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Car shipping is a convenient service for individuals traveling into and out of Florida, and We Will Transport It offers custom vehicle transportation solutions for both corporate and recreational travelers. We offer door-to-door vehicle transport throughout the U.S.A. and international car shipping from Miami to worldwide ports.

Car Transport Florida

Contact WWTI online when you’re ready to learn more about our services, and dial 1-800-677-1196 when you’re ready to schedule car shipping at everyday low rates!

Car Transport Florida

Our company is located in Pompano Beach, Florida and offers the best car shipping prices in The Sunshine State. We strongly recommend contacting WWTI online when you’re ready for a current and up-to-date price quote for Florida car transport. Here are a few shipping estimates based on recent price quotes for can shipping into and out of Pompano Beach and Broward County:

Shipping To/From Broward CountyEstimated CostMileageEstimated Shipping Days
Broward County to Kissimmee$120203miles2 – 3 days
Charlotte to Broward County$420699 miles3 – 5 days
New Orleans to Broward County$497829 miles3 – 5 days
Broward County to Fort Worth$7661279 miles4 – 6 days
Broward County to Detroit$8091351miles4 – 6 days
Albuquerque to Broward County$11511921 miles5 – 7 days
Denver to Broward County$12172030 miles6 – 8 days
Broward County to San Diego$15722621 miles6- 8 days

Best Local Car Shipping Companies in Florida

We know that our customers have plenty of quality transportation companies to choose from, which is why we strive to be the best. You’ll enjoy a customer experience encounter that’s second to none, beginning with your first phone call. Our agents will help you compare prices for trusted vehicle transport, and you’ll always pay less for vehicle shipping.

Best Car Transport Quotes from NY to Florida

If you’re heading to Florida from the Big Apple, we’ll help you schedule premium car transportation at everyday low rates. It costs between $800-$1,200 to schedule open trailer shipping from New York to Florida. Our transportation partners make daily auto pick-ups and deliveries along the east coast, and we’ll help you find a car hauler already headed toward your destination to help you further reduce your shipping costs!

How to Determine Which Car Shipping Company Is Best for You

Scheduling car shipping is an important decision, and you should approach the process just like making any other purchase. Each shipping job is different, and our experienced transportation experts will select the proper transportation option for your specific type of vehicle. Here are a few important things that you’ll want to keep in mind as you search for the right car shipping company for your pick-up:

  • Budget

    Comparing shipping estimates ensures that you’ll always pay less for vehicle transport services. Car shipping companies know you’re shopping around, and they’ll offer you the lowest prices they can to earn your business. If a company that you really like isn’t the lowest bidder, don’t be afraid to ask them to match or beat another price quote.

  • Avoid Hidden Costs

    You have the right as a consumer to insist on transparent pricing, and you should always request an itemized estimate. Any time that you see items on your estimate that you don’t understand, ask the transportation company to give you a detailed explanation. Reputable companies take pride in offering uncomplicated and completely transparent pricing that any consumer can easily understand.

  • Customer Service Ratings

    Reading reviews will help you get the customer’s perspective, and that’s a great place to start. When a customer has an exceptional experience, they’re eager to share their story with a business’ potential customers. Transportation companies know they’re always up against stiff competition, and great reviews are one of their most powerful sales tools.

  • Special Shipping Needs

    Some options such as priority shipping and enclosed trailer shipping cost extra, but be sure to shop for the services you need. Enclosed shipping is ideal for classic cars and luxury autos, and you can reserve the whole trailer if you have additional items to ship. Priority shipping might be your only option if you’re having to make last-minute shipping arrangements, but it might only save you a day or two; we prefer to find haulers that are already headed to your destination so we can save you money! Be sure to provide us with detailed information so we can find the right type of transport for your vehicle!

Car Transport by Train in Florida

If you’re headed to Florida from the the Northeast, Amtrak offers train transport between its terminals in Lorton, VA, and Sanford, FL. Lorton is located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and Sanford is near Orlando, and both cities are located on Interstate 95.


