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Total Loss Vehicle Transportation

Total loss insurance write-offs are routinely applied to vehicles that are heavily damaged in road accidents, fires, acts of vandalism, or even disasters and other natural events. While the insurance process is relatively straightforward, actually transporting and disposing of total loss vehicles can be more complicated. One of the hardest things for insurance companies and salvage companies is often finding total loss vehicle transportation for long-distance journeys.

Total Loss Vehicle Transportation

If you need to transfer a total loss vehicle to a salvage plant, or any other facility where it will be stored or dismantled, then you will need a reliable total loss vehicle transportation company. If you’re in the United States, We Will Transport It is the company to call.

Providing Total Loss Vehicle Shipping at Affordable Rates

It is notoriously difficult to recover the losses from vehicle write-offs. Insurers and other invested parties can wreck, dismantle for parts, or otherwise sell total loss vehicles, but transporting them can sometimes come with an unreasonable cost, particularly if a reputable vehicle haulage company is not used.

We Will Transport It is the solution when you need to move a total loss vehicle (or multiple vehicles) for any reason. Instead of paying exorbitant transport rates, you’ll find competitive quotes that allow you to get on with salvage or disposal without needing to worry about excessive losses.

How Much Will It Cost to Transport Total Loss Vehicles?

When you need total loss vehicle transportation, the cost will be the most important factor.

Unlike when shipping cars for private use, military or government use, or even police use, the actual handling of total loss vehicles is often seen as secondary. While we maintain the highest standards of professionalism, even with complete write-offs that are marked for destruction or dismantling, we understand that most clients are simply concerned about the bottom line.

When it comes to the cost to transport total loss vehicles, there is no standard rate. There are several key factors that contribute to price, and understanding these will be helpful when you receive a total loss vehicle transportation quote from We Will Transport It.

The type of vehicles matters. Larger, heavier, or oversized vehicles will result in costlier shipping, no matter what kind of state they are in. The fact that a car is marked as a total loss does not change the fact that it takes a certain amount of fuel (and the right equipment) to get the vehicle from the pickup point to the drop-off location.

The condition of the vehicle will also impact the cost. If a vehicle can move under its own power, then this makes loading easier and less costly. If the vehicle doesn’t have power but has a full rolling chassis, then a winch system can be used without much effort. Severely damaged cars sometimes need to be moved with a combination of winches and other heavy lift equipment, which may lead to a quote that is slightly higher than a vehicle in good condition.

This is why we can’t offer flat-fee total loss vehicle haulage or set rates. Every case is assessed based on the condition of the vehicle and the work and staff that would be required to safely load and transport it. What we can promise is that our total loss vehicle transportation quotes are amongst the most affordable in the industry, and we work with an extensive network of carriers to ensure that our rates are always competitive. Our logistical knowledge can make journeys more affordable by selecting efficient routes, and our talented trained carriers know how to safely load, transport, and unload vehicles with the least possible resources.

If you’re ready to work with a total loss vehicle transportation company that understands your unique scenario, then We Will Transport It is the obvious choice.

Get Your Total Loss Vehicle Transportation Quote Today

If you need total loss vehicle shipping, then it’s time to talk to us. We are available by phone or you can request a quote on our website. We work quickly to minimize shipping delays, and we can provide expedited shipping if you have an urgent deadline to meet.

A reliable total loss vehicle transportation company ensures that you minimize the financial loss on vehicles that have been written off for insurance purposes. Trust our team for your total loss vehicle haulage needs today.

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