking for the best bust and heavy equipment shipping services in the United States? If so, look no further! With some of the highest customer reviews around, our services put us among the most excellently rated bus freight shipping companies in the US.

We are a Top 3 Bus Shipping Company in the US. Shipping a bus from State to State is our specialty. We move school buses to any place.

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As one of the top bus shipping companies in the United States of America, we offer a range of transportation services. At our heavy equipment shipping company, we can quickly help you transport buses, heavy equipment, cars, boats, horses, and more! From simple car transportation jobs to complex oversized equipment hauling, our experts can handle it all. As such, you can have peace of mind knowing everything is going to be taken care of.

An Overview of Our Bus Transportation Services

Bus shipping, Bus freight shipping, Shipping a school bus, Bus freighter, Bus freight quoteOur heavy hauling experts are here to help you get buses shipped to specified locations with ease. We can ship city buses, school buses, eco-friendly buses, shuttles, and more! Best of all, we will ensure that your bus is shipped safely and efficiently for the most hassle-free experience possible.

Our skilled equipment transporters and agents can handle everything from logistical technicalities to providing you with an accurate bus freight quote. Moreover, our experienced team can help you ship a bus locally, nationwide, or from one part of your state to another.

Bus Freighter Shipping 101: Frequently Asked Questions and What to Expect

If you have never had to ship a bus before, you probably have lots of questions. At our company, we believe that our customers deserve high-quality information and excellent service at every step of their heavy equipment shipping journey. As such, we will do our best to answer all of your questions so that you can proceed with confidence!

Types of Busses We Ship

Buses come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what type of bus you need to ship, we are qualified and capable of assisting you. Whether you are shipping a school bus or a passenger bus, we have your back. We can transport all types of buses to various locations worldwide.

  • Highway Bus
  • School Bus
  • Electric Bus
  • Party Bus
  • Double Decker Bus
  • Trolley Illustration
  • Articulated Bus
  • Coach Bus
  • Passenger Bus
  • Church Bus
  • Minibus Shipping Services
  • RV Bus
  • Charter Bus
  • Limo Bus
  • Shuttle Bus
  • MotorCoach Bus
  • Prison Bus
  • Transit Bus

Why You Can Trust Us With Your Shipping Needs

We have decades of experience moving heavy equipment from one location to another. With an experienced team of skilled professionals at hand, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in the best possible hands. Our team prioritizes safety, efficiency, dependability, and customer satisfaction. Plus, we offer competitive shipping rates and will give you a free bus freight quote!

Shipping Service that We offer:

  • Versatile services
  • Experienced professionals
  • Reliable delivery
  • High safety standards
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free accurate quotes

How does bus shipping work?

Sometimes, it’s more fiscally responsible to ship a bus than to drive it from one location to another. This is especially true when shipping a bus domestically. Some buses are not ready for operation and must be moved across long distances to receive maintenance, repairs, and more.

In most cases, large buses are shipped from the United States using roll-on roll-off shipping vessels. In many cases, buses will not fit inside of a shipping container. Additionally, buses can be driven onto ships and moved overseas or shipped in oversized containers for safety.

Heavy equipment haulers and oversized equipment transportation services like ours allow individuals to ship large vehicles from one location to another quickly. At our company, we have years of experience shipping buses for clients across the continental United States and Canada.

To schedule bus freight shipping services, all you will need to do is speak with one of our agents. From there, we can help you create a customized plan with an accurate bus freight quote. We will then walk you through the shipping process from beginning to end to give you the best experience possible!

Can you ship a bus overseas?

Yes, buses can be carried overseas in big containers. Additionally, in some situations, buses can be driven onto a ship directly and parked. This is similar to the way that you would move your car across a body of water by driving in onto the ferry boat. You can opt for dedicated shipping containers, or you can ship a bust in a roll-on / roll-off vessel.

Some bus owners prefer to use dedicated shipping containers when transporting their vehicles overseas because they offer more protection. These large containers help to guarantee the safety of your bus by protecting it from the elements. Inside these containers, your bus is protected from things like wear and tear, water damage, sun damage, and more.

