Customer – Marna (Auto)

We will transport it, marna-auto

Take an inside look into the vehicle transportation process of a Honda vehicle, from Arizona to Louisiana! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Marna, a real customer.

Customer Marna: Hello.

WWTI: Yeah. Marna please.

Customer Marna: This is Marna.

WWTI: Hi Marna, this is Douglas, We Will Transport Corporation.  How are you?

Customer Marna: I’m good. How are you?

WWTI: I’m very good.  I’m just doing a follow-up, see how you’re doing.

Customer Marna: I’m doing good, I’m trying to decipher some of these quotes here, if you can help me just refresh…

WWTI: Sure.

Customer Marna: …on what you have.

WWTI: Yeah I think last we spoke we were at 825.  Again, my notes here…you’re looking to go out how soon?

Customer Marna: Well there’s a little flexibility but I’ve gotten everything from this week to after Christmas, so I don’t want to wait until after Christmas, I’m just trying to get a feel for how realistic is this and where…I know sometimes they pick the cars up and then they transfer them to another transport and kind of depending on their route.

WWTI:   Right, right.  Now with our company we’re direct, we’re door-to-door, we’ll come pick it up and once it’s on the truck it stays on the truck til it’s dropped off.

Customer Marna: Okay.

WWTI:   We’re direct haul, yes.

Customer Marna: Okay.  And where are you located?

WWTI:   Our corporate office is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but we own California Transporter; we own Florida Transporter; we own Pennsylvania Transporter and Texas Transporter.

Customer Marna: Okay, at least that’s covered then cause I’m right by the mall, there’s some big hotels and plenty of places to pull right in without having to get off the Interstate, you know not get far off the Interstate.  So we’re looking at 825?

WWTI:   Well yeah, that’s the price I quoted, I mean are you ready?  Is the vehicle been purchased already?

Customer Marna: Yeah, I thought everything was taken care of last night.  She called me this morning and I was at physical therapy so she left a message for me to call her back.  But I’m pre-approved, I’ve got all that financing taken care of, they pulled the car, gave them the down payment so I think we’re pretty good.

WWTI:   So you’re ready to go.  Alright well let me do this, let me check with my dispatch manager right now and see what he has available and see what if there’s anything I can do for you because I want to earn your business Marna I want you to know also who you’re dealing with, okay.  We’ve been in business for over 15 years, we’re in it for reputation, we’re going to pick up your vehicle and once the vehicle is picked up you have to have a point of contact.  Is there somebody going to be with the vehicle in Arizona when… is it going to be you?

Customer Marna:   Well actually the lady that sold it said she would meet down there or she has a contact at the auction shop that she deals with.

WWTI:   Okay.  The reason I ask is cause we’re very careful for how we take care of your vehicle and the point of contact in Arizona we’re going to have whoever your point of contact is go through a five point bill of lading inspection`.  So what they’re going to do is they’re going to walk around the vehicle with our driver and they’re going to do a five-point inspection and make sure there’s no dents, dings, anything like that alright.  And then they’re both going to sign off on it and then it’s going to be loaded on to the vehicle and then it’s going to be dropped off, and you’re in Baton Rouge, correct?

Customer Marna: That’s correct, and I will meet the driver, wherever that is.

WWTI:   Okay so wherever you want it, you want it delivered to your house we’ll take it right to your house and then at the point you are going to go and do the same thing with the bill of lading, you’ll walk around the vehicle and make sure there’s no dings on there to cover your end, to make sure, plus your vehicle is going to be insured up to a hundred thousand dollars full premium, okay, no deductible on your behalf whatsoever.  So Marna give me one second, let me give you my dispatch manager, see what we can do for you, okay?

Customer Marna:   Alright, can you check the schedule as well when you’re…

WWTI:   Absolutely, that’s why I want to grab him ‘cause he’s the one that assign vehicles, drivers the vehicles and stuff, so give me one second.

Customer Marna: Alright sure.

WWTI:   Marna?

Customer Marna: Yes.

WWTI:   Hey Marna…Mexico Dispatch Manager, how’re you doing today?

Customer Marna: Good, good.

WWTI:   Excellent.  Douglas just explaining a few things to me, I figured I’d get on the line and see if we can help out some way.  I mean we price this to be out within 48 hours, you guys have a little longer or are they going to…is the auction going to give you a few days?

Customer Marna: I have to get in touch with her, what she told me is as soon as I had it lined up to let her know and then she will either personally drive it there or make sure her driver takes it to the auction lot there at 517.

WWTI:   Oh so you didn’t buy it from the auction, you just want to load it there cause we can go get it from…

Customer Marna: Yeah.  No I’m going to buy it from Prescott Honda, she just said it was probably easier, a lot of times the trucks don’t want to go up that…cause I think it’s right off of…I don’t know what she told me…I…

WWTI: I’ve loaded from there before that’s why it’s really hard to give discounts ‘cause it’s not easy to get in there.

