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Fort Myers is known to the locals as “The City of Palms,” and it has a rich history and an exciting future. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison spent their summers in Fort Myers in the days of old, and today it’s a world-class locale for people who love fishing and watersports. Fort Myers also happens to be one of the most rapidly developing areas in south Florida, and the ongoing community development means plenty of opportunities for excavators and construction contractors.

Heavy Equipment Transport Fort Myers

As the Lee County community grows, our We Will Transport It team is here to help you save money on heavy equipment transport in Fort Myers. We offer full-service heavy equipment moving Fort Myers with no money down and guaranteed low rates for all of our transportation and shipping services. Get your free Fort Myers heavy equipment hauling quote on our website now, or call 1-800-677-1196 24 hours a day to speak to one of our WWTI transportation specialists at any time!

We make scheduling Fort Myers heavy equipment hauling fast and affordable!

Contractors operate on razor-thin profit margins, and their only hope for survival is managing their costs. Contractors need the ability to offer competitive bids each time a company or government agency puts out a new request for proposals, and they need to be able to do more with less. It also makes more sense for contractors to specialize in services that they do well to scale their fixed costs effectively. It often makes better business sense for those companies to make a capital investment in specialized machinery and use a third party to haul it to the job. We have plenty of experience working with budget-conscious customers, and we’re always happy to help you save money on shipping!

Construction equipment transport to Fort Myers is easy when you have the right partner!

We Will Transport It loves partnering with contractors and helping them solve their heavy equipment transport Fort Myers problems! Our Fort Myers transport equipment experts help you keep your projects on time and within budget by ensuring that all of your equipment arrives at the job site on time for construction to begin.

Heavy Equipment Transport Fort Myers
We partner with a nationwide network of carriers to offer trusted heavy haul equipment in Fort Myers and Lee County, and we can transport construction equipment anywhere in North America.

How to schedule trusted equipment transport to Fort Myers

When you’re ready to schedule transportation for heavy haul equipment in Fort Myers, we offer no-obligation estimates on our website or at 1-800-677-1196. Once you have your Fort Myers transport equipment estimate in hand, the next step is to schedule your pick-up. Our equipment transportation experts will help you find the right transportation solution for every piece of industrial or earth-moving equipment you need to move, and they’ll arrange pick-up and delivery service that fits your schedule. We offer your choice of towing service or flatbed shipping for your machinery, and we can also help you transport building materials and construction aggregates. If you run a highly specialized operation, we’ll spare you the capital expense of maintaining a fleet of trucks. We can also help you keep your just-in-time manufacturing operation on schedule!


We Will Transport It is here to help you save money on Fort Myers transport equipment services. Call us at 1-800-677-1196 or contact us online to learn more about construction equipment transport to Fort Myers.

  • What’s the safest way to move heavy haul equipment in Fort Myers?

    There are many different ways to transport heavy equipment, and we’ll help you find the right type of transport for each machine you need to move. Some machines can be towed, and we’ll make sure to send a vehicle with sufficient towing capacity. Oversized equipment typically requires a specialty flatbed such as a lowboy or step-deck to accommodate highway height restrictions. A removable gooseneck (RGN) transport is usually the right choice if you have long machines to move. Let our heavy equipment moving Fort Myers specialists know what machinery you need to transport, and we’ll get right to work finding an experienced driver for each pick-up.

  • How much does heavy equipment transport to/from Fort Myers cost?

    For transporting industrial or agricultural machinery, you should budget around $1.75-$5.00 per mile for equipment transport to Fort Myers. A locally-based transportation company might be able to offer you a better price for heavy haul equipment in Fort Myers up to 500 miles, but you should be prepared to pay more if you need to transport your machinery a longer distance. If you’re working in another state, your Fort Myers heavy equipment hauling costs will usually be cheaper with a nationwide carrier.

  • How much does Fort Myers heavy equipment hauling cost?

    You should estimate at least $1.75 per mile for local heavy equipment moving Fort Myers, up to around 500 miles. A local company might charge a higher rate if you’re shipping equipment outside of their service area, but you can always get a better rate with a nationwide carrier. Estimating mileage is only a ballpark figure, and you’ll typically have other expenses, such as the cost of transportation permits and insurance. You might also incur additional costs for labor and materials if the driver has to disassemble or reassemble the equipment to prepare it for transport.

Get Your Free Heavy Equipment Moving Fort Myers Quote Today!

Fort Myers and south Florida continue to experience unprecedented growth, and builders throughout the Sunshine State are currently struggling to meet the rising demand for new homes, commercial buildings, and infrastructure. We Will Transport It is proud to be your Fort Myers transport equipment partner, and our team of transportation specialists is standing by to get your equipment to the job site on schedule. We enjoy working with Floridians who love make our state grow, and we’re ready to put our decades of heavy equipment transport in Fort Myers to work for you. Go to our website when you’re ready to get your free estimate for construction equipment transport to Fort Myers quote or call 1-800-677-1196 to speak to one of our dispatchers.

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