Preparing Your Heavy Equipment for Transport

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Get expert advice on preparing your heavy equipment for transport. Get your heavy equipment where it needs to go without hassle. If you have a construction company, do excavation work, work in mining, or perform work in any industry that requires heavy equipment, you have ensured your equipment is in tip-top shape. When you have to have equipment transported a considerable distance to get to another job site you have to make sure it is ready for the move.

Preparing Your Heavy Equipment for Transport

Moving large industrial machines, such as cranes, farm equipment, mining equipment, or bulldozers isn’t an easy task. When you talk to your transporter, you might be given additional instructions for preparing your load such as using bubble wrap-around levers or securing doors. Be sure to take note of these requests.

  • First, always check the owner’s manual for each piece of equipment. This might offer you the advice you need to properly prepare your equipment. It might advise you about specific measures you need to take, such as emptying out any fluids, securing loose parts, or disconnecting the battery.
  • There are specific permits that must be obtained for the transport of heavy equipment. Any loads that are oversized or overweight require special permits. Loads that are too tall might have to take alternate routes to avoid power lines and bridges. Make sure the transporter is securing these permits. Otherwise, legal complications or delays could result.
  • Protect all vulnerable parts. A large machine is going to be hauled out in the open so it will be exposed to the elements. Cover all parts that might be damaged by rain and the wind. You will also need to protect the equipment from the weather, which might mean draining the fluids.
  • Make the proper arrangements for picking up and dropping off the machinery. You need to choose an easily accessible point that is open so you can load and unload the equipment safely. Ask the transporter if they will make arrangements if additional equipment is needed to load or unload the equipment, such as ramps, cranes, or a loading dock.

Heavy Machinery Ready to be Shipped

If you are needing heavy equipment transported, count on the reliable team at We Will Transport It. We even handle all the permitting needs.

Preparing Your Heavy Equipment for Transport

Call us today at (877) 880-5991 to schedule the pickup or to get a free quote for transporting your equipment. We are located in sunny Florida, but we offer services all across the United States and can even transport equipment internationally.

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