Car Transport Florida

Train transport is highly affordable and a convenient alternative to driving the entire distance between the two cities. On the day you’re traveling, you’ll need to check in and load up your vehicle between 12:30 pm.- 3:00 pm.. The trip takes just under 17 hours, and you’ll have free Wi-Fi on the train. You can also reserve space in the sleeper car, which includes luxurious accommodations, complimentary dinner with wine, and complimentary breakfast!

Affordable Car Transport Companies in Florida

Today’s consumers have plenty of choices anytime they need to schedule professional services, and that’s definitely true in the car shipping industry. Any time you need to ship your car across the country, we’ll ensure that the nation’s top transportation companies give you their best rates. Comparing price quotes is your ticket to getting a fair price, and you’ll have several offers in hand within a few days after you schedule your pick-up!

We Are Car Transport From Florida to New York Specialists!

Start spreadin’ the news, you’re leaving today! We run daily car transport service from Florida to New York, and everyday low shipping rates The current cost to ship your car from Florida to New York ranges from $700-1,000, depending on your overall travel distance and the options you select. Contact WWTI online when you’re ready for a current price quote on New York vehicle shipping!

Looking for Trusted Car Transportation Companies in Florida?

You have a big investment in your vehicle, and choosing a transportation company you can trust is essential! We work on behalf of our customers to help them find the lowest prices, and we solicit bids on their behalf from a carefully vetted network of reputable carriers. We love helping our customers save money, and our agents have our customers’ best interests at heart when they schedule every pick-up.

Best Auto Transport Companies in Florida

We offer nationwide car shipping at great rates and exclusively partner with bonded transportation companies. Our transportation partners all share our unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction, and we’re proud to offer vehicle transportation from these highly-rated vehicle transportation companies:

How to Get the Best Car Shipping Quotes in Florida

Many quality vehicle shipping companies are ready to compete for your business, and they’re prepared to offer you rock-bottom rates. They know our customers will be shopping around, and they’ll make highly competitive offers for your shipping job. Once you’ve compared rates side-by-side, we’ll schedule your pick-up and let you know when the transport will arrive!

Car Transport From Mass to Florida Experts

There are over seven million people in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and we’re proud to offer trusted vehicle shipping to and from Florida from The Bay State! The cost of vehicle transport service from Massachusetts to Florida in an open carrier ranges from $700-$1,100, and you’ll get the best rates if you schedule your pick-up early!


  • How much will transporting a vehicle from Florida cost?

    The cost of car shipping from Florida on an open trailer car hauler ranges from $500-$1,800 to most destinations in North America, and enclosed shipping costs an additional 30-40%. Contact WWTI online when you want an instant estimate for Florida car shipping to any address in the U.S.A.

  • How much will it cost me for transportation from California to Florida?

    We offer coast-to-coast car shipping, and our licensed and insured drivers make daily vehicle deliveries to and from the Golden State. You’ll get the lowest rates when you make your shipping reservation early, and you can get an up-to-date estimate by calling 1-800-677-1196. Here are some shipping estimates for popular transit routes based on current industry averages:

    Shipping To/FromEstimated CostMileageEstimated Shipping Days
    Kissimmee to Los Angeles$12952506 miles6 – 8 days
    Miami to San Diego$13962652 miles6 – 9 days
    Orlando to San Francisco$14972830 miles8 – 10 days
    Jacksonville to San Jose$13972983 miles6 – 9 day
  • How can I find a trustworthy and reputable auto transport company?

    With so many transportation companies to choose from, it may be a little overwhelming to decide which company is the best fit. Comparing rate quotes is a great place to start, but you owe it to yourself to investigate a little further. All reputable carriers will proudly include a link to their reviews on their home page, and that’s a great place to start! Transportation companies know that their customers will hold them accountable if they don’t do a good job, and they’ll bend over backward to ensure that you’re satisfied with your service. You should also proceed with caution if a carrier quotes you a price that’s drastically lower than the others. Some carriers might be able to offer you a more competitive price on car shipping on routes they service regularly, but a price quote that seems “too good to be true” just might be!