Customer Marna:   Right, that’s why she said if I…if the transport company wanted to pick it up at the auction lot there at I-17 that it’s a lot easier for them cause they don’t have to maneuver off that other highway and it might save a little money that way.  She says she does that all the time when she’s selling.  I think she said it was…yeah it’s off I-17, it’s about 50 miles and they wouldn’t have any problems.

WWTI:   I mean it comes down to cent for mile too, I mean if we were to drop money off this it can turn into picking it up next week.  If we have this picked up off I-17 and we had two or three days we can knock $50 off, but anything below 775 this time of year for an SUV wouldn’t dispatch in time.

Customer Marna: Right.  Okay so 775, yeah that’s…and when did you say you would pick it up?

WWTI:   Within 48 hours, we do have possibility for tomorrow it they can have that unit ready to meet the driver.  You can give me an address where we can just have the driver meet him at a Walmart or the physical auction.  I can try for 775 to try get it out of Prescott, I’ll make it look like I have a unit there and have my dispatchers work on it.  If I can dispatch and I happen to have a driver at Prescott then yes we can do 775, I’ll send them out.  If not we’ll do the 775 and have them…how much notice would they need before we send the driver? So just in case we….

Customer Marna:   I’m going to call her right now, and …I’m going to call her now and when I talked to her this morning and last night she said everything was a go so I think it’s just a matter of when I tell her I needed it, this lot at this time she’s going to make sure it’s there.

WWTI:   If we get you the form out now you’ll be loaded by Wednesday at Noon, and then by this afternoon early tomorrow we’ll see if we can get you out of Prescott.  If it looks like nobody just can go up there for the 775 then we’ll give them a day notice so they can have it ready and we’ll pick it up the next day from where they’re at.

Customer Marna:   Okay, okay.

WWTI:   And I have the address here to Prescott Honda, we’ve been there before, it’s a little up Creek Road, I can put that on the order form and send it up for 775, making it look like we had the order out of Prescott Honda and if it looks like nothing is biding these drivers just can’t go for 775 what I’ll do is we’ll just get the address from her and we’ll go to the auction and load it.  I don’t know if we need to buy a number or if she’s going to have it outside but we’ll figure it all out as we go, cause you still have to speak with her right?

Customer Marna: Yes I’m going to give her a call right now.

WWTI:   Is this a personal order for you or are you guys a dealership?

Customer Marna:   No, I bought it online and so I’ve been dealing with her over the Internet for the last two or three days.

WWTI:   Okay, and I don’t know if Doug went over how it works with us cause it’s a little different, you don’t have to pay upfront or a deposit or any kind of hold or anything. The way it works when we load the unit up, we inspect and load it, 175 is charged from the 775 and you pay the balance on delivery of 600 when it’s done. All I’m doing now is send an order form out to you, we’ll have the Prescott, Arizona address on this, so you can speak to her, if I get lucky and dispatch a driver for tomorrow, the next day for 775 out of Prescott, we’ll send them out.  Once you find out where the other address is, you call us back and we’ll edit the order and we’ll take it from there.  Once we pick it up it’s insured a hundred grand and we bring it right to you, so you’ll have delivery within literally two to three days, just have the pickups and drops.  It’s pretty quick.

Customer Marna:   Okay, okay.  So I will wait to get something from you before I call her.

WWTI:   Well no…yes, I’m going to send an order form out now.  I have a couple of required fields I need then I’m going to send it and then I have a contact that we deal with there at Honda.  But she is right, it’s sometimes hit or miss out of Prescott Honda, it depends on whether the units are coming out at one time.  If you’re lucky and a driver’s there that will do it for the lowest cent per mile, if not it can turn into a week or two, so this way you have the option to move quick.  Who should I put as a contact person for this order form?

Customer Marna:   Let me see here…

WWTI:   She works with the dealership right?

Customer Marna:   Yes she works at the dealership and I believe her name is Ann…I got so many notes here…and the other lady I’ve been speaking with, but she’s in the finance department so I believe it’s Ann…

WWTI:   We’ll get that going.  As you find that information you let us know.  Let’s go with Ann for now, do you have her number for the order form cause I’m going to email this out so you can get on the phone with her.

Customer Marna:   Yeah, let me see I got it right here.

WWTI:   This your first time ever purchasing something like this and then getting it shipped?

Customer Marna:   Yep.

WWTI:   Oh well, you act like…I thought you were a dealer at first, I’ve been doing this 15 years and normally there’s just people kind of confused to have brokers telling them all this crazy nonsense, 500 to do it and they believe them and it turns into a headache.  So I mean this…

Customer Marna:   Yeah she warned me about all that cause they do it all the time, but yes…let me see here, I’m looking for their phone number…

WWTI:   I have their number here, it’s 92877865 hundred, that’s the…so I’ll put that on for now.  You’re my contact on deliver Marna?

Customer Marna: Say that again?

WWTI:   You’ll be my contact on delivery?

Customer Marna:   Yes, I’ll do…

WWTI:   Cause I have these mall address so I’ve met up there and our drivers meet up there an awful lot of time.

Customer Marna:   Yeah.

