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Using a US auto shipping company is a safe and reliable way to transport your vehicle. US auto transport companies deliver your vehicle safely. Shipping a single vehicle, multiple vehicles, or even an exotic or antique car is possible through US auto shipping companies.

Many different US transport companies can ship your car, so how do you choose the right one? Let’s explore the benefits and services of a United States auto transport company, and then how to choose the right one.

Benefits of Using Auto USA Auto Transport Services

If you’ve ever driven a car long-distance, you know it can be hard on the vehicle as well as you, the driver. You must stop for gas, food, and restrooms. You may even need to stay at a motel if it’s a long trip. It’s also possible that you have car problems, ranging from flat tires to spending hours at an auto repair shop.

Although it appeared that you were saving money by driving to your destination when you planned your trip, your incidental costs might cost you more than you had expected. That’s when you will appreciate how much US transport services can help. The company moves your car from one place to another for you while you conveniently fly to your destination.

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US transport companies that have been in business for a while will take diligent care of your car, but you should always do some research before hiring one.

Services Offered by USA Auto Transport Companies. There are two types of USA auto transport available: open and enclosed trailers.

Types of Carriers

  1. Open Car Transport Carrier

    An open trailer is the most popular and affordable option for US auto shipping cars. As the name suggests, open transportation involves shipping your car with other vehicles on an open trailer. Even though your car will be exposed to the elements, open transportation is still a relatively safe form of US auto shipping because a United States auto transport with a good reputation will take all the necessary precautions to prevent any damage from occurring. They will, for instance, use sturdy straps to secure your vehicle to the trailer and cover it with a tarp to protect it from the elements. When you’re looking for an affordable and safe way to ship your vehicle, open transportation is a viable choice if you have a used, average-sized car, that is, one which is usually around 14.7 by 5.8 feet.

  2. Enclosed Car Transport Carrier

    Enclosed transport is the best care auto transport method for protecting your vehicle from the elements. While it’s generally more expensive than open transport, it’s an ideal option for shipping exotic, new, large, luxury, or antique cars. The car will be protected from wind, rain, snow, and road debris. Enclosed transportation is also more secure since thieves can’t easily access your car. If you’re shipping a car long distance, enclosed transport ensures that it returns in the same condition in which it left.

Types of Delivery Services

There are also two types of delivery options available: door-to-door transport and terminal-to-terminal transport.

  1. Door-to-Door Car Transport

    Door-to-door delivery is the most convenient option since your car will be delivered directly to your home. However, there are some situations when this is not possible. US auto transport carriers may not be able to drive down your street if it is narrow or if there are weight restrictions. It is also possible that this service won’t be available if you live far from a highway in a rural area.

  2. 2. Terminal-to-Terminal Transport

    Your car will be transported to a terminal if door-to-door transport is not available. Since many of these companies have parking facilities, you can leave your vehicle at a terminal yard for US auto transport companies. They will then transport the vehicle to its destination where you or someone you send will then pick it up at the terminal. In most cases, this is a cheaper option than door-to-door delivery. Additionally, you can pick up your car at a time that’s convenient for you. If you have access to a terminal nearby and the carrier does not charge extra for storage at the terminal, this may be a convenient option.

Why You Should Use the Internet to Find a United States Auto Transport Company

When you need to ship your vehicle from one state to another, you have a few options. You can either drive the car yourself or hire a USA auto transport company. You can find many companies advertising their services online if you’re interested in hiring one.

Compared to calling around for information about US transport, shopping online offers a few unique advantages:

  1. It’s easy to compare the prices of different companies online.
  2. If there are any discounts, you can find them quickly.
  3. It is possible to evaluate which companies have many years of experience transporting vehicles from one state to another.

How to Research USA Auto Transport Companies

You should take the process of towing your vehicle seriously and use a legitimate company. So, when you’re ready to use a USA auto transport company to move your car, there are a few things you can do to compare rates and services between different companies.

  1. Get a quote.

    You can find quotes for different companies that fit your criteria with a quick search. Be sure to compare apples to apples (for example, door-to-door vs. terminal-to-terminal) when getting quotes. When you are shipping several vehicles, inquire about any discounts that may be available, such as for booking in advance.

