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5 Star Heavy Equipment Shipping Company in Tennessee for quality hauling. We provide stress-free machinery hauling from/to Tennessee and on-time delivery for local and long distances.

Tennessee heavy hauling transport with We Will Transport It

The Transportation of heavy equipment such as construction, agricultural, or industrial worldwide is better with We Will Transport It, a Heavy Haulers expert Company, when transporting heavy machinery from Tennessee to anywhere.

We will transport made my experience easy from pickup to delivery, great communication from the get go. Delivery was made ahead of time I will definitely use We will transport again in the future. 5 star service at an affordable price.

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If you are looking for a Tennessee Heavy Haul and Equipment Shipping Company, you have come to the right place! We Will Transport It has experience and knowledge in shipping Tennessee heavy equipment. With five-star ratings, we are one of Tennessee’s most reputable Heavy Haulers Companies.

Tennessee Heavy Equipment Transport

Tennessee heavy equipment transport

Tennessee Heavy Hauling Transport

We have specialized staff with expertise in lifting, loading, and unloading with several certifications in their fields. Tennessee is premium in providing hauling services with the most experienced staff and the number of trucks providing services globally. They have a wide range of equipment and tractors available.

Tennessee Heavy Equipment Transport

We provide the Tennessee Heavy Equipment Transport services, usually to the over-sized loads that are too heavy to travel on the road by their species between the states and the towns. We have several specialized vehicles for the transportation of oversized loads. We strive to balance to provide the best services at a competitive cost.

5 Heavy Haul Jobs Completed from TN

From ToShipping QuoteMiles
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37411 to Babson Park, Massachusetts, 02457$2,9001,025 miles
Hendersonville, Tennessee, 37075 to Tallahassee, Florida, 32308$2,625516 miles
Memphis, Tennessee, 38128 to Cincinnati, Ohio, 45249$2,600493 miles
Nashville, Tennessee, 37212 to Bend, Oregon, 97701$3,5502,286 miles
Cleveland, Tennessee, 37312 to Golden, California, 80401$3,0601,339 miles

* Prices shown above are from previous jobs we completed in 2023; they fluctuate depending on diesel and the time of the year.

5 Heavy Haul jobs completed to TN

From ToShipping QuoteMiles
Dover, Delaware, 19901 to Knoxville, Tennessee, 37932$2,960605 miles
Boca Raton, Florida, 33433 to Cleveland, Tennessee, 37311$2,850736 miles
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46206 to Brentwood, Tennessee, 37024$2,565298 miles
Salem, Oregon, 97302 to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37128$3,2002,482 miles
Glendale, Arizona, 85301 to Springfield, Tennessee, 37172$3,0501,715 miles

* Prices shown above are from previous jobs we completed in 2023; they fluctuate depending on diesel and the time of the year.

For the planning of the heavy load shifting, several factors need to be considered, such as:

  • The capability of the Vehicle
  • Insurance of the Load
  • Safety measures of the Staff and load
  • Compliance with the Company standards
  • The clarity between the prices and information
  • Reliable and fast ways of communication
  • Take Away of Load

The other factors are the preparation of shipments of heavy equipment and hauler operation for transportation purposes concerning the load size and type.

Ships Heavy Equipment

Usually, Heavy Haulers follow the details and visit the load at the site, whether between the town or the states; the staff will see the area and observe transportation safety and road safety.

The visit aims to ensure the availability of any specific machinery and tools on the site to ensure a smooth loading process. We have an excellent and fast heavy hauler transportation pick up and deliver approach where we never waste your time, and the schedule is always like we explain.

Heavy Haul TN

The other factors are the preparation of shipments of heavy equipment and hauler operation for transportation purposes concerning the load size and type.

Usually, Heavy Haulers to transport follow the details and visit the load at the site, whether it’s in between the town or in between the states; the staff will visit the site and observe transportation safety as well as road safety.

The visit aims to ensure the availability of any specific machinery and tools on the site to ensure the smooth process of loading.

Tennessee Heavy Equipment Transport

To lift the load, Tennessee heavy haulers ensure the condition of the Trailer and balance the ratio to load to wheel pressure to prevent the bag from rolling; for a precautionary measure, the trailer has been detached from the trolley during the process of loading the load to ensure the safety of the shipment.

