Preparing Your Boat For Overseas Shipping

Lift on-Lift off is an international transport technique that applies to yachts and bigger powerboats

Boat For Overseas Shipping

When preparing your boat for overseas shipping, be sure and follow our advice to ensure that everything goes smoothly!

Boat transportation can be a bit tricky and this is especially true if you want to transport your boat overseas. There are many steps you need to take to get the boat where you want it safely and legally.

Boat For Overseas Shipping

A good transport company can help you with this process, but here are some things you should know about preparing your boat for overseas shipping.

  1. Boat Measurements – Before contacting a shipping company for an overseas transportation quote, you need to have the correct length, height, width, and weight measurements for your boat. The transport company needs these measurements to determine what type of carrier is needed to transport your boat and what type of moving permits need to be collected.
  1. Winterizing Your Boat – The steps for preparing your boat for transport are similar to the steps you take to winterize your boat. Remove propellers, electronics, antennas, lights, the anchor, and any other valuable items. Store these safely.

It is also important to lock all cabinets and covers, remove any fuel, disconnect the batteries, latch and tape cabin windows, and remove any cargo. Last, but not least, empty all water out of the boat and clean the exterior.

After these steps are complete, use plastic wrap or canvas to cover your boat and protect it from any possible damage. Woods boats should be coated with linseed oil to prevent them from drying out.

Finally, some people order a custom cradle for their boat for extra shipping protection.

  1. Discuss Shipping Plans With Your Transport Company – It is important to discuss and confirm shipping details with your transport company. There are many different ways to transport boats overseas: roll-on/ roll-off, lift-on/lift-off, and semi-submersible. Boats can also be shipped on trailers, in cradles, in containers, or by submersion. The best shipping method is different for each boat depending on size and type.

Confirming the pick-up location and discussing transportation to the port are also very important.

  1. Prepare Documents – Shipping a boat comes with many different fees and forms that need to be paid and filled out. It is important to determine what fees need to be paid at the port of landing or the port where your boat will be shipped. This includes customs clearance, port fees and taxes. It is also important to contact the country you are shipping your boat to and figure out what documents need to be filled out and the customs regulations. Normally this includes a bill of lading, shipping documents (from the shipping company), a copy of the boat title, and the bill of sale. You may also need import permits for the boat and/ or trailer.

A good shipping company, like We Will Transport It, will be able to help you with this process. Transport companies with experience in overseas boat shipping know what needs to be done to get your boat where you need it.

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