WWTI:   It’s 6401 Blue Bonnet Boulevard is the address to the mall, I’ll put that on the form for now.

Customer Marna:      Okay.

WWTI:   And then you’ll still meet out by 10 Exit 163 Blue Bonnet Exit and then I’ll have the hold… and then we’ll give you notice before we send the driver there, so he’ll call you a day prior so you can know when we’re coming.  And then we can also coordinate with you so this way you’re not waiting around, he’s there waiting for you.  The insurance is a hundred grand, once we inspect and load the vehicle what happens is Ann is going to sign a bill of lading, you’re going to get a copy of it on delivery, once she signs it we insure the vehicle.  What color was it originally?

Customer Marna:   White.

WWTI:   And it’s a 2013 right?

Customer Marna:   That’s correct.

WWTI:   Keeping in mind the delivery portion that you pay the driver is COD.   Whatever debit or credit card I take on file now when I send the form out that’s not charged to reload the vehicle and it’s only processed once we load the vehicle and that’s it.  So the small portion on pickup, the balance owed on delivery is COD, so we off load it, we inspect it, we give you the keys and you pay the driver.  Just hand him the check and if you use cash, cashier’s check or money order or bank check, whatever you feel comfortable with. So we’re going to put that in writing now so that you have it, and then so I can send the order form out so you can get it approved for me, for the time that we’re loading this vehicle, and where do you think if we couldn’t get it from Prescott we can meet off I-17?

Customer Marna:   Yeah she said there’s a AD…let me see if I can find it here…it’s some kind of a auction lot right down  I-17…

WWTI:   Do you know what auction it is?

Customer Marna:   Let me see if I can find it here, she sent me an email…I’m looking for it…oh here, I think she’s a financial person, but the other one is…she sent me the name of two…and she said one of them is actually…let me see if I got it here…A-D-E-S-A…

WWTI:   Adesa.

Customer Marna: Yes.

WWTI:   Yes that’s a auction, I have the address, hold on…do you know which one?  Is it in Prescott or is it…?

Customer Marna: No, it’s in Phoenix.  The one …Adesa is in Phoenix.

WWTI: Yes it is…Chandler, Phoenix, kind of the same suburb it comes off…it should be 400 North Beck Avenue.  Comes up as a suburb, Chandler…the Adesa Phoenix Auction is what it’s called but it’s actually in Chandler which is a suburb of Phoenix, it’s funny but that’s how they work.

Customer Marna:   Okay.

WWTI:   And it’s paid for we can load it as soon as tomorrow?

Customer Marna: Will you say that again?  I have a little trouble hearing.

WWTI:   Is it paid for if we were able to load it as early as tomorrow?

Customer Marna:   Yeah everything should be taken care of but I’m going to double check, make sure there’s no hiccups.

WWTI:   Yeah, no we wouldn’t send a driver til we confirm with her anyway.  I’m going to send the order form out of Prescott for now and then all you have to approve it, it’s electronic, it’ll have tomorrow’s date on it. Also if I can dispatch this out of Prescott, Arizona I want that order form.  So it looks like no drivers are coming out of Prescott for the next couple days, total is 775.  What I’ll do is I’m going to have Doug send another order form coming out of the auction so that you can approve that, so this way we send the driver quickest for your run that’s the best way to work this order cause there’s different drivers.  So you’ll get two order forms, both of them will be for 775, I just forwarded the first one for you to approve.  And you know how to reach Doug here after you speak to your dealer?

Customer Marna:   You better just give me that again.

WWTI:   Yes.  It is 954 Area Code…

Customer Marna:   It’s what?

WWTI:   954 Area Code.

Customer Marna:   954 okay.

WWTI: Yes.  317

Customer Marna:   Okay.

WWTI:   0538.

Customer Marna: 0538, and then ask for Doug.

WWTI:   Yes.

Customer Marna:   Okay, I got it.

WWTI:   Okay so we’ll just wait for you to call back. If you get the email then all you do is just open up and approve it. If it gives you any hiccups call us and Doug will walk you through it, so you’re going to get two of them.

Customer Marna:   Okay.

WWTI:   I just forward the first one.  We appreciate the business, we’ll keep you posted as well as the dealership if they have the vehicle there.  Do you know how they get it there?  Do they drive it, ship it?  How does that…

Customer Marna:   They’re going to drive it from Prescott to Phoenix.

WWTI:   Oh wow they would actually drive it to help you move it that quick, that’s pretty cool.  I guess they learned their lesson…

Customer Marna:   She says she does this often.

WWTI:   …yeah they learned their lesson because if you don’t price things at the Prescott price which starts at 815 and goes up, you don’t get a hit, no drivers go out there, so I guess they were tired of the waiting and they give an option to clients through Phoenix, it moves quicker, so it’s pretty neat that they know that much, that’s good, cause we’ve picked up a few for them before and it cost them.  And we appreciate the business, we’ll be waiting on you okay.

Customer Marna:   Okay, sounds good.  Thank you.

WWTI:   Thank you sweetie, you got it.  Bye bye.

Customer Marna:   Bye bye.