A nose jack has been used to adjust and prevent tipping forward during loading. We ensure the Shipping of your equipment to the destination with care.

The following loading safety rules are ensured:

  • The trailer should be parked on flat and firm ground
  • The ramps should be secured to handle the weight of the load
  • Ensure the wheels must be dry
  • Trailer Wheels should have no oil or grease during the loading of weight, which may cause the slippery of the vehicle.
  • The load has been boomed with the lowest possible speed possible
  • Ensure the distribution of load
  • Ensure the trailer’s suspension after loading and adjusting the load.
  • The load should be screwed with the block of wood to ensure the safety of the equipment
  • Check for the supply and leakage of diesel.
  • Chain or Nylon strips have been used to tie the load as an extra precautionary measure

Tennessee Nationwide, heavy haulers transport, constantly strives to choose the best and appropriate vehicle based on the load, type, and distance. The trailer driver has vast experience in the transportation of cargo, which helps to manage the load on axles.

Tennessee Heavy Equipment Shipping and Equipment transport services also ensure to follow the international and national equipment transportation standards.

The Drop deck trailers have been used to ensure the smooth unloading of the equipment and machinery depending upon the type; most of the trailer has an open roof, but depending upon the load size and type, the trolley with the top is provided.

Heavy Equipment Hauling

Heavy equipment transport nationwide, Fast and reliable communication is considered the key to success; customers should have the right to live chat and 24-hour customer care to inquire about the status of the consignment or can get a quotation or booking for the new lead. Construction Equipment Hauling helps during the transportation of shipments.

During the process of loading and transportation, the laws for every state are different, the Equipment Hauler Tennessee, with their experience in the field, ensures the smooth transition process, the planning of every load has been managed as a separate entity, the planning includes the weight, papers, the dimension of the load, it also consists of the ways of transportation and possible hazards in between the way such as bridges, the intersection of states and railway pulls.

Trailers that we use to haul heavy machinery

  • Van
  • Flatbed
  • Refrigerated “Reefer”
  • Van or Reefer
  • Two 24 or 28 flatbed
  • Animal
  • Car carrier
  • Belly Dump
  • Beam Trailer
  • Conveyor belt
  • Boat hauling Trailer
  • Train, super train “Candia only”
  • Convertible Hopper
  • Conestoga
  • Container Trailer
  • Curtain van
  • Driveaway
  • Double drop
  • Double Drop extended
  • Dump Trucks
  • End Dump
  • Flatbed “Air Ride”
  • FEXT ” Stretch Trailers or Extendable Flatbeds or Extendable Flatbeds
  • FO- Flatbed over-Dimension Loads
  • FRV- Flatbed, Van or Reefer
  • FSDV- Flatbed, Step Deck or Van
  • FV- Van or Flatbed
  • LAF- Landoll Flatbed
  • LB- Lowboy
  • LBO- Lowboy over dimension Loads
  • LDOT- Load-out are empty trailer you load and haul
  • Live= Live bottom Trailer
  • Maxi- Maxi or Double Flat trailers
  • MBHM- Mobile homes
  • PNEU- Pneumatic
  • PO- Power Only
  • RGN- Removable Gooseneck and Multi Axle Heavy Haulers
  • RINT- Refrigerated Intermodal
  • Roll- Roll Top Conestoga
  • SD- Stepdeck
  • SDE – Stepdeck Extendable
  • SDO- Step deck over Dimensions loads
  • SPV- Cargo, small, sprinter Van
  • Tank- Tanker (Food Grade, liguide, bulk etc)
  • VA- Van air ride
  • VB- Blanket wrap van
  • VIV- Venter Insulated Van
  • VIVR- Venter insulated van or Refrigerated
  • VLG- Van with Liftgate
  • VM- Moving Van
  • V- Open Top Van
  • VRDD- Van, Reefer or Double drop
  • VV- Venter Van
  • WR- Venter VAn or Refrigerated, walking floor
  • Hopp- Hopper Bottom
  • HS- Hotshot Trailer
  • HTU- Haul and Tow Unit

What is the best way to transport heavy equipment in Tennessee?

