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We will transport made my experience easy from pickup to delivery, great communication from the get go. Delivery was made ahead of time I will definitely use We will transport again in the future. 5 star service at an affordable price.

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Great company to use 👍 great friendly staff! Super helpful when it comes to transporting cars & boats I highly recommend them
Susan BrusgardSusan Brusgard
17:42 08 Nov 23
Will was awesome to work with. Great low price. Car arrived in Florida without a scratch exactly when it was supposed to. I'm a travel nurse. I need to transport my car often. Found the company I will use every time.
Matthew HappMatthew Happ
13:37 26 Oct 23
Art is my guy. 3 loads so far in his couple of years I have done business with him.1.Wheel loader from Oklahoma to wi. Cheapest and absolutely no issues.2.chipper and excavator from Mississippi to wi. Cheapest and honestly wouldnt want to do the trec myself for what they charged.3.wheel loader from New Jersey to wi. Payed for machine Monday afternoon. They picked up Tuesday and was here in wi by 8am Wednesday. Cheaper then the local company the seller referred me too.He will answer the phone Everytime I call him. Absolutely handsome down best that I know. Works through any little issues with drivers ect. Nice job
Daniel SheffieldDaniel Sheffield
20:39 12 Sep 23
I purchased a tractor from one of those government websites. I attempted to pick it up using my truck and trailer, but the rear wheels on the tractor were too wide to fit between the trailer's wheel wells. So, I searched online for someone with a trailer that could help me. We Will Transport It came up in my search. I contacted them immediately. I was met with a friendly voice and explained my situation. In less than twenty minutes, the call taker notified me she had found two drivers who could help. For that, I am grateful for the services from We Will Transport It, and I highly recommend that if you find yourself in a bind, reach out to them for help.
Traci CapizziTraci Capizzi
23:38 07 Sep 23
From start to finish I was treated like family.. Tim the driver treated my home and everything I owned in it like it was his.. 600 miles not even a smudge on my fifth wheel.. 5 STARS ISN'T ENOUGH
Fabian PerchoFabian Percho
14:33 12 Aug 23
I've work with them and I had a good experience, everything was done timely and very professional.
Kaydeen SinclairKaydeen Sinclair
03:03 11 Aug 23
The experience I had with WWTI was beyond excellent I was able to have my veie transported from one to the other with absolutely nonproblem. I had the pleasure of working with representative Daniele who did a superb job in explaing and making sure that everything went well. Thank you so much for a great transition…….Kay
Quentin BastianQuentin Bastian
02:27 11 Aug 23
Fast and efficient. They do whatever it takes to get your shipment where and when you need it. Vanessa worked tirelessly to get the items shipped. Even cross country for an affordable price.
Got_ Your_SixGot_ Your_Six
22:30 10 Aug 23
We will transport made my experience easy from pickup to delivery, great communication from the get go. Delivery was made ahead of time I will definitely use We will transport again in the future. 5 star service at an affordable price.
Mike S.Mike S.
13:25 02 Aug 23
It’s unfortunate that some people had a negative experience, but I had my boat hauled from south Jersey to Long Island and had a great experience. I dealt with Andy who was very responsive. I executed the contract with WWTI around noon and had my boat by around 11:30pm that same day without any issues. I shopped several hauling companies, all of which were at least 5 days out from being able to pick up the boat. WWTI also came in at the lowest price. Strongly recommend this company.

How car shipping works in South Dakota

Car shipping online quoteBook online

car shipping pickupPickup

Car shipping processcar shipping

Car deliveryDelivery

Affordable South Dakota Car Shipping Company

5 Star Car Shipping Company in South Dakota for quality transport. We provide stress-free car transport service in South Dakota and on-time delivery for local and long distances.

Nationwide Car transport cost in 2023 from South Dakota

From to ToAverage priceMiles
Rapid City South Dakota, 57701 to Wethersfield Connecticut, 06109$1,4001,800 miles
Sioux Falls South Dakota, 57108 to Tampa Florida, 33619$1,5001,629 miles
Harrisburg South Dakota, 57032 to Blue Springs Nebraska, 68318$400261 miles
Pierre South Dakota, 57501 to Everett Washington, 98201$1,4501,371 miles
Aberdeen South Dakota, 57401 to Glendale Arizona, 85301$1,2501,499 miles

* Prices shown above are from previous jobs we completed; they fluctuate depending on diesel and the time of the year.

