10 Tips for Redwood 5th Wheel Transportation

We will transport it, 10 Tips for Redwood 5th Wheel Transportation

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Redwood 5th wheels are beautiful and made to last. They are top of the line vehicles and deserve to be handled with care. If you are looking into Redwood 5th wheel transportation, you might be a little confused about everything you need to get done before shipping your home away from home. This is completely normal. Preparing a fifth wheel for transport is a little different than driving down the highway to your favorite camp site.

Luckily for you, here are 10 tips for Redwood 5th wheel transportation!

  1. Find the Right Carrier / Transporter:Take some time and research all the fifth wheel carriers you have found. Do they have experience shipping fifth wheels?
  1. Check Your Transporters History:Before deciding on a transport company, check out reviews at the Better Business Bureau or online with google or yelp. This will give you an unbiased idea of how the company truly operates.
  1. Decide if You Want Your Fifth Wheel Driven or Towed: This is normally not an option with non-motorized fifth wheels, but if you have a truck and just want to hire a certified and licensed driver, that is an option.
  1. Check the Transportation Company for Insurance: Your Redwood fifth wheel is a home away from home and an investment. Make sure you choose a company with the proper insurance to cover your home in case of an emergency.
  1. Get Correct Measurements: Any transport company will need the correct measurements for safe and legal Redwood 5th wheel transportation. Make sure you can provide the height, length, width, and weight of your fifth wheel.
  1. Have a Clear Timeline: Having a clear timeline for transport before booking a company is the best way to get the best shipping price. It also makes it easier for the transport company to start planning right away.
  1. Remove Personal and Loose Items: Before transport, be sure the stow any loose items that may be found in the fifth wheel. Also, remove any expensive personal items and lock them away. This will make everything safer for transport.
  1. Prepare Your RV for Transport: There are some things you should do to prepare your rv for transport. Lock all the cupboards and drawers so that they do not open and turn off the power and gas supply. You may also need to refill the antifreeze if the fifth wheel will be traveling in cold weather. Remove any objects from the exterior of the fifth wheel that may be damaged or fall off.
  1. Take Pictures: Take pictures of everything and send a copy of the picture to the transport company. This will make it easier for the company to file a claim if your Redwood fifth wheel is accidentally damaged during transportation.
  1. Be On Time:This is one of the most important tips for any transport. Being late for either pickup or drop off will force the transport company to add extra fees to your shipping cost. Carriers are on a strict schedule and andy delay could cause serious problems.

By following these tips, your Redwood fifth wheel transportation will be easy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact We Will Transport It online or call us at 1-877-880-5991. We will transport your Redwood fifth wheel with care!

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