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    There is a downside to shipping with the container method. Typically, you must drain all fluids out of the Forklift. This is because if there are any leaks it does not ruin or destroy the forklift hauling trailer.

    At We Will Transport It, we leave the option to you. Our job is to inform you of the pros and cons. Our goal is to always treat you like our first customer to give you that great customer service that everyone truly enjoys.

    Forklift Shipping Options | Forklift moving service

    You have a few options when you ship a forklift hauling trailer. The most economical method would be the open-air method. This is when your forklift would be put on top of a trailer that would expose it to the elements such as dirt, debris, wind, rain, snow, etc.

    Should you be shipping a brand new forklift, you will likely want to utilize container shipping. This is when the forklift hauling trailer would be enclosed to protect against the aforementioned conditions. Give us a call so we can consult with you if this is an option as sizing does impact availability. Keep in mind, shipping in this fashion will certainly cost more than the open-air method.

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