  2. Read online secure auto shipping reviews.

    You want to make sure you get the best care auto transport service for your money when you move one or more vehicles from one state to another. You can make more informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises if you read secure auto shipping reviews. They are a simple and effective way to find out what other customers think about the companies you’re considering hiring. They may even give you a better idea of the quality of service you can expect than reading the content on a company’s website. Looking at company secure auto shipping reviews provides you with more insights into a company’s services, allows you to compare prices, and, in some cases, even helps you get a discount. However, even though company websites will have secure auto shipping reviews, you should also look for unbiased secure auto shipping reviews on independent US auto transport review websites. Since many of these sites allow users to rate and review local businesses, you should be able to get a promising idea of which ones are worth considering. If you are considering hiring a company, make sure to read reviews from past customers.

  3. Ask questions on social media.

    Ask on social media if anyone has used the service and how it went. People are usually honest and will explain why they liked or disliked the service. This is especially useful if you’re looking for a United States auto transport company that delivers on its advertising promises.

  4. Talk to family and friends.

    Get recommendations from family and friends. At least one person has probably used or knows someone who has used a us auto transport service. When looking for the best care auto transport it’s always good to get advice from someone you trust. You will likely get a list of the pros and cons of the company they used as well as a description of how they chose it.

  5. Check with the Better Business Bureau.

    Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against a company that you’re considering hiring. A nonprofit organization, the Better Business Bureau keeps track of complaints against unscrupulous businesses. It’s possible to check to see if there are any complaints lodged against a US auto transport company that you like. If a business has received multiple complaints, it’s a red flag that you may want to avoid doing business with them. However, one complaint does not necessarily mean a business is bad, so read the details to see if it would be a dealbreaker for you. As an example, if the company is late and you’re not in a hurry, that might not be important for you. If, however, the complaint is that the company damaged the reviewer’s car and refused to honor their insurance claim, that is something to consider.

By taking the time to do your research, you’ll be more likely to find a United States auto transport company whose level of quality and types of services meets your needs and fits your budget

Wrapping it Up: How to Make a Final Decision

Once you compare rates and quality of services, you will have a brief list of United States auto transport companies. Here are two additional steps to choosing the best care auto transport company for you.

  1. Visit or call the company.

    It’s a clever idea to visit a company’s office if you live nearby and speak with a representative. In-person meetings will give you a better sense of the company culture and whether it’s a good fit for you. In addition to asking questions about the services they provide, you can get a sense of their knowledge and professionalism by speaking with the representative.

    If visiting the office isn’t an option, call the company and speak to a representative. In this way, you can ask any questions you have and get a sense of their customer service. When you take this extra step before hiring a company, you can be sure you’re making the right decision for your business.

  2. Shop early so you have time to think about your best care auto transport choices.

    You want to take your time when using US auto shipping companies to transport your valuable car because you want to make sure that you pick the best US auto shipping company. After all, your vehicle is an asset that you use every day, so it should arrive in perfect condition. While you can always make a claim if there is any damage, this will still be a hassle, costing you time.

How can you find the best care auto transport for you? After you’ve done your research make a list of companies that seem to meet your basic requirements.

After you’ve selected a few companies, here are some questions to ask to compare their services:

  • What type of insurance do they provide?
  • Do they deliver on time?
  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • Will the company take diligent care of your vehicle when it’s in transit?
  • What type of trailer should you use, and how will your car be secured during transport?
  • Will the company offer sufficient insurance coverage in case of damage during shipping?
  • Does the company offer a competitive quote and does the quote include all the costs associated with the transport?

By asking these types of questions, you’ll be able to find a US transport company that will get your car where it needs to go without any problems.

USA Auto Transport FAQ

  • How much does an auto transport cost?

    When you ship a car, the company will give you a quote based on the type of shipment, distance, vehicle size, and the urgency of delivery. For instance, shipping a large SUV from New York to Los Angeles will cost more than shipping a small sedan from Chicago to Detroit. Or if you need your car delivered overnight, it will cost more than if you are okay with a few days of transit time.

    Shipping companies also offer diverse levels of service, ranging from economy (the cheapest) to express (the most expensive). So, inquire about all these factors when getting quotes so you can get an accurate estimate of how much secure auto shipping will cost.

  • How are cars transported in the US?

    Trains, trucks, and planes can all be used to transport a car from one state to another.

