Transporting Oversized Loads

7 Safety Tips for Transporting Oversized Loads

7 Safety Tips for Transporting Oversized Loads will help you to understand better how to move a heavy equipment to any place in the country. A standard tractor-trailer is indispensable In the shipping business, and it’s the most common way to transport freight and cargo. But if the shipment won’t fit into a conventional trailer it will need to be transported on a flatbed. Whether you’re transporting a mobile home, construction equipment, or wooden storage shed, finding the correct type of flatbed is essential. You’ll also often need permits to transport the oversized load, take an alternate route, or schedule a police escort. When you have any questions about shipping oversized cargo, you can count on We Will Transport It to help you find the answers that you’re looking for! We’re here to help you transport cargo of any size, and we’ll make sure that you save 10% or more on your shipping costs.

Transporting Oversized Loads

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  1. Understand The Rules And Regulations

    Oversized loads generally refer to loads that are wider than 8½ feet, between 8½ and 13½ feet tall, longer than 50 feet, and/or over 46,000 pounds. You’ll need to be aware of all the restrictions and weight limits on the transportation route and obtain any necessary permits. Transportation permits might be required by states, counties, or metropolitan areas. You’ll need to include the cost of permits when calculating your shipping costs and allow time for permits to be issued. Drivers can potentially face fines or have their licenses suspended without the proper permits, so be sure you’re in full compliance before you get on the road!

  2. Secure The Cargo Properly

    You’ll need to use the right kind of trailer for your transport, and you’ll need to ensure that the cargo is secured. If you’re using ropes or straps to secure the load, they’ll need to be strong enough to hold the shipment securely. Be sure to use the recommended fasteners and put redundant systems in place. Double-check that your oversized cargo is secure after the first few miles and each time you stop!

  3. Avoid Driving In Poor Weather Conditions

    Inclement weather makes driving more dangerous in many ways. Rain and fog reduce visibility and increase braking distances. Conditions such as snow, sleet, and hail make the roads hazardous for even the most seasoned defensive drivers. We take driver safety very seriously and discourage our drivers from taking unnecessary chances. The stakes are much higher with oversized cargo, and it’s better to delay a shipment than take the chance of someone getting hurt.

  4. Plan Your Route In Advance

    Drivers need to carefully prepare for every shipment. They need to secure the proper permits and know the clearances for bridges and overpasses along the route. It’s also a wise idea to consider other local road conditions. Your driver should be familiar with the terrain, know where to refuel, and try to avoid rush hour traffic in metropolitan areas. One of the many benefits of scheduling service with our transportation specialists is that we can find experienced oversized freight movers in your community. Local carriers will be the most familiar with the area, and we’ll make sure that you get the lowest price.

  5. Distribute The Weight Evenly

    Effective weight distribution is an essential component of safely transporting oversized cargo. If your oversized load is off-balance, it will be more difficult for you to steer, brake, and turn corners. You’ll want to ensure that your cargo is centered on the trailer and that it’s as level as possible. The cargo’s weight should be distributed evenly from front to back and side to side. Distributing the weight evenly on the trailer will also help you get better traction and better gas mileage.

  6. Complete All Inspections Before A Trip

    Safe shipping starts by developing effective systems and ensuring they’re consistently followed. Even if you’re an experienced driver, having a written checklist is a great way to ensure that you don’t leave something out. Make sure that your pre-inspection checklist includes your fuel level, tire pressure, brake functionality, indicator lights, and fluids. You and the driver should also perform a visual inspection before you get on the road. Make a note of any damage and determine how to prioritize needed repairs.

  7. Do Not Drive If You Are Unfit To Do So

    Transporting freight is always a job best left to professionals, and the stakes are even higher for drivers who are hauling oversized loads. Drivers need to be sufficiently rested and fully alert. Finding driving teams is an excellent way to expedite priority shipments. Our recent global health crisis has shown us the importance of staying safe and healthy, and drivers need to make sure to stay healthy and always bring their A-game! We all want to ensure that our cargo is delivered on time, but not at the expense of drivers’ health and the safety of other motorists.

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Transporting heavy cargo is always challenging, and we hope that you found these tips helpful. We Will Transport It is one of the nation’s most trusted shipping and transportation companies, and we’re committed to helping you transport heavy cargo safely and at a low price. We have a team of full-time transportation specialists with the expertise and experience to help you get the job done right.

Transporting Oversized Loads

Our dispatchers are connected with a nationwide network of leading transportation carriers and service all 50 states. We offer customized transportation services tailor-fit to the needs of each customer, and we can find the right truck and driver to haul your oversized load. We work with fully bonded and insured companies and offer a free shipping cost calculator on our website so that you can get a free estimate.

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