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Before we get into car transport New Jersey, let’s talk a little bit about New Jersey itself. Also known as the “Garden State,” New Jersey is the most densely populated of the fifty United States. Factories throughout New Jersey helped to drive the Industrial Revolution, thanks in large part to the great improvements in transportation that the 19th century brought. New advances in transportation during that time included locomotives, steamboats, and the Morris Canal. Even today, shipping is a main industry because of New Jersey’s convenient location on the east coast. Several ports make New Jersey a key player in the international shipping industry. One of these, the busiest on the east coast, is the Port of New York and New Jersey. New Jersey boasts the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal, which was the world’s first container port and is still one of the largest. For companies that specialize in international auto transport New Jersey is a central shipping hub. Now, let’s talk about auto shipping New Jersey.

Car Transport NJ – Road Factors

For international auto shipping New Jersey makes good use of its ports, but for domestic car transport New Jersey

businesses can also take advantage of the state’s considerable highway system. The New Jersey Turnpike carries traffic between Delaware and New York, and is one of the most heavily traveled roads in the country. Additionally, there are ten interstate highways running through New Jersey, making up 431 miles of expressway.

The benefit of having such a thorough transportation system is that New Jersey is within a day’s drive of many other states. When it comes to auto transport New Jersey is often one of the cheaper states to ship from just due to the speed with which you can travel through it. Whether you’re just passing through or travelling around the Garden State, the 511NJ and New Jersey Department of Transportation are popular resources that motorists swear by.

Weather Factors

Due to its location in the northeastern United States, New Jersey weather is frequently bad during the winter months. In the northwestern highlands, snowfall can reach 50 inches per year. In addition, “nor’easters,” severe cyclones, can cause high winds, heavy rain, and snow. Thus, when planning for secure car transport NJ residents should consider the time of year they intend to ship.

Open auto shipping New Jersey is the most economical option, but leaves the vehicle exposed to weather elements. Due to the severity of weather, when it comes to car transport New Jersey customers are often inclined to wait until spring or summer to ship their vehicles via open car transport. Alternatively, depending on the value of the car and the customer’s budget, enclosed transport may be used. Enclosed transport is the most secure way to protect a vehicle from the elements during transportation.

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