Customer – Albert (Auto)

We will transport it, Albert Auto

Take an inside look into the vehicle transportation process of a Toyota Scion, from Los Angeles to Nashville! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Albert, a real customer.

WWTI:    Hi Albert?

Customer Albert:   Yes.

WWTI:   Hi!  Good morning, my name is Jackie, I’m calling with We Will Transport It. I was just responding here to the…you were looking for a price to ship your Scion going from Los Angeles to Nashville.  Hi, how’re you doing today?

Customer Albert:   Great…

WWTI:   I’m great thank you.  So when did you need this picked up, like around the 25th?

Customer Albert:   Yeah, end of next week or earlier, or it could be …but preferably if anything earlier; but yeah the 25th would be ideal.

WWTI:   The 25th, okay.  So what actually we have trucks that are based out in Los Angeles so we can definitely pick it up for you whatever day that you need it.  We’re a direct carrier, the only California transporter, there’s no up-front fee so you don’t pay anything today; there’s no deposit, you don’t pay anything until it’s delivered to you in Tennessee, so it would be to get you on the truck the 25th.  You’d be looking at ten 50, and then that’s going to…

Customer Albert:   Ten 50?

WWTI:   Yeah, that’s going to include everything door to door.

Customer Albert:   What’s your name again…err what’s your company name again?

WWTI:   It’s We Will Transport It.

Customer Albert:   We Will Transport It, alright.  Alright I’m leaning at…a couple at either ten 50, and I’m leaning on a couple other quotes I got.  I’m getting five other quotes right now.  Alrighty I’ll call you as soon as I get in the other quotes and we’ll go from there.

WWTI:   Alright no problem, sounds good.  But I mean what were you looking to spend on this?  Is the ten 50…hold on one second I’m just… there’s a website, it’s called Transport Reviews, it’s ran by the DOT, everyone that you’re speaking to is on this website and that way you can look up the company and just make sure that they’re five-star rated and that they’re reputable, they have good reviews.  So that’s…

Customer Albert:   You said Transport Reviews by DOT?

WWTI:   Yeah, Transport Reviews.

Customer Albert:   Well then while I have you on the line, I’ve only got that one so far, while I have you on the line, what’s the ship time line for you guys?  Obviously I want to go with a reputable company and obviously five star because my car’s pretty much brand new right now.

WWTI:   Right, yeah so that’s…yeah.  It would be…it takes about… let me see, about five to six days for it to be delivered and it stays on the same truck.  If I can get this any lower for you what I can do is I can get my dispatch manager Carlo on the phone, he’s been doing this for about 15 years.  He can actually…if he can get it priced a little bit lower for you so that way you still have a lower price and it’s still a real price, then…and you have time, he can definitely help you with that.  So if you give me just one second I can grab him and see if we can get it discounted at all for you a little bit but still give you a real price.  But yeah like I said that company that I just showed you that they’re not a good company, they have bad reviews, they’re…been in business for only…they only have 81 reviews and they’re not five star rated.  So give me just one second, let me get him on the phone for you. Hold on.

Albert? Hey Albert, thanks for holding, my name is Carlo. How is it going?

Customer Albert:   Great!  What’s up?

WWTI:   Actually I’m pretty good.  Thanks for asking.  I’m actually the Dispatch Manager, Jackie had to kind of wave me down, I was walking by, and pointed a few things out and kind of explained what you had going on.  But we’re used to this kind of thing, you’ll get like 10 quotes, you’ll fill it out, and if you’ve never shipped before you wouldn’t know, but the truth is three lowest quotes are some kind of broker or telemarketer trying to get your attention and they have a lot of bad complaints, it ends up being a headache, especially if you have a vehicle you cared about.  If they do find a driver and something happens you end up having to pay out of your pocket for insurance.  It’s just not worth the risk,  I mean I can help with the rate I just can’t knock hundreds off.  We’ve got to keep you at a certain cent per mile for your unit to move but if the driver just doesn’t dispatch.  So that’s what I’m going to look at.  Now did you buy this at a dealership, are in Nashville?  How did this all go down?  How did it…

Customer Albert:   No, I bought it from…in Marina Del Rey, California.

