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Shipping heavy equipment to/from Africa

We are an Africa Heavy Equipment Shipping Company experts located in Florida. We offer reliable International Heavy Equipment Shipping Service


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Shipping Heavy Equipment to/from Africa

Africa is the home of the most popular heavy construction machinery shipping destination among the world’s top countries. When you guess about Africa you have to bear in mind that this land is the opportunity for many things.

WWTI Africa Heavy Equipment Shipping

Hauling heavy equipment from/to Africa is much profitable nowadays because the world is getting smarter day by day. no matter where it is north or south Africa is getting economically strong day by day and this is the right time for any people to invest in the business.

The first choice of marketers who liked to ship things is cars and used machinery. Any country needs these qualities types of machinery to enhance its economy.

International Construction and Heavy Equipment Shipping to Africa

International Construction and Heavy Equipment Shipping to Africa getting popular day by day and people mostly ship things like cars, machinery, oil and gas equipment, oil drilling equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, food, beverages, household goods, personal effects, medical equipment, and many things do to their choice.

Hauling Heavy Trucks, Plant & Machinery to/from Ports In Africa is easy nowadays with the help of our company(we will transport). We have been serving our clients across the world and we love doing it.

When it is your chance to transport or International Shipping to/from African Countries we will support you the most that no other company could do. shipping heavy equipment to/from Africa by the container is a wise way to cut your cost.

And there are also many cheap ways like Roro-shipment, flat rack-shipment, etc… our team knows how to handle the situation and that’s why we are the best. We have professionals and employees who know better about their responsibilities. We promise you both quality and satisfaction. You can count on us.

Africa Heavy Equipment Shipping

Exporting to Africa

What we will do for you? 

  1. Our company offerings your construction system from the door to the port of exit.
  2. We can pick up and supply your unit through a flatbed, step deck, and different forms of trailers to the port.
  3. International documentation compliance: K International Transport has years of revel in assisting our customers with securing the proper loading certificate, certificates of foundation, and other compliance documentation wanted for heavy equipment transport
  4. Arranging pre-shipment inspection of export construction equipment destined for African nations that require this inspection.
  5. Arranging fumigation of construction devices shipped in the field from the USA to African nations that require fumigation before transport.
  6. High heavy construction equipment dismantling and loading into ocean box
  7. Break-bulk cargo delivery for heavy equipment dismantled into pieces too massive for the field inclusive of the international delivery of bulldozer buckets, excavator blades, cabs, crane booms, and more.

African Economy

The right transport infrastructure steers economic growth. For an effective moving system, the transporters must be cost-effective and fast. Besides, the shipping methods used must be well worked out.

Owners of commercial trucks should shun guerrilla tactics when it comes to marketing and service provision. Cargo shipping is a critical player in the Saharan Africa economy. That is why the management of shipping companies cannot risk implementing policies that will kill the economy.

Trucks transported to destination ports at the South African ports coming from overseas take time to arrive. Once they get to the port, most of the African landlocked countries get them from there. This is so especially for nations located south of Africa.

That mentioned, you need a reliable mover. The reason is clear. It ensures a steady supply of heavy movers. These huge machines form the foundation for bulk processing and transportation. Consequently, more jobs are created and the ripple economic effect is growth and stability.

Transport Companies

Ship heavy machinery with We Will Transport It.  Transport companies have a great impact on the economy of coastal towns. Whenever you visit a port or coastal city, you will realize transport is the major economic activity in addition to tourism.

Trading companies also rely on transportation companies to move their procured goods from source to destination. The latter two benefit from the former. It is a two-way thing. A symbiotic kind of relationship.

When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, you need powerful movers. Only a few transporters have that power to do this work. We Will Transport It is definitely one of them.

Tried and Tested

You do not want to guess when it comes to transportation. Moving heavy-duty trucks do so at high speed. Without professionalism and competence, lives are at risk. Besides, transport laws and regulations do not entertain mediocrity.

That is why you need us. We have been tried and tested. Our return clients keep doing business with us because they have seen how good we are. Online reviews to speak for us. You need to reach out to us as soon as possible.


Africa is on a rapid rise as far as economic growth is concerned. One of the major drivers of this growth is the transport industry. This has led to the development of ports and the urge by African governments to improve infrastructure.

Commercial trucks’ supply has increased. The result is the opening up of the Saharan Africa region. We are part of this growth.

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