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Shipping a Disaster Vehicle

Shipping a disaster vehicle comes with a unique set of challenges that is unlike shipping any other type of vehicle. Whether considering support vehicles or large pieces of machinery used for disaster recovery or cleanup, your organization needs only the best service when shipping a disaster vehicle from state to state.

We Will Transport It is one of the most experienced vehicle shippers in the United States, offering a complete service across all of the contiguous U.S. No matter what type of disaster vehicle you need to move, these are the reasons why we’re the right company to call.

We Understand the Challenges of Shipping a Disaster Vehicle from State to State

With experience shipping some of the largest, heaviest, and most complex pieces of machinery, we’re the perfect partner when you need a contract for shipping a disaster vehicle. Our extensive knowledge of shipping processes and regulations can result in a stress-free experience that can get your vehicles delivered from point A to point B without incident.

One of the biggest challenges of disaster vehicle transportation is the fact that recovery and support vehicles are often oversized or overweight. Standard car shipping services simply won’t do in these scenarios. Our extensive network of carriers means that we can find the ideal shipping methods, whether that be by road or rail. Our logistics team will find the best path, taking all unique aspects of the job into consideration.

Being one of the country’s premier heavy machinery transport companies, we know the intricacies of shipping oversized and heavy vehicles. Whatever type of equipment you use in disaster recovery, we have the available fleet to get it to its destination. Examples of vehicles can include bucket trucks and specialized tractors, diggers, plows, excavators, road building machinery, or even large mobile disaster units used for coordination and medical services.

What Does it Cost to Transport Disaster Vehicles?

Shipping a Disaster Vehicle
Disaster vehicle shipping quotes can vary from job to job, and there is no ‘set’ rate for this type of shipping. The reasons for this will be obvious when all things are taken into consideration.

Shipping a disaster vehicle from state to state can include vast distances, depending on the pickup and delivery address. For oversized vehicles, a single or double pilot vehicle configuration may be required. Some states can limit heavy vehicles depending on the time of the day, and specific routes may need to be chosen to ensure a safe and legally compliant journey.

Weight is also a factor, as is the cost of fuel. The number of support staff needed for loading and unloading can also impact the cost to transport disaster vehicles.

Because of all these factors, the price will always vary. The good news is that when you choose We Will Transport It, you will always get the best quote. The cost to ship a disaster vehicle can be greatly reduced when you rely on a shipping partner with our expertise and knowledge of the industry.

Having more time to plan can result in lower disaster vehicle shipping quotes, and the prices generally increase if a job needs to be expedited. We understand that the nature of disaster vehicle transportation means that you won’t always have time to plan. Whatever your scenario is, we will always work to get the best possible rates.

If you are looking for the lowest possible cost to ship a disaster vehicle, then we are the perfect company for your shipping contract.

Get Leading Customer Service and the Best Experience When Shipping a Disaster Vehicle

Shipping any kind of vehicle can be a stressful experience if you don’t have the right shipping partner. Our industry-leading customer service has been rated highly by customers, and our company enjoys top ratings on review platforms like Transport Reviews. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we’d love to take you on as our next customer.

Any time that you need disaster vehicle transportation, there’s only one name that you can really trust. Discover why we are preferred throughout America when it comes to large vehicle haulage. Talk to us today for a free quote and begin the process of shipping a disaster vehicle from state to state.

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