    Shipping a car by train is the most affordable option. Shipping it by plane is the most expensive option. Often, it can cost more than the average price of a new car. Nevertheless, it is a feasible option for wealthy clients who wish to ship some of the most exotic cars available on the market. Air travel is fast, safe, and dependable.

    A US auto transport is a convenient way to move your car from one state to another. Renting a tow trailer or hiring a professional driver is much more expensive. Open or closed carriers are most often used because they are affordable, quick, and safe. Customers who choose this option worry about their car being damaged or arriving much more slowly by train. Transport companies take great care to make sure that all vehicles are properly secured and protected from the elements.

    So, if you need to move your car from one state to another, the most popular method is to use an auto transport carrier.

  • What is the cheapest way to ship a car across country?

    When moving a car long distance, it is cheaper to ship it by train than by car trailer. The cost of secure auto shipping by train is determined by the weight of the car, and the average car weighs 4,000 pounds. Secure auto shipping a car by trailer depends on its size, and the average car is between 14 to 20 feet long. Because the trailer can hold more cars, it costs more to ship a car by trailer. Moreover, secure auto shipping companies can ship more cars on a train than they can on a trailer, so they can charge less per car. Finally, trains use less fuel than trucks, so secure auto shipping companies can pass the savings on to their customers.

  • What is the best way to transport a vehicle?

    The cheapest way to transport a car to a new destination is probably to drive it. However, it can be taxing on both the driver and the car if it is a trip across several states. Consequently, the most popular option is to use an auto transport service because you no longer need to drive long distances or rack up miles in your car.

    Here’s how it works: you find a reputable company and give them your car’s make, model, and year. They’ll give you a quote for secure auto shipping. If you’re happy with the price, you book the transport and pay a deposit. On transport day, the driver will pick up your car and load it onto the truck. They will transport it on an open-air trailer or enclosed truck.

    Once it arrives at your new home, they’ll unload it and you’ll be able to drive away. Shipping your car with an auto transport company is a wonderful way to ensure that it arrives safely at your new home.

  • How do I choose an auto transporter?

    Compare quotes from several companies, read online secure auto shipping reviews, and ask your friends for recommendations. When you find a company that you feel comfortable with, make sure you understand the contract before you sign it. Find out exactly what their insurance covers and what their liability is if something happens to your car while it’s under their care. You should also know when your vehicle will be picked up and delivered. Once everything is signed and finalized, you can relax and let them drive!

  • Why is shipping a car so expensive?

    Shipping a car with an auto transporter can range from affordable to expensive depending on the type of car carried and the type of carrier used to transport it. But in general, larger vehicles that require covered transport will be on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

    A vehicle’s size is one of the most significant factors affecting the price of shipping for two reasons. Not only do big vehicles occupy more space on a transporter, which means fewer spaces for other vehicles, but they also weigh more and limit the carrier’s capacity.

    If you have a smaller car, you may be able to get by with an open-air carrier, which is the most basic and therefore most affordable type of auto transport. But if you’re shipping a large SUV or truck, you’ll need to use a covered carrier, which is more expensive.

    In addition to size, the type of vehicle you’re shipping also affects the price. Luxury and antique vehicles are typically more expensive to ship than regular cars because they require exceptional care.

Looking for USA Auto Transport?

Car shipping can be stressful, especially if you are not familiar with how to go about the shipping process. However, with the assistance of a car shipping service, you can have your vehicle shipped from point A to point B without a hitch. These transport companies are equipped with the knowledge and resources to manage all the details. They will come to your location, take care of all the packing and loading of your vehicle, then transport it to its destination safely.

Elite Car Shipping Company has now been in business for more than 25 years. During this period, our company has become one of the most respected, dependable, and trustworthy providers of car shipping within the United States.

If you are looking to ship a new car, our team of vehicle transporters will make sure that the process is as stress-free as possible. We will take care of everything from transportation to insurance to delivery. Our goal is to ensure that your car arrives at its destination in perfect condition and with minimal delay.

If you need affordable, quick, and efficient auto transport, we will beat any other quote you receive. Get a free quote and 10% discount by contacting us today. at 1-888-885-5354. You can also reach us by email at elitecarshippingcompany@gmail.com. Yet another option is to simply fill out an online form to book your transport at Elite Car Shipping Company.

Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 pm, and the location of our office is 2300 West Sample Road, 207 Pompano Beach, FL 33073 United States.

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