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Nationwide Car Haulers Company

We are a Nationwide Car Haulers Company.  A car hauler is a trailer designed specifically for transporting vehicles between locations that’s typically equipped with a ramp that allows easy loading and unloading of vehicles.

The most common way to transport vehicles from one city to another or from one state to another is to use a car haul to transport them. This is the most time-efficient and cost-effective method of shipping a car over long distances without any wear and tear on it.

Car hauler trailers can be an ideal solution for transporting a car if you are planning to ship your car. They come in a variety of sizes and can be used for almost any type of car.

A car hauler trailer is designed specifically to transport your car without damaging it. Car hauling trailers must be able to load and unload cars quickly and safely, without damaging them.

Here is a description of how car hauling trailers transport cars so that you can choose the right trailer car hauler company.

A Few Good Reasons to Use a Car Hauling Company to Transport Your Vehicle

If you have ever travelled a long distance, you know that one of the most challenging aspects of the journey is getting your car to your new home.

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You will have to decide between three options. First, you can drive it yourself. Second, you can hire a professional driver. Third, you can use a car hauling company.

The most economical option may be to drive your car, but it is also the most stressful and time-consuming option. However, there will be incidental expenses, like gas, food, and lodging along the way.

While hiring a professional driver will relieve you of stress and save you time, the wear and tear on your vehicle over a long distance may end up costing you more than you had anticipated.

Hiring a car hauling company is the most elegant solution. With a car hauling company, everything will be taken care of for you. Additionally, since car haulers are designed to transport multiple vehicles at the same time, they are energy efficient.

So, if you need to have your car delivered over a long distance, the most practical option would be to use the services of a car hauling company.

Finding a Car Hauler Company

If you need to ship a car, you should choose a trailer car hauler company that will deliver it safely. However, with so many companies to choose from, how do you know which one to trust?

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Here are a few tips to help you find the best trailer car hauler company:

  1. Do an online search for the companies you are considering. Review the BBB rating of these companies and check out their websites. What do you like or dislike about their services?
  2. Ask your family, friends, or neighbors if they have shipped cars in the past. If so, how did they rate the shipping companies that they used?
  3. Ensure that the company with car hauling trailers you are considering has been in business for a long time. Referrals from previous customers are important. Make sure you hire the services of a car trailer hauler company that has a good record for shipping cars safely and on time.
  4. Make sure the trailer car hauler company is licensed and insured. You can find licensed and insured companies, using the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If anything goes wrong during the move with the car trailer hauler company, insurance will compensate you for any damages that occur.
  5. To have a smooth shipping experience after hiring a car hauler, find out about the dispute resolution and damage claims procedure of the car trailer hauler company before shipping a car. Reputable companies have clear policies in place to deal with any problems that may arise. You should be able to contact your car trailer hauler company as soon as possible if there is a problem with your shipment. Gather all the information you need before calling, such as the order number, the date of shipment, and a detailed description of the problem. Once the car trailer hauler company has investigated, they will let you know how they plan to resolve the issue. Make sure you document everything you can–photos, correspondence with the company, and any other evidence of damages-—as this will strengthen your case.
  6. Always read online reviews of the car haulers transport company before you decide to hire them. You can read what other customers have to say about their experience shipping a vehicle with this company. If you also take the time to check for complaints, you will have a better understanding of what other customers have experienced. Reviews and customer testimonials will give insight into what to expect about a car haul company’s customer service and transportation services. Besides the Better Business Bureau, you might also want to check out for customer reviews. Angie’s List, Google, and Yelp can also be used to find out what people are saying about a company. Keep in mind that not all reviews will be positive but try to get a sense of the company’s reputation in general.
  7. After you have done your research, get quotes from three or four different companies so you can compare prices and services. Also, ask about the insurance coverage in case your vehicle is damaged during the shipping process.

By following these seven tips, you can be confident that you’ll choose the company with car hauling trailers for your needs.

Now that you understand why it’s a good idea to use car hauling to transport your car and how to find a dependable company with car hauling trailers, let’s look at the type of car hauling services auto shippers use to transport your car.

How Car Hauler Companies Ship Cars?

One of the most common types of car haulers in the car transport industry is the two-level multi-car car hauler trailer.

Sometimes, single-vehicle car haulers trailers can be more maneuverable and have a lower cost if the distance is short. Consider your route and the number of vehicles you need to transport when you are choosing a car hauler.

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You can get single- or multiple-vehicle car haulers trailers for open or enclosed car haulers, with multiple vehicle car haulers trailers being more common. These car haulers trailers have ramps that can be lowered to load the cars onto the car hauler trailer. As soon as the cars are loaded, the car hauler trailer transports your car to the desired location.

If you’re moving across the country and need to ship your car, you’ll have to decide whether you would prefer an open or an enclosed car hauler trailer. Here is a quick overview of both types to help you make the best decision.

  1. Open Car Hauler Services: The Pros and Cons

    When it comes to car transport, open transport is the most common choice. As the name implies, open car haulers have an open trailer that can accommodate many vehicles.

    A major advantage of using open car haulers is the fact that it’s less costly than shipping via enclosed car haulers. Many car dealerships use open car haulers trailers to transport new vehicles from the factory to the dealership because of the number of cars that they need to transport regularly.