WWTI:   You’re just trying to move it home?

Customer Albert:   I bought it back in…yeah.  I’m moving to Nashville from Los Angeles…

WWTI:   Okay so you have possession of the vehicle now.  We would come to you to inspect it, load it and bring it to Tennessee obviously.  So your dates, how flexible are they, cause she made it sound like you had a little bit of time to get this going.  Do you have a certain date to fly out?

Customer Albert:   Yeah I can…no, so I got my house…dropped off next week, the 25th, and it’s actually not expected to arrive until October 7th, so I do have like…what is that?  Almost two weeks actually…

WWTI:   Yeah you’ve got plenty of time, that’s going to help us well.  Yeah, that helps.  Keep in mind we’re direct haulers so we send our owner operator our, he inspects it, loads it and it comes right to you direct.  So it is quicker, obviously it’s safer, there’s no terminals and no truck to truck, so a run like this, Del Rey to Nashville is a major city run, it’s a five/six day run, so if I load you on the 25th you’re literally going to get there by the 1st/2nd at most if there’s delays.  I don’t want to beat you out there either but if you have someone there to accept the vehicle that would help as well.  You have an open pick up window of next week would work for you.

Customer Albert:   Okay.  Yeah I have an open pick up window.  The thing is I don’t have anyone in Nashville right now…

WWTI:   When do you get to Nashville so I’ll coordinate it?

Customer Albert:   I get there…I’ll try and get there the 7th from …cause I literally don’t have anyone there, or…

WWTI:   Yeah.  No I hear you, you’re relocating.  Yeah cause we normally tell our people get a friend, a family member, a neighbor, but if you don’t have anybody there I’d rather coordinate it on a date where we can off load it the day you’re there or the day after.  So that would be your best-case scenario.  You’ll have the vehicle longer too, I don’t know if you need it, but if you need it that long, but if you’re going to have a flight date of the 7th, is that when you made your flight arrangements or you think you’re going to fly?

Customer Albert:   Yes.  I’m actually driving one of my cars across the country cause I’m going to stop in certain places and visit some friends and family.

WWTI:   You’ll beat us there depending how long you stay.

Customer Albert:   I’m actually going to…yeah I was actually going to coordinate it so I got there on the 7th so that…

WWTI:   I hear you but that’ll work out…

Customer Albert:   …I don’t have any friends there…

WWTI:   …yeah I know.  So you’ve got a couple things in your way there and we can keep you updated once we load the unit up.  I’m looking at a spot I can maybe get you on the 1st or 2nd.  When do you leave Los Angeles though?

Customer Albert:   The 25th, but I can actually have a friend of mine…

WWTI:   That’s what I was going to say, that’s the…that will work out best Albert, that’ll be the best because not only that, I can load it up like the first Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, delivery will be set for 7th or 8th.  If you need more time and you get delayed, he’s going to be in Nashville for a couple days, he doesn’t come back till the 10th so we could hold on to the unit for you until you get there, so we’re kind of coordinating with your schedule; and then what I’ll do is I can put a discount in for your flexibility and working with us and then the notice you’re giving as well, so it’ll help you on the rate.  Can you hold on one second, this way I’ll know what we’re looking on for delivery?

Customer Albert:    Yeah.

WWTI:   Thanks Albert.  Albert?  Can you hear me Albert?

Customer Albert:   Yeah.

WWTI:   Right.  Alright thanks for holding.  I’ve got this panned out to where I have that driver, we could squeeze you in, thank God it’s a small unit, and price wise it helps out too, so you go up from ten 50 to nine 28, so it saves you some money…

Customer Albert:   Okay.

