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Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transport

If you are looking for a Minnesota Heavy Haulers, you have come to the right place!  We Will Transport It has the knowledge and experience when it comes to Minnesota heavy equipment shipping.

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transport

We are the best of all Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauler Companies in the United States and have the five-star reviews to prove it.

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transporter

When you need to have your heavy machinery shipped and are looking for top-notch service, We Will Transport It is the preferred choice of all the Minnesota Heavy Equipment Haulers.  We can take care of any and all your Minnesota heavy-duty equipment hauling needs large or small, from a small air compressor to a 300-ton crane.

We have the right trailers for your Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauler.  Whether you need a 24 or 28-foot flatbed, a low boy, a hotshot, a Double Drop, or an RGN extendible with multi axels We can accommodate all of your Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauler needs.  We Will Transport It is your Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauler.

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauling Logistics

When you will be using Minnesota Heavy Haulers services there are some factors to consider.  When doing Minnesota heavy equipment shipping you don’t just put the equipment on a flatbed and go. Depending on the state there are different requirements for the size of the haul and that could mean needing some extras.  The first thing you may need is a permit obtained from the D.O.T.  You could also need an escort(s) or even a route survey to make sure the roadways, bridges, and overpasses on your route are capable of accommodating your Minnesota Heavy Haulers.

You Can Leave the Logistics to Us! We are expert in Minnesota Heavy Equipment Shipping. We have years of experience when it comes to Minnesota heavy equipment hauling, and can work out all of the details of your transfer.

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transport

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transport

Minnesota Heavy Machinery transfer Cost

When it comes to Minnesota Heavy Equipment Shipping, the cost can be a major factor when you are deciding which of the Minnesota Heavy Equipment Shipping companies to go with.  Some of the factors we take into consideration when quoting the price of your Heavy Equipment Shipping will be:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight

We also consider the distance that it needs to travel, as well as any permits, escorts, or route surveys that you may need to have depending on the state your traveling in. We offer years of expertise, and high-quality services at competitive rates.

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauler

When considering which of the Minnesota Heavy Haulers Companies to go with We Will Transport It is a cut above the rest. We do things a little differently than most companies. All of our drivers are quality assured meaning that we make sure our drivers have been free of any claims for at least three years along with making sure all the insurance policies are up to date and current. We also handle international and domestic Heavy Equipment Shipping. We are the best Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauling Company!

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Shipping

At We Will Transport It, we are committed to giving you the best customer service experience to make your Minnesota Heavy Machinery Shipping as easy and as simple as possible.  Rely on us to take care of all of your Minnesota Heavy Equipment Shipping needs.  We are the best Minnesota Heavy Equipment Haulers and have the experience and ratings to prove it.  Call us today for your Minnesota Heavy Haulers, and let us handle all of your Minnesota Heavy Equipment Hauling needs.

Trailers that we use to haul heavy machinery

  • Van
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated “Reefer”
  • Van or Reefer
  • Two 24 or 28 flatbed
  • Animal
  • Car carrier
  • Belly Dump
  • Beam Trailer
  • Conveyor belt
  • Boat hauling Trailer
  • Train, super train “Candia only”
  • Convertible Hopper
  • Conestoga
  • Container Trailer
  • Curtain van
  • Driveaway
  • Double drop
  • Double Drop extended
  • Dump Trucks
  • End Dump
  • Flatbed “Air Ride”
  • FEXT ” Stretch Trailers or Extendable Flatbeds or Extendable Flatbeds
  • FO- Flatbed over-Dimension Loads
  • FRV- Flatbed, Van or Reefer
  • FSDV- Flatbed, Step Deck or Van
  • FV- Van or Flatbed
  • LAF- Landoll Flatbed
  • LB- Lowboy
  • LBO- Lowboy over dimension Loads
  • LDOT- Load-out are empty trailer you load and haul
  • Live= Live bottom Trailer
  • Maxi- Maxi or Double Flat trailers
  • MBHM- Mobile homes
  • PNEU- Pneumatic
  • PO- Power Only
  • RGN- Removable Gooseneck and Multi Axle Heavy Haulers
  • RINT- Refrigerated Intermodal
  • Roll- Roll Top Conestoga
  • SD- Stepdeck
  • SDE – Stepdeck Extendable
  • SDO- Step deck over Dimensions loads
  • SPV- Cargo, small, sprinter Van
  • Tank- Tanker (Food Grade, liguide, bulk etc)
  • VA- Van air ride
  • VB- Blanket wrap van
  • VIV- Venter Insulated Van
  • VIVR- Venter insulated van or Refrigerated
  • VLG- Van with Liftgate
  • VM- Moving Van
  • V- Open Top Van
  • VRDD- Van, Reefer or Double drop
  • VV- Venter Van
  • WR- Venter VAn or Refrigerated, walking floor
  • Hopp- Hopper Bottom
  • HS- Hotshot Trailer
  • HTU- Haul and Tow Unit

What is the best way to haul heavy machinery, containers and equipment?

