Wonder who needs to be there when my car is picked up/delivered? It would be difficult under most transportation circumstances for the vehicle’s owner to be present at both the pickup and drop off location. After all, many people would like their vehicle to arrive before they’ve moved or would like to keep their car available at their original location until they’ve moved.

Whichever is more convenient for you—that’s okay! WeWillTransportIt.com doesn’t require the owner to be present at the pick up or drop off. You just need to designate someone to be present. This could be yourself, a friend, a family member, or even a next door neighbor or landlord. Just make sure to communicate with your designated agent and your carrier so everyone’s on the same page!

Contact WeWillTransportIt.com today to discuss your car transport needs! Enjoy no hidden fees, no upfront deposits, and our award winning five star service. We’re happy to answer any questions and concerns you have, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

Who Needs to be There When My Car is Picked Up/Delivered? (Important Links)

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who needs to be there when my car is picked up/delivered

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