Nationwide Car transport cost in 2023 to South Dakota

From to ToAverage priceMiles
Randolph New Jersey, 07869-Mitchell South Dakota, 57301$1,2501,390 miles
Hinesville Georgia, 31313-Box Elder South Dakota, 57719$1,7001,749 miles
Columbus Ohio, 43221-Sioux Falls South Dakota, 57105$800910 miles
Tacoma Washington, 98444-Box Elder South Dakota, 57719$1,2501,174 miles
Denver Colorado, 80229-Vermillion South Dakota, 57069$6501586 miles

* Prices shown above are from previous jobs we completed; they fluctuate depending on diesel and the time of the year.

Auto shipping in South Dakota involves two options:

Open car transport carrier in South Dakota

The open car carrier is the most cost-effective way to ship a car in South Dakota, using open carriers that can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously.

South Dakota Enclosed car transport carrier

This option offers extra protection for South Dakota high-value or classic sports, antiques, and luxury cars. As a result, the shipping price of these cars in an enclosed carrier will be higher.

How does South Dakota Car Shipping work?

South Dakota auto transport operates through a well-established process that ensures efficient and safe transportation of vehicles within and outside the state. This document provides an overview of how South Dakota auto transport works, explaining the key steps involved.

  • The first step in South Dakota auto transport is finding a reputable company. Several companies specialize in vehicle transportation services in South Dakota. Researching and comparing different companies is essential to find one that best suits your needs.
  • When you select an auto transport company, the next step is to request a quote. Most companies provide online platforms where you can input the necessary details, such as the pick-up and drop-off locations, vehicle type, and preferred transport method. Based on these details, the company will provide you with a quote for the transportation service.
  • After receiving the quote, you can compare prices and services different companies offer to make an informed decision. When selecting, it is crucial to consider factors such as the company’s reputation, insurance coverage, and delivery timeline.
  • Once you have chosen a company, you must book your vehicle for transportation. Typically, this involves completing a booking form and providing the necessary information, including your contact details, vehicle specifications, and desired pick-up and drop-off dates.
  • Once your booking is confirmed, an auto transport company will contact you to pick up the car at the agreed-upon location. The carrier can be an open carrier, a multi-level trailer that can transport multiple vehicles, or an enclosed carrier, which provides additional protection for high-value or classic cars.
  • Before the carrier arrives, preparing your vehicle for transportation is essential. Includes removing personal belongings, ensuring the car is in good working condition, and taking photographs to document its pre-transport condition.
  • When the carrier arrives, a thorough inspection of your vehicle will be conducted to note any existing damages. You and the truck driver will sign a Bill of Lading as a legal agreement outlining the vehicle’s condition before transportation.
  • During transportation, the carrier will transport your vehicle to the designated drop-off location. The auto transport company will update your vehicle’s delivery progress throughout the journey.
  • Upon arrival at the drop-off location, another inspection will be conducted to ensure that the vehicle has arrived in the same condition as before transportation. Any damages or discrepancies should be noted on the Bill of Lading.
  • Finally, once the inspection is complete, you will be required to sign off on the delivery of your vehicle. You can reclaim your car and continue with the necessary paperwork, such as vehicle registration or insurance updates.

In conclusion, South Dakota auto transport involves several steps, from selecting a reputable company to preparing and delivering the vehicle. Following this process, individuals can safely and conveniently transport their vehicles within and outside South Dakota.

Reliable Car Transport Service and price in South Dakota

Car shipping and auto transport services are essential for individuals moving their vehicles from one location to another in South Dakota. Whether relocating, purchasing a vehicle online, or sending a car to a family member, finding a reliable and affordable car shipping company is crucial. This document explores the options for car shipping and auto transport in South Dakota.
Several companies provide car shipping in South Dakota.

Cheapest Car Shipping Company in South Dakota 2023

These companies offer open and enclosed car transport options for different needs and budgets. Open car transport carrier is the most common and cost-effective way of using a car carrier. Enclosed car transport, on the other hand, protects valuable or delicate vehicles by transporting them on a closed trailer.

Get the best car shipping cost in South Dakota.

The cost of shipping a car is one of the top considerations when picking a company. For budget-conscious consumers, We Will Transport It offers affordable car transport options and excellent prices. Getting quotes from several providers can help you find cheap car shipping services in South Dakota.

Car shipping and auto transport in South Dakota

It’s critical to note that the cost of car shipping and auto transport in South Dakota will be affected by the type of vehicle, season of the year, gas price and the chosen delivery method, open or enclosed car carrier. However, you can find an auto transport service with competitive prices by researching and comparing rates.

When selecting a car shipping company in South Dakota, consider reliability and customer reviews. Look for the best car shipping company in South Dakota with a proven track record of safely delivering vehicles on time and providing excellent customer service. Reading online Google reviews and customer testimonials can give you insights into previous customers’ experiences and help you make an informed decision.

