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We at We Will Transport It have been shipping ambulances for many years. We have the knowledge and the ability to transport any ambulance within the continental U.S. or Canada. Any government or privately owned ambulances can be easily moved by our heavy load hauling specialists.

Ambulance Shipping and Hauling

Because of their size and height, ambulances can be considered an oversized or overweight load. This means special preparations need to be made before we can ship an ambulance. All the proper dimensions of the ambulance need to be taken. This includes weight, height, length, and width. We also must take into consideration the pick up and drop off locations.

After we have all this information, we can create the best route of travel for the vehicle. We will take care of acquiring all necessary state and federal permits so the trip is not only legal but goes as smooth as possible. We guarantee that you will not regret shipping ambulances with We Will Transport It.

We at We Will Transport It are well aware that there is more than one type of ambulance. We have the capability to transport any type of ambulance to any location in the continental U.S. or Canada.

Depending on the size of your ambulance, we have the ability to transport it with a low-boy, step-deck, or flat-bed carrier. A drive-away is also an option when carriers will not work. Although very unlikely with an ambulance, it is sometimes better to drive the vehicle to the desired location instead of transporting it with a truck. Our heavy load hauling specialists can help any customers decides the best course of action for shipping ambulances.

Our Crew

All of our drivers are experienced and professional. They are 100% licensed, bonded, and insured. Also, all drivers have a clean MVR record of at least 10 years. We have the drivers to meet your needs.

However, in addition to our experienced drivers, we also bring with us a list of licensed, bonded, and insured auto transport companies. If we are not the correct fit for a government’s or individual’s ambulance shipping needs, we will find someone who is and we will do it at a competitive price.

We at We Will Transport It will provide multiple quotes from many different auto transportation companies so that any client can find the correct shipping company for his or her needs at the price they want. We will then help to facilitate communication between the customer and shipping company, so that the client understands the shipping process and when his or her vehicle will arrive.

If you are shipping an ambulance, We Will Transport It will ship it for you or find another company that will better meet your needs.

Ambulance shipping should not be a stressful experience. If you have purchased a new ambulance, are donating an old one, or have purchased an ambulance to refurbish for personal use, we at We Will Transport It will get it to where you need it.

Shipping Ambulances, 1-877-880-5991