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Combine Hauling and Transport

If you own a farm or agricultural land that you need farm equipment shipped to, you’re in the right place.  Buying a new or used combine for your farm or agricultural needs isn’t so easy if you need to ship a combine from one state or city to another.

Combine Hauling and Transport

We Will Transport should be the first company you call when searching for combined haulers in the USA. We’ve been in business much longer than the competition and our pricing is always fair. Check out our 5-star ratings on our customer reviews page to learn more about what our customers think about us. Aside from our fair pricing and quality service, we also have a ton of experience when it comes to combining transportation services.

While phony competitors claim themselves to be expert combine hauling companies, we actually have the experience to prove that we’re experts at shipping combines and other types of large farm equipment like tractors.

If you’re ready to learn more about our transportation services, representatives at We Will Transport it are standing by. Call us today to get a hassle-free quote by phone quickly and with zero commitment. If you’re in a hurry, chat with us now by using our live chat service.

What To Expect When Shipping Combine Harvesters

First, the size of the combined harvester is going to play a big role in the scope needed for the shipping project. Some combines like the one in the image below are HUGE and require more than one truck because it is considered an oversized load.

When calling for a quote to ship a combine, make sure to know the make and model (and dimensions) to ensure that we can prepare the quote rapidly.

We deal with all brand types including:

  • John Deer
  • Amadas
  • Case IH
  • Challenger
  • Claas
  • Deutz Fahr
  • Ford
  • Gleaner
  • International
  • Kelley MFG Co
  • Laverda
  • Lexion
  • Lilliston
  • Massey-Ferguson
  • Massey-Harris
  • New Holland
  • New Idea
  • Oliver
  • Pickett
  • Rostselmash
  • Sampo Rosenlew
  • Someca
  • Sweca
  • Versatile
  • White and many more…

Combine Hauling and Transport

To prepare your combine, it’s important to have your fluid tanks emptied and your batteries disconnected if any.

This is the best practice for shipping any type of equipment to ensure there are no accidents or complications during the transportation of your equipment. Shipping oversized farm equipment is one of our specialties, we look forward to helping you transport your equipment quickly and safely.

What Is The Average Price To Ship a Combine?

Projects vary in price drastically depending on the type of unit being transported and where the unit is shipped to (and from). We cannot give estimates on our website because pricing changes over time and it would be impossible to keep our pricing accurate.

We can assure you that if you call and ask for a quote, we will deliver a competitive quote in a timely manner. In most cases, we can generate the quote during the first call if you have all of the necessary information needed. Shipping oversized items is a risky business if you choose the wrong hauler.

When you choose We Will Transport It, we will always provide you with a professional driver(s) that is highly experienced in shipping combines and large farm equipment, not just a random driver off of the streets as other shipping companies do.

We stand by our customers even after a job is completed, our business receives many referrals due to the fact that our customers are completely satisfied with each project. Few companies out there take the time to build relationships with drivers who specialize in transporting certain types of equipment as we do which is why we have a 100% success rate with all of our projects.

Why Choose We Will Transport It?

Combine Hauling and TransportGetting quotes from different companies and trying to choose the right company for your transport needs can be very difficult and sometimes overwhelming. There are a few things that you’ll need to know about the auto transport industry to make the right choice. First and foremost, ensuring that your equipment is shipped according to all of the Department of Transportation laws, state laws and federal laws is very important. Some companies don’t obtain the necessary permits for transporting oversized loads and that can cause big issues.

Some shipping companies also don’t apply the proper types of insurance for your equipment which can lead to complications should there be an accident on the road that is not the trucker’s fault.

Here are We Will Transport It, you won’t need to worry about these things because we always advise our customers and guide them into making the right choices. We care about our customers and ensure that their equipment gets shipped correctly and without any damage.

If you have not already called other companies for quotes, be prepared to get the used car salesman treatment from a sales rep who just wants to meet his weekly sales quota. When you call our company, you won’t deal with an aggressive salesman that is just hungry for commissions.

We’re a family-owned business and we only employ sales representatives that value our customers as much as the owners of this family-owned business. We’re one big family here and we treat each customer like family.

How much is it to haul a combine going a thousand miles?

The price hauling a combine going a thousand miles depend on your location it will be four to five dollars per mile.

What are the 3 most popular Combine manufacturers?

The 3 most popular Combine manufacturers are: Case IH, Caterpillar and John Deere.

What kind of Trailer hauls a Combine?

Trailer hauls a Combine are step deck or an RGN because of the weight you will need to be moved.

Hauling Trucks and Transporting heavy equipment

When you become a client, you get the right service at the right price. The bottom line is that you as a consumer should always do research on the shipping company you’re about to hire instead of just getting the lowest price out there.

Some companies will offer quotes that seem too good to be true and unfortunately, we’ve heard many horror stories about shipments gone wrong from customers that chose the cheaper quote instead of going with a company that is rated highly online like us.

Our track record is clean and we intend to keep it that way by providing customers with the type of service they deserve. Much of our business is done via referrals that heard about our awesome service through a former client which is not common in the transport business.

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