An Auto Transport Company in South Dakota to trust

In conclusion, finding a reliable and affordable car shipping company is essential if you need car shipping or auto transport services in South Dakota. You can find a company that meets your requirements by comparing quotes, considering different transport options, and reading customer reviews. Whether you are looking for car shipping, auto transport, or both, options are available to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transportation experience.

Cheap Car Shipping in South Dakota

There are a few factors to consider to find the best price for moving your car in South Dakota. It’s always advisable to have enough time for a dispatcher or broker to locate a carrier in your area, as this will likely result in the best price. Additionally, consider meeting the carrier where the driver has another vehicle to pick up, which can help reduce the cost. However, always pay a fair and realistic price to move your car.

SD Classic/Sports Car Transport

We recommend using a hard-side enclosed carrier when transporting an exotic or classic vehicle in South Dakota. Frequently, we transport cars for dealerships and pick up from auctions. We can find you a carrier with a soft side trailer if you want a cheaper price shipping a newer car—three to five hundred dollars you will save this way.

How much does shipping a car from South Dakota to Florida in 2023 cost?

The average car shipping cost from South Dakota to Florida, moving your car 1,830 miles, is around $1,380 using an open car carrier to transport the vehicle. The price will be around $2,350 if you use an enclosed vehicle transport carrier.

The shipping cost may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Season of the year
  • Distance
  • Gas Price
  • Car carrier of your selection
  • Type of vehicle

How much does it cost to ship a car from South Dakota to California?

he cost to ship a car from South Dakota to California will tend to change within specific ranges; for instance, transporting a car from Rapid City, SD, 57702 to Sacramento, CA, 94203, moving the car 1,300 miles, using an open car transport the price could be close to $1,200. You will pay using an enclosed car carrier for the same distance, around $2,150.

How much does it cost to ship a car from South Dakota to Texas?

The average cost to ship a car from South Dakota to Texas, moving the car approximately 1,000 miles, will be between $850 to $1,900, depending on factors like the distance, type of vehicle, season of the year, gas price and car carrier selected.

For example, shipping a car from Yankton, SD, 57078 to Arlington, TX, 76001, transporting the vehicle 763 miles, door to door car delivery, could cost $750, using an enclosed car transport, the price will increase to $1,543.

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Completed car transport to/from South Dakota

 Cheapest Car Shipping Company in South Dakota 2023

A 2024 Acura Integra S-03 was transported from Sioux Falls, SD, to Miami, FL, for 1,835 miles. The customer requested an enclosed trailer since it was brand new. We dispatched a three-car enclosed carrier with a lift gate. The total price to move was $12,853 and the transit time was three days.

South Dakota Facts

  • Known as the Mount Rushmore State
  • The 40th state was incorporated in 1889
  • As of July 2023, the population was 912,193
  • Pierre is the capital
  • Sioux Falls is the largest city
  • The abbreviation is SD
  • The ring-necked pheasant is the state bird
  • The pasque flower is the state flower

Cheapest Car Shipping Company in South Dakota 2023

South Dakota is known as the land of infinite variety, and rightly so. Our state boasts diverse features, from our ever-changing weather, stunning scenery, flourishing economy, and unique state symbols. Here are some interesting and valuable facts about South Dakota.

South Dakota is the 16th largest state in the U.S.A. and was the 40th state to join the Union in 1889. Covering an area of 77,123 square miles, it has an average population density of 10 people per square mile.
The state is home to Harney Peak in the Black Hills, the highest point in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, with an elevation of 7,242 feet. South Dakota also has more miles of shoreline than Florida, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers.

Aberdeen, SD

Car Shipping to/from Aberdeen, South Dakota:

57401, 57402

Brookings, SD

Car Transport to/from: Brookings, South Dakota

57006, 57007

Huron, SD

Car Shipping to/from: Huron, South Dakota:

57350, 57399

Mitchell, SD

Auto Transport to/from: Mitchell, South Dakota


Pierre, SD

Auto Transport to/from: Pierre, South Dakota


Rapid City, SD

Car Transport to/from: Rapid City, South Dakota

57701, 57702, 57703

Sioux Falls, SD

Car Shipping to/from: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

57005, 57103, 57104, 57105, 57106, 57107, 57108, 57110, 57117, 57197

Spearfish, SD

Car Hauling to/from: Spearfish, South Dakota

57783, 57799

Watertown, SD

Carf Transport to/from: Watertown, South Dakota


Yankton, SD

Auto Shipping Carrier to/from: Yankton, South Dakota


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