The make and model of your equipment will help us locate the correct type of transport and give you an accurate quote. In your owner’s manual, you’ll find information about the size and dimensions of your equipment, as well as detailed instructions for safely transporting it. When transporting heavy equipment, using a vehicle with the right towing and payload capacity is essential. In addition to meeting height and weight requirements, you must obtain the appropriate transportation permits in advance.

What is the cost of transporting heavy equipment?

When transporting construction equipment, you should estimate $2.05-$5.50 per mile. Each company calculates Shipping costs differently, so a head-to-head comparison is essential. You’ll pay more per mile when transporting oversized equipment or requiring expedited shipping. The timing of your shipment will have a significant impact on your shipping costs. Time-sensitive shipments can benefit from hotshot transportation, but you will pay a premium.

What is the maximum weight considered heavy hauling?

Heavy loads exceed the regulated legal limit on most roads. State-by-state, anything beyond 8.6 feet in width, taller than 13.6 feet, longer than 53 feet, or weighing more than 80,000 pounds is generally considered a heavy load.

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2023 Volvo VHD Dump Truck transport

2023 Volvo VHD Dump Truck from Syracuse, New York 13209 to Knoxville, Tennessee 37312. Because of the weight, we moved it on a lowboy trailer with a heavy-duty truck. It took around four days to complete the order from start to finish.

Tennessee Heavy Equipment Transport

1983 John Deere 4050 (13L, 8W, 9.5H, 12,000 lbs) . The tractor was going from Big Piney, Wyoming 83113 to a mechanic shop in Murfreesboro TN. The customer needed some work done and then brought back when they finished. We dispatched out a flatbed with ramps and picked it back up five days later when they finished fixing the brakes.

Tennessee Facts

The topic of ancient history should be discussed. In a Tennessee backyard, bones and artifacts over 14,000 years old were recently discovered. Native American tribes such as the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Creek, and Shawnee did not appear in the area until thousands of years later.

In 1540, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto reached Tennessee for the first time. During the French and Indian War (a battle in which many Native Americans fought with the French), the French and English fought for control of the land. In 1763, the British won all land east of the Mississippi River, including Tennessee. North Carolina was the state that governed this region at the time. The American Revolution resulted in Tennessee becoming a state in 1796.

President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1830 forced Native Americans to leave all lands east of the Mississippi River. Currently, Tennessee does not have any state-recognized tribes.

A year after the Civil War began in 1861, Tennessee resigned from the Union and rejoined it in 1866.

  • State nicknamed “The Volunteer State”
  • The 16th state was admitted to the union in 1796
  • As of July 2016, there were 6,651,194 people in the country
  • Nashville is the capital
  • Memphis is the largest city
  • TN is an abbreviation for Tennessee
  • Mockingbird is the state bird
  • Iris is the state flower

List of Primary Interstates Running Through Tennessee

  • Interstate 24: Interstate 24 runs 180 miles through the state, beginning at the Kentucky state line and ending in Chattanooga.
  • Interstate 40.
  • Interstate 55.
  • Interstate 65.
  • Interstate 75.
  • Interstate 81.

Tennessee top ten places to live?

    1. Franklin, Pop. 83,000
    2. Nashville, Pop. 720,000
    3. Knoxville, Pop. 190,000
    4. Collierville, Pop. 51,000
    5. Murfreesboro, Pop. 150,000
    6. Brentwood, Pop. 45,000
    7. Germantown, Pop. 41,000
    8. Nolensville, Pop. 14,000
    9. Johnson City, Pop. 71,000

The most popular heavy equipment auction houses in Tennessee?

      1. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
      2. Top Tier Auctions LLC | West TN Auction Company
      3. Clayton Auctions
      4. Ritchason Auctioneers Inc
      5. ProTEAM Auction

What are the best rental equipment companies in Tennessee?

      1. East Tenn Rent-Alls
      2. Midsouth Equipment Rentals
      3. H&E Equipment Services
      4. Midsouth Rentals Hendersonville
      5. MTR Equipment Rental and Sales

Tennessee 5 Best Heavy Machinery Dealers

      1. Heavy Machines, LLC
      2. Thompson Machinery
      3. Power Equipment Company
      4. Heavy Machines, LLC
      5. Construction Equipment Rental and Sales

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