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We Will Transport it Offers Custom Solutions for Transporting Fiberglass Pools!


Congratulations! You finally decided to “take the plunge” and invest in a fiberglass swimming pool for your home. Once you’ve ordered the pool, our fiberglass pool delivery specialists at We Will Transport It will ensure that it arrives safely. We make shipping a fiberglass pool on a budget easy and we have a network of fiberglass pool shipping and transport providers ready to compete for your business. Here’s some basic information about fiberglass pool transportation for your review.

Transporting Fiberglass Pools

There’s a wide variety of fiberglass swimming pools to choose from, and we’ll send the right type of custom fiberglass pool trailer to pick up your new pool from the factory and deliver it right to your home! We can also schedule fiberglass pool transport for existing pools if you’re relocating to a new city. Call us up at 1-800-677-1196 or contact us online for a free no-obligation estimate for transporting fiberglass pools near me.

Common Types of Fiberglass Pools

You have so many types of fiberglass pools to choose from, and you’ll need to make sure that your pool is loaded onto the right type of fiberglass pool trailer for shipping.

Transporting Fiberglass Pools

We can help you arrange fiberglass pool shipping and transport for all of the following types of pools.

  • In-ground pools

    An in-ground fiberglass pool is a much more cost-effective alternative to a concrete pool, and it comes as a complete assembly that’s ready to install as soon as it’s unloaded from the fiberglass pool trailer. You have plenty of great in-ground pool designs to choose from, and we can get you in touch with shippers transporting fiberglass pools near me at great rates.

  • Above-ground pools

    Above-ground pools are a great option for renters or people who relocate frequently. Today’s above-ground fiberglass pools are as durable as they are attractive, and shipping a fiberglass pool is easy. We offer free quotes for fiberglass pool shipping and transport, and we have the experience to make fiberglass pool delivery easy and affordable.

  • Fiberglass pools with bench seats

    Many fiberglass pool models include benches or tanning ledges to create flexibility with a small space, and some models have benches at both ends. Transporting fiberglass pools with bench seats might require a different type of fiberglass pool trailer than you’d use for other models. Make sure that you know the model number of your pool when you speak to our pool transportation specialists so that we can find the right type of trailer for the delivery.

  • One-piece pools

    One-piece pools are manufactured as a complete assembly, which makes them easy to set up but challenging to deliver. Transporting fiberglass pools is easier when they’re a smaller size, and most one-piece pools have a compact profile that’s designed to expedite fiberglass pool delivery.

  • Free-form pools

    Free-form pools are available in numerous shapes, including throwback kidney shapes and figure-eight shapes. A free-form fiberglass pool is a great combination of style and functionality and a great option for mid-century modern homes. You’ll need to let your fiberglass pool shipping and transport specialist know detailed information about the shape of your free-form pool.

  • Rectangular pools

    Rectangular pools are a great option for lap swimmers or people who have limited space in their backyard. Scheduling pool transport for rectangular pools is typically pretty easy, and we can help you locate companies transporting fiberglass pools near me in your community.

  • Circular pools

    A circular pool doesn’t have as much capacity as a rectangular pool, but it’s another ideal option for homeowners without a lot of space. Shipping a fiberglass pool that disassembles will often be a little easier than fiberglass pool transport for a larger one-piece pool. Your transportation specialist will discuss the available shipping options for shipping circular pools and help you save 10% or more on transporting fiberglass pools near me every day!


We Will Transport It has a team of fiberglass pool transportation specialists standing by 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196 when you want to learn more about transporting pools near me or need a free quote for fiberglass pool delivery.

  • What is the total shipping cost to move a fiberglass pool?

    There are a few different things that can affect the overall cost to move a fiberglass pool, including the size of the pool, the type of fiberglass pool trailer that will be needed, and the total travel distance. The current average cost of shipping a fiberglass pool ranges from around $1,500-$3,500. In order to get the best and most accurate estimate of your overall fiberglass pool transport cost, we recommend speaking to one of our fiberglass pool transport specialists.

  • How are fiberglass pools transported?

    Because pools have different dimensions, the process of fiberglass pool shipping and transport isn’t the same for all pools. If you’re transporting fiberglass pools that won’t fit onto a standard flatbed truck, you’ll need to use specialty fiberglass pool transportation suitable for an oversized load. When transporting pools on the highways, they also need to be properly secured to the truck with straps or cables.

  • How much does a fiberglass pool weigh?

    The final cost of fiberglass pool shipping and transport will be based on the total weight and dimensions of the pool, and standard fiberglass pool shells range from about 2000–3500 lbs. When you’re getting an estimate for fiberglass pool delivery, you’ll want to find out the exact weight of the pool that you’re ordering so that your fiberglass pool transport specialist can give you an accurate estimate of your fiberglass pool transport cost. Your manufacturer’s spec sheet should include the pool’s weight, so be sure to locate that information before you begin the process of shipping a fiberglass pool to your home.

  • How are fiberglass pools shipped?

    When it comes to fiberglass pool transportation, pools are normally transported on a standard flatbed trailer and secured by straps or cables. Some larger-sized one-piece pools might require a special fiberglass pool transport such as a low-boy flatbed or a removable gooseneck (RGN) commercial trailer. Low-boys and RGN flatbeds have additional axles that enable them to carry more weight and a lower deck that enables them to transport taller cargo without securing additional permits. We’ll be sure to dispatch the right type of fiberglass pool trailer for your swimming pool.

  • How do you haul a swimming pool?

    Before you can start transporting fiberglass pools, you’ll need to begin by inspecting the pool. If you own an older pool that’s seen better days, it might be more cost-effective to replace the pool than to attempt to move it. You’ll also need to disconnect the uprights for an above-ground pool and disconnect the pump and filter system. If you’re not experienced in setting up a fiberglass pool on your own, be sure to ask us about a full-service setup when you’re shipping a fiberglass pool. Even the most seasoned DIY professionals are outmatched when it comes to setting up pools, and there’s nothing wrong with paying for professional installation along with fiberglass pool delivery.

We Make Transporting Pools Near Me Easy!

Our team of fiberglass pool transportation specialists at We Will Transport It is here to help when you have questions about transporting fiberglass pools. We’ll make shipping companies compete to earn your business and find the right fiberglass pool trailer to pick up and deliver your pool. You can reach WWTI at 1-800-677-1196 to learn more about fiberglass pool shipping and transport and you can get a free quote for shipping a fiberglass pool on our website 24 hours a day!

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