    Our WWTI transportation specialists are passionate about helping our customers get great deals, and they’ll ensure that you schedule vehicle transportation with a reputable company. We exclusively work with seasoned transportation companies with excellent safety records.

  • How much is vehicle transport between N.Y. and Florida?

    Transporting a vehicle from New York to Florida in an open trailer car hauler usually costs between $800-$1,200, and the vehicle will be in transit for 4-6 Days. Contact WWTI online when you’re ready for a current real-time price quote for car shipping to and from The Empire State!

  • How much is vehicle transport between Florida and California?

    If you’re headed to the west coast, you should expect to pay between $1,200-$1,500 for open trailer vehicle transport services, and your vehicle will be in transit for 7-10 Days. When you’re ready for an instant estimate for trusted vehicle shipping to or from California, contact our team of transportation experts at 1-800-677-1196.

  • How much is vehicle transport to Florida?

    Shipping your car to Florida from most addresses in the U.S.A. will cost between $500-$1,800, and your shipping cost will be based on transportation distance and vehicle type. We lead the nation in trusted Florida car shipping services and no one can beat our price quotes!

  • Can I put personal belongings in my car when I transport it?

    Some carriers will allow you to store personal items in the trunk of your car while it’s in transit, but you will typically be doing so at your own risk. Unfortunately, the extra weight can increase your overall shipping costs. If you need to transport more than your vehicle, let us know. We have plenty of experience working with professionals who need to relocate quickly and offer professional relocation services at great rates. We’ll be glad to help you schedule containerized transport for your personal items and we’ll ensure they arrive at your new home at a convenient time.

  • How much is vehicle transport between Florida and Colorado?

    We offer great prices on vehicle transportation to and from Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, and transporting your car to Florida from The Centennial State on an open trailer car hauler takes 6-8 Days. The cost of open trailer transport from Colorado to Florida ranges from $800-$1,500, and enclosed trailer shipping will cost an additional 30-40%. Contact WWTI online when you’re ready for an instant price quote for car transport to Florida from Colorado today!

  • What is the cheapest mode of car transport?

    We love working with cost-conscious customers, and our shipping rates are always easy on the pocketbook! You’ll get the lowest rates when you schedule open carrier shipping, and our drivers make daily vehicle deliveries throughout the continental United States. Each open trailer car hauler can transport nine vehicles, enabling our carriers to scale their shipping costs effectively. If you’re on a tight budget, call us early to give our agents more time to hunt for the lowest price. Our transportation partners slash their rates on unsold car hauler slots when they get unexpected cancellations, and we can find fantastic deals for our customers who have flexible travel dates and are okay with delaying their pick-up for additional savings.

    We also offer discounts for our customers who need to ship multiple vehicles and we’ll help you find all the additional discounts you have coming! If you’re a member of AAA or another automobile club, we’ll help you find promotional rates with participating carriers. Transportation companies also offer discounts for seniors and members of the Armed Forces. We proudly salute our troops, and we’ll help you find discounted rates and schedule trusted transportation to any worldwide military base!

Get an Instant Estimate for Car Transportation to or From Florida Today!

The Sunshine State is home to over 21 million people and welcomes over 40 million visitors annually. It offers warm weather throughout the year, and it’s an ideal getaway for tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, and people looking for a bit of fun in the sun! Car shipping costs roughly the same as renting a car, ensuring you’ll have reliable transportation each time you travel into or out of Florida. We Will Transport It proudly offers Florida’s most trusted car shipping service, and we have dedicated transportation experts standing by to help you schedule your shipping reservation. We can save you money on fast and reliable vehicle transportation services, and you’ll never have to pay anything upfront to schedule service. Contact us online any time you have questions about nationwide vehicle transportation services, and dial 1-800-677-1196 to schedule coast-to-coast vehicle transport to any destination in the world!

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