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There are several reasons a company might need to move their mobile office but might not know how to accomplish this task. It can be a complicated task, which is why you should hire the best mobile office transport company to help you with this big job.

Moving a Mobile Office

There are many uses for a mobile building like a mobile office, mobile classroom, mobile construction office, mobile showroom, mobile church, mobile medical offices and other types of offices.

Mobile office movers, Mobile office trailer transport, Mobile office transport, Mobile office trailer movers, Mobile office transport near me, Mobile office transportation

Relocating a mobile office is not a simple task, but not as difficult as it sounds. Before moving the mobile office, you need to find local mobile office movers in your area. You can search the internet for mobile office transport near me, which should bring up mobile office movers in your area.

Once you find a mobile office transportation company, you should get a building permit for the new site. Doing this at the start of the process ensures that this will not be a problem once the mobile office is delivered to the new location.

Mobile office trailer transport

Mobile office movers, Mobile office trailer transport, Mobile office transport, Mobile office trailer movers, Mobile office transport near me, Mobile office transportation

Even though many mobile offices are a prefab design, the process can be complicated. Relocating the office will include all of the steps that went into setting it up in the first place. Before moving to the office, you will have to visit the new site and get everything in order.

Preparing the new site will involve securing all permits, foundation blocking, leveling, and coordinating the effort with the utility companies. Utility companies can include electricity, plumbing for the local water supply and telephone and internet.

Once the mobile office is delivered, it will have to be secured to the foundation with the addition of anchoring or tying it down and having the utility companies make the hookups.

Calculating the cost of moving a mobile office will vary according to factors like the size of the mobile office, the weight, the type of foundation and the distance you are moving the office. Other costs will include the permits, cancellation fees at the former location, moving permits, utility hookups, and replacing accessories like steps, ramps, skirting and decks.

Calculating the Cost of a Mobile Office Transport

Mobile office movers, Mobile office trailer transport, Mobile office transport, Mobile office trailer movers, Mobile office transport near me, Mobile office transportationThe cost of mobile office transport varies and can cost as little as $1,000 to over $15,000, depending on the rate per mile.

You can reduce the costs by removing everything out of the office before the move. Make sure it is empty of electronic equipment, file cabinets, furniture, shelving, books and papers, lunchroom appliances, tableware and everything else. If they get damaged during the move, they will have to be replaced.

To further reduce the cost and a chance for any type of damage is to lock, cover and secure all doors and windows before the move. If they aren’t secured, they could fly open and get damaged during the move. A mobile office trailer transport company can recommend what to use for covering and securing the doors and windows.

If possible, you can also reuse the existing foundation blocks, skirts, and piles at the new location to save even more money. This could be subject to the new location’s building regulations, soil conditions and levelness.

If you’re moving in the same state, soil conditions and regulations could be the same, which will help in determining the final cost of moving the office.

Numerous factors will determine the final cost including:

  • Utility cancellation fees
  • The cost of dismantling the office
  • The size and weight of the mobile trailer
  • The total travel distance to the new location
  • Building permit fees for the new location
  • The cost of the labor for preparing the new site including foundation leveling and securing the office to the ground
  • The cost of any damage to doors, windows and interior furnishings
  • The replacement costs for any accessories like ramps, stairs and underbelly skirting if needed
  • Regional cost for oversized movers in your area
  • Costs associated with setting up the office at the new location

Mobile office movers FAQs

There is a lot of preparation necessary before an office is moved and a lot of questions to be answered. Some of the most frequently asked questions include.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport an Office Trailer?

The cost to move a mobile office can range from $1,500 to $15,000. The cost will vary depending on how many miles it is to the new site and the size and weight.

How Do I Move My Mobile Office Trailer?

The first thing you will have to do is find mobile office trailer movers and have the job done professionally. Then you should remove as many of the interior items as you can to prevent damage and lighten the load. Have the utilities shut off and dismantle the skirting, decks, ramps and gutters. At this point, it should be ready to move.

What Is the Average Cost To Move a Mobile Office?

The average cost to move a mobile office is between $1,500 to 15,000, plus any additional costs of state or local permits required along the route. If the office is split into two parts, the cost of the move can double. And they can only travel on roads that allow for wide loads, which can increase the mileage.

How Are Mobile Offices Transported?

Mobile offices are almost always transported using a semi-truck with a flatbed trailer to move the office or pull the mobile office trailer.

Can You Move a Mobile Office With a Pickup Truck?

It is not recommended. It can be very hard on a truck, and some states could have special licensing requirements for the drivers.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Mobile Office 10 Miles?

A short-distance move can cost between $1,000 and $5,000 without additional fees. Depending on the reasons for the extra fees, this can increase the price by several thousand dollars.

Moving an office doesn’t have to be complicated or overly expensive. If you’re looking for mobile office movers, give us a call today, and you can get up to 10% off with no money down and no upfront deposits.

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