When shipping machinery, containers and equipment the trailers used the most are flatbeds, stepdecks, lowboys and tilt bed trailers. These four trailers can handle eighty percent of all equipment.

What are the best cities in Minnesota to ship equipment?

Being that Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Duluth have more dealerships and auctions, drivers have a better chance of getting a full load out of Minnesota.

What is heavy Haul Minnesota?

Heavy haul Minnesota, is hauling anything besides cars and produce. For example, machinery, tractors, backhoes and containers, would be considered heavy hauling.

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Completed Projects in and out of Minnesota:

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transport and Hauling

Mr. Hall has been with our Team for seven years at We will Transport it. This job he completed was a small piece of equipment. 2023 Drill and Fill Aerator that was 9 long, 6 wide, 6.5 height and 4,000lbs. The drill was being picked up

From: St. Cloud, MN 56304
To: to North Palm Beach, Fl 33408

The trailer used to pick up the drill was a hotshot with a winch to pull it up onto the trailer. Total price was $1650.00 and total transit time was three days.

Minnesota Heavy Equipment Transport and Hauling

Bob bought a Mahindra tractor that was 24 Long, 6 wide, 7 tall and 4,500lbs. The tractor was being picked up

From: Duluth MN. 55814
To: Minneapolis MN 55401

He got it from a local dealership and did not have a trailer to haul it. Total price to ship was $900.00 and it took one day from start to finish.

What are the three interstate highways in Minnesota?

Interstate: I-90 is 275 miles from southwest corner to southeast corner of state.
US Highway: US-75 is 410 miles from the Minnesota-Iowa state border in south to Kittson County in north, and US-71 is 399 miles from the Minnesota-Iowa state border in south to International Falls in north.

What major cities are in Minnesota?

  1. Minneapolis 425,096
  2. St. Paul 303,176
  3. Rochester 121,878

What Are The Height, Weight, & Width Restrictions In Minnesota?

Heavy equipment shipments that exceed the maximum dimensions established by the state must obtain oversize permits to use the roads in Minnesota. The height limit on the Minnesota highway is 11 feet 5 inches, a half-foot less than everywhere else in the state.

The dimensional restrictions in the state of Minnesota include:

  • Maximum weight: 80,000 Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)
  • Maximum height: 14 feet
  • Maximum width: 12 feet 10 inches

What Are Minnesota’s Length Restrictions?

Overall length restrictions on interstates and designated highways in Minnesota are less restrictive than the rules in most northeastern states. Many states limit overall length to 62 feet or less. On non-designated roads, the limit is 67-feet in total length and 46-feet in trailer length.

Trailer length maximums in Minnesota include:

  • Total length: 74 feet
  • Trailer length: 50 feet
  • Motor home length: 46 feet

What Are The Oversize Transport Permits In Minnesota?

The state’s Bureau of Transportation issues oversize permits. The movement of oversize loads in the state is allowed between ½-hour before sunrise until ½-huor after sunset on each day of the week. During July and August, oversize loads are not permitted to ship during the weekend. Loads that exceed 116 feet in length or 14 feet 8 inches in height must complete a road survey. Oversize permits are valid for one week in Minnesota.

Oversize shipments that exceed dimensional regulations must apply for Super Load permits. The maximum oversize dimensions that Minnesota allows include:

  • Maximum Weight: 120,000 pounds
  • Maximum Length: 132 feet total
  • Maximum Height: 18 feet
  • Maximum Width: 18 feet

What Are Minnesota Major Heavy Equipment Auction Houses?

  • Ritchie Bros Auctioneers
  • AuctionTime.com
  • BigIron Auctions
  • IronPlanet
  • Hansen Auction Group
  • Surplus Liquidation Auctions

Popular equipment rental centers in Minnesota include:

  • LGH Minneapolis Rental Center
  • A-Z Rental Center
  • Oakdale Rental Center
  • Tool & Truck Rental Center
  • Clearwater Rental Center

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