    If you plan to use open car haulers trailers, you should keep in mind that your vehicle is exposed to the elements. We recommend using enclosed car haul carriers for classic or luxury vehicles if you want to ensure their safety during shipping.

  2. Enclosed Car Hauler Services: The Pros and Cons.

    Shipping your car in a closed car haul carrier will cost more, but you will be rewarded with greater security and a faster delivery timeframe. The car will be protected from the elements during the transport process, which means it will arrive in the same condition it left it in.

    It may be a better choice to go with an open car haul carrier if you have a used car and just want to transport it at the lowest possible price rather than a closed car hauler trailer. In addition, closed carriers can be more difficult to load and unload, so if your vehicle is low to the ground or if it has a unique shape, it might be better to use an open carrier.

Which is Better?

As you can see, both open and closed carriers have advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, the decision of which type of carrier to choose comes down to your personal preferences

The following are comparisons and contrasts to help you make your decision.

  • Open transportation is the most popular and most economical way to ship your car. During transportation, your car is exposed to the elements. As a result, your car is more prone to potential damage from rocks, road debris, and even severe weather when it is on an open transport truck. However, if you’re shipping your car during the nice weather, this will not matter that much.
  • While enclosed shipping is more expensive than open shipping, there are a few reasons why you might want to choose enclosed shipping. Your car will be better protected from the elements during shipping. You may also feel that it’s worth the cost to completely protect your new, luxury, or classic car during shipping. Enclosed car transport typically costs about 60 percent more per mile than open, and the total cost of enclosed shipping could be several thousand dollars more than the cost of open shipping if you’re shipping a car long distance.

Types of Delivery Services

Besides deciding whether you want open or closed transport, you’ll also have to decide whether you prefer door-to-door transport or terminal-to-terminal transport.

  1. Door to Door Auto Transport.

    The term “door-to-door auto transport” refers to the car trailer hauler service where the trailer car hauler company delivers the car right to the customer’s door. This name is a figure of speech and should not be taken literally. You should be aware that this does not mean that the truck will be able to pull up right in front of your house because there are three technical difficulties.

    First, these carriers are often exceptionally long–up to seventy-five feet–and are sometimes difficult to maneuver in residential areas because of their length.

    Second, the driver may not be able to stop the truck legally during the loading or unloading process.

    Third, if the car is transported on an open trailer, which means that there is no protection from low-hanging branches in neighborhoods with plenty of trees shading the sidewalk.

    Consequently, door-to-door transport means that the car will be transported as close as possible to the house. For instance, it might be transported to an undeveloped area close to your neighborhood.

    Despite not literally coming to a customer’s doorstep, many customers believe that the extra cost and convenience of door-to-door service is worth the price.

  2. Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport.

    The term refers to the location where a trailer car hauler company picks up your car and drops off your car. The terminal can be a storage facility, or a lot owned by the trucking company itself. As they are often located in busy areas, you might have to wait a little longer to get your car out of there.

    In addition, the hours for pick up and drop off might be limited. Whenever you are considering using this type of service, be sure to ask about the location of the terminals and the hours they are open as well so that you can plan accordingly.

Car Haulers Services FAQ

  • How hard is car hauling?

    Car hauling is difficult for four reasons:

    1. Car hauling services must pay attention to every step of the process and make sure that the cars are securely fastened onto the trailer.
    2. The drivers of car haul services must make sure that their customers’ cars are free of debris before they are loaded onto the trailer. One reason for this is that it makes it easy to take pictures of the car before and after to see if any damage occurred during transport. Another reason is that a clean interior will not have any loose objects flying around inside the car during transport and causing damage.
    3. When car hauling services are loading and unloading cars, they must make sure that they don’t damage the vehicles.
    4. A car hauling service must make sure that the cars are not overloaded on the trailer when they are being transported.
  • What kind of truck hauls cars?

    A car hauler is either a trailer or a semitrailer that can transport passenger vehicles using a truck. Car haulers are also known as car hauler trailers or auto transport trailers.

    Car haul trailers are indeed used for a variety of purposes, such as transporting new vehicles from plants to dealerships as well as transporting used vehicles from auctions to dealerships.

    Different sizes of car hauler trailers are available, and they can be used to haul anywhere from one to ten cars at a time. The size of the car hauler trailers will determine how many cars can be hauled by them.

    The car hauler trailers can be open as well as closed. In an open car hauler trailer, there are no sides or roofs. The closed car hauler trailers have sides and a roof, and the cars are loaded from the rear of the trailer.

  • Looking for a Trailer Car Hauler Service?

    We Will Transport It is one of the most reliable and secure auto transport services in the United States. Every one of our carrier vehicles is equipped with the latest high-tech GPS tracking technology. By using our real-time tracking system, we can keep you updated on the progress of your vehicle shipment so that you will always know that it is well cared for. You can be assured that your car will arrive in perfect condition and on time at its destination because of our close working relationship with you.

    One of the things that set us apart from our competitors is our commitment to providing customers with a custom shipping solution that meets their unique needs. If you’re looking for car hauling trailers to ship your car domestically or internationally, we have the experience and resources to manage the job.

    Our business is fully licensed and insured, and our dedicated team of auto shipping experts is ready to assist you with your shipment. Call us at 1-877-880-5991 today to get 10% off your next order. Alternatively, you may also request a quote by visiting We Will Transport It online. There is no money down and no upfront deposit required.

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