WWTI:   …and the way it works with that is you don’t pay anything till we load the vehicle up, there’s no deposit or hold.  We do obviously take down whatever debit or credit cards using for when we load the vehicle, just that we don’t charge it till your friend gives us the keys, we pick it up and it’s insured a hundred grand.  Delivery is set to be anywhere from the 7th to the 9th, we don’t know yet because the traffic, or other delay.  We’ll keep you updated though, you’ll be in contact with my driver, one of my owner/operators.  And then as to your friend, I know you haven’t spoken to him yet but we will just send your order form out and you just give us an address anywhere in LA or San Diego this driver will go to, to his door, so we can come to his job, whatever makes him not have to go through any headaches or jump through roofs, but he’ll get notice.  Right now this driver will be departing either Thursday afternoon or Friday, and I’ll tell you…let me see…yeah, we give him notice by Monday the 28th or Tuesday the 29th to see what his schedule looks like and then we follow up to Thursday to load it up.

Now the pick up on it, do you want to just put your address for now on the order form so I can email this in writing to you until you speak to your friend?

Customer Albert:   Yes.

WWTI:   What address is that Albert?

Customer Albert:   He’s actually in the same apartment…

WWTI:   Oh that’s even easier. Yeah that’s perfect and this’ll work out easy.  What address is it, the physical Albert?

Customer Albert:   Yep.

WWTI:   I’m going to put you as the contact, as the initial contact and I’m going to put him as a secondary.  What’s his name and number?   And for the insurance it’s a hundred thousand full premium when we load the vehicle.  What color is the Scion?

Customer Albert:   It’s charcoal.

WWTI:   Okay, and it’s a 15… 2015 right?

Customer Albert:   Yes.  It’s actually FRS, it didn’t give me an option on there but I put the…

WWTI:   FRS?  Yeah… so they’re about the same size.  I’m going to put that on the order form so this way you have that noted.  What we do is we do a panel to panel inspection on pick up and then once you sign the bill of lading we load it, it’s insured; same thing on delivery, so you have all that in writing.  Have you ever done an e-sign before, an e-signature?

Customer Albert:   Yes I have.

WWTI:   Okay, cause that’s what I’m going to forward to you now. Are you at  Vinovolo…oh okay, perfect cause I’m going to forward this out, make sure I’ve dotted my Is and crossed my Ts on it.  Let’s me I’m going to put your code for the color and I’m going to forward it to you.  It’ll say ‘We Will Transport It Shipping Order Form’ and then Jackie’s name will be on it, just open up and approve it.  The next time we reach out to you is going to be probably the 28th or 29th to see how your trip’s going and then reach out with Robb and the report and everything with…

Now for the time that we’re loading it up from Robb, what debit or credit card did you want us to leave on file and I can forward this order form to you?  Just putting notes on here so they know you’re leaving…do that now and to keep in contact with you.  I’m going to email this out.  Do you have Jackie’s number in case you don’t get this order form, cause that is very important? These drivers want to know what they’re hauling for that week now, so I want to give you cause you’ll still be bombarded by telemarketers and brokers and all kinds of stuff, I want you to have our number.

Customer Albert:   Yes.

WWTI:   …transporting… and we’re good to go.  Please …the business and we’ll keep you updated the whole way, okay Albert. Good luck out there in Tennessee.  If you’re delayed and you guys are doing like the family thing with the wife, just let us know so we know how to coordinate the delivery on it, maybe we’ll pick it up a little later so that we get it there when you’re there.  You get then we’ll figure the whole thing out, we’ve got time.  You were going to say something?

Customer Albert:   Okay.  That order form, does it have the quote on there as well?

WWTI:   Everything.  Well no the quote was ten 95, now this is not a quote, this is an order form for nine 28, so what it is, it’s an actual spot on the rig.  Yeah big difference between quotes, we can send out a ship or invoice, if they’re paying for it, you can get me, we can make it look however you need for your business.  And they’re going to reimburse you, obviously.

Customer Albert:   I’m looking at it right now…yep it’s got it at the bottom, that’s all I need.

WWTI:   Beautiful, perfect.  Anything else?

Customer Albert:    Have a good day.

WWTI:   You too.  Appreciate the time Albert, and the business.

Customer Albert:   Alright, have a good one.  I think Jackie was the one that helped me?

WWTI:   Yes Jackie’s right next to me so she knows everything.