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Car Transport New England

As the geographical region that encompasses the six northeastern states in the U.S. – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts – New England has a vital role in American history. Many of the country’s oldest colleges and universities are in these six states, as well as several different historical monuments and locations.

Auto Shipping New England

Students come to New England from all over the country to go to prestigious schools; seniors often leave New England during the winter months to visit states and regions that are warmer and more relaxing during the same period. Bringing a car with you can give you freedom and flexibility. This is true whether you’re coming to New England or heading elsewhere for the winter.

Let We Will Transport It handles your Auto Shipping in New England, and know that you’re working with a five-star, experienced vehicle shipping company that can take your vehicle wherever you need it to go. We will take great care of your vehicle and put your mind at ease.

When you contact us to get a quote, either through the website or by phone, please have available:

  • The year, make, and model of your vehicle. The year doesn’t affect the cost of shipping your vehicle (older and newer cars are priced the same way) but having this information will help us narrow down the dimensions and weight of your car.
  • The pickup and drop-off destinations. It is helpful if you know whether or not the streets at each location allow heavy vehicles. If not, the carrier can generally meet you in a nearby parking lot, but it’s good to know.
  • The dates of transportation. Certain times, such as when students are moving into and out of schools, as well as when people tend to head south due to the weather changes, are very busy and fill up quickly—book in advance.
  • The value of your vehicle. Open-air transportation offers insurance coverage of about $100,000 and potentially exposes your car to road debris and weather factors. Enclosed transportation is a more expensive solution for car transport in New England, but your vehicle is safer. It also offers insurance of more than $100,000, making it a better option for expensive vehicles, as well as exotics and antiques.

Once we have this information, we can take into consideration likely weather conditions, appropriate transportation due to the value, and the overall weight and size of the car to determine the price of shipping.

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Stop worrying about planning a road trip, organizing your motels and dining spots, and figuring out whether or not your car can make the trip to your new home or vacation. Let us do the heavy lifting as We Will Transport It manages your car transport in New England. Contact us today to get a quote and put your mind at ease.

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