On the other hand, sometimes it is more cost-effective to drive your bus onto a ship simply. If the bus being shipped does not need protection from the elements, this is an ergonomic solution. Whether you should use a dedicated shipping container allotted only to you or use a roll-on / roll-off vessel is an issue that can be discussed with one of our agents.

After speaking with one of our skilled and experienced bus transportation agents, you will be able to more easily decide which solution will be best for your unique shipping needs.

How much does it cost to ship a bus overseas?

Just like shipping a bus internationally, shipping a bus overseas can vary in cost. Standard ocean transport services can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. Additionally, you must also take into consideration the cost of port fees, taxes, and other financial technicalities.

The easiest way to find out precisely how much it will cost to ship a bus overseas is to speak with a skilled heavy equipment international transportation expert. This is because so many variables must be taken into consideration when calculating the cost of an overseas or international shipping job. At our shipping and hauling company, we have many of these experts available to answer all of your questions.

Can I ship a school bus to Hawaii?

Yes, it is possible to ship a school bus to Hawaii. If a vehicle happens to be over twenty feet in length, seven feet in height, and seven feet wide, it will be considered a large, oversized piece of cargo.

At our company, we ship oversized cargo like this all the time. Our heavy-hauling experts can ship ambulances, trailers, tractors, buses, vans, flatbeds, pickups, and more. Also, you may be happy to hear that shipping a vehicle to Hawaii can be less expensive than shipping it internationally to another country. If you are shipping a bus from somewhere in the United States to Hawaii, the transportation costs are likely to be lower.

Recently, many individuals have begun refurbishing school buses and turning them into versatile mobile homes similar to RVs. What better place to live in one of these rolling homes than in the beautiful state of Hawaii? If you have a bus that you consider to be a personal vehicle, shipping it to Hawaii will not be an issue with our company.

Can I ship a bus to another state?

In many scenarios, it makes more sense to ship a bus or sizeable motorized vehicle from one state to another than to drive it. The answer is yes, shipping a bus from one state to another is not a problem with our company. We can ship buses over the interstate, across highways, and to a range of locations.

Do bus freighters ship to home addresses?

Our bus shipping services can deliver buses to a range of locations. To find out if your specific area is eligible for bus freighter services, call one of our representatives. Or, if you need to find answers after hours, fill out one of our convenient shipping forms.

How does bus freight shipping abroad work?

When transporting a bus abroad, numerous organizations must handle various administrative duties and port technicalities. As such, those looking to ship a bus overseas or to another country will usually find that using a transportation service such as ours is the most logical route to take.

This is especially true when buses must be shipped abroad on a freight vessel or cargo-hauling ship. In these international shipping scenarios, hiring experts like the ones we employ can save you time and energy. Since international shipping jobs can be riddled with complexity, we will do our best to make things as effortless as possible for you!

Our company has been offering bus transportation services by sea for years. We have the know-how and experience needed to ensure that you will not have any issues moving your bus internationally. Our skilled team can handle port taxes, Freightliner technicalities, and more! To get an international transportation quote, call us.

How much does shipping a school bus cost?

The cost of transporting a school bus will depend on how far you need to transport the vehicle, the size of the bus, and which method of transportation you will use.

Certain variables need to be considered to determine the final cost of a completed job to transport a school bus from one state to another. These variables include the size of the bus, the distance between locations, and your scheduling needs. After looking into your unique situation, an agent would then provide you with an accurate quote and a customized transportation strategy.

Alternatively, if you were planning on shipping a school bus overseas, expect prices to be higher. International heavy equipment and oversized equipment shipping are more expensive than domestic transportation services in almost every situation.

Once again, the best way to determine precisely how much International Bus Transportation Services will cost is to speak with one of our agents and get a customized bus freight shipping quote.

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Whether you need a bus freight quote, want information about shipping a school bus overseas, or would like to be walked through bus freighter transportation logistics, our skilled agents can assist you. We will help you find an efficient and time-saving solution for your specific bus transportation situation!

To get a 10% to 20% discount on your next shipping job, call one of our agents now at 1-800-677-1196!

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Bus Shipping Company in the US

Bus Shipping Company in the US

Bus Shipping Company in the US

Bus Shipping Company in the US

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