Transporting a Shipping Container From Florida to South Carolina

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Transporting a Shipping Container From Florida to South Carolina

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Transporting a Shipping Container From Florida to South Carolina is our specialty. We are a 5 Star heavy equipment transport company.


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Transporting a Shipping Container From Florida to South Carolina

The buying and transporting of shipping containers has become quite common. In years past, these containers were simply used for transporting goods, but in recent years, people have found that these hardy metal shells have all types of potential to be other things! Shipping Containers are currently being used for swimming pools, storage sheds, even homes! In the difficult housing market many are experiencing, a large number of people have resorted to constructing or purchasing their own pre-fab container homes. The industry for shipping containers and container homes has tripled over the last three years. Shipping a container is different in ways than shipping your vehicle.

Transporting a Shipping Container From Florida to South Carolina

It is wise to go with a company that has knowledge and experience shipping storage containers. We Will Transport has over 15 years of experience shipping twenty and forty foot containers. We have several different strategies to get the job done depending on your particular circumstances and time frame. No matter the job or size, give the experts at We Will Transport it a call today.

What we need to know when shipping a container?

  1. We will need to know where the container will be picked up from and where it is headed.
  2. We will need to know the time frame in which you will need the container transported.
  3. We will need the dimensions of the container. This will determine the size of the trailer that will be needed. Knowing the length of the container, lets us know if we can save you money and piece it together with a conjoining job.
  4. Do you have loading and off loading? Since a container does not have wheels, it will have to be loaded and off loaded some way. This is something that we will have to consider when scheduling your transport. If you don’t have loading and off loading, there are two ways we can get the job done. We hire one of our trailers with a tilt bed or we hire a flatbed and then a wrecker to meet the carrier to load and one to meet on delivery. With the ports all using tilt bed trailers to load and off load, there is a shortage of trailers for containers, so if you in a hurry then we utilize our second option of hiring a flatbed and wrecker to load and off load, with 15 years experience majority of companies don’t even know how to do this.
  5. Is the container empty or are there contents inside of it? The weight of the container being transported is important, so if there are contents inside it is important that we know it. We will need some description of the items inside and an estimated weight of the container with the items inside. Under twenty thousand pounds we will need a Hotshot trailer, over twenty thousand pounds, we’ll have to hire a step deck trailer. When you get over dimension loads, meaning width over 8.6 and weight forty thousand or more, then we will need a removable gooseneck trailer or double drop trailer.

The Southeast Coast of the United States is a very desirable location to travel and reside. With mild winters and close proximity to the beach, The southern states are a popular destination for shippers. The route from Florida to South Carolina is a fairly easy run for most drivers. Whether you are shipping to or from either coast of Florida or right in the middle of the state, we have a driver to pick it up from wherever you are located in Florida. In the same regard, Whether you are shipping to or from Charleston, Greenville, Columbia or any small town in between we can get the job done for you. Most runs from Florida to South Carolina run right up i-95 making them fairly desirable to truck drivers knowing that they follow a popular route. It is important to note that some rural areas or remote areas like the Florida Keys may cost more due to the fact that they are off the beaten path. If you are interested in transporting your shipping container from Florida to South Carolina or vice versa, Give We Will Transport It a call today! We will get the job done for you.

How many days does it take to ship a container from Florida to South Carolina?

Half a day for loading and off loading and two days of driving.

How much does a 40-foot container cost to ship from Florida to South Carolina?

Depending if the client has loading and off loading looking at 4 thousand dollars.

What is the cost to ship a 20 ft container from South Carolina to Florida?

With a tilt bed trailer your looking at $2,500.

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Here is just one example of an experience one of our customers had shipping a container from South Carolina to Florida.

Transporting a Shipping Container From Florida to South Carolina

A company called in to have their 40 ft Shipping High Cube container moved

From: Charleston, SC 29492
To: Punta Gorda FL 33982.

With this transportation the company had a way to load the trailer but did not have off loading, so we arranged a trailer to pick up and then had a local wrecker company to meet our carrier on delivery. Total price was $3,089.00 and total transit time took two days. The job was completed in a timely fashion and without incident. The customer was very happy with the job.

Don’t Forget to Call We Will Transport It for all your container home transportation needs. The sooner you book with us, the sooner we can start working on getting your container where you need it to go!

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