Customer – Matt (Oversized)

We will transport it, matt-oversized

Take an inside look into the vehicle transportation process of 2 Oversized Trucks, from Texas! Listen to a recorded phone conversation between We Will Transport It, Inc. and Matt, a real customer.

WWTI:    Transport.

Customer Matt:   Is this John?

WWTI:    Yes sir.

Customer Matt:   Hey matt, East Coast ….

WWTI:    Hey what’s going on Matt?

Customer Matt:   What’s up man, those 2 dump trucks I talked to you about…

WWTI:    Guy didn’t get them?

Customer Matt:   He ain’t got them yet.

WWTI:    Yeah well that’s cause he didn’t… I mean…you got to figure in the whole idea of sometimes you get lucky coming out of Texas but I can tell you right now that the rates have gone up, you know what I mean, and some people are still thinking that they’re going to get a 30 thousand pound dump truck moved for a dollar 50 a mile, just doesn’t make sense you know what I mean, that’s why I said when you don’t get them let me know.  I could take care of it for you.

Customer Matt:   When can you have them here?

WWTI:    I got to make some phone calls bud, I got to send it off to my guys and make some phone calls, I mean I’ll have it there relatively quickly as far as that goes.  Are you getting jammed up with storage fees or anything yet, or…

Customer Matt:   No we just need them here to put them to work.

WWTI:    Yeah yeah yeah, exactly.  Can you email me over the details?

Customer Matt:   Maybe.

WWTI:    Yeah I know, I’m going to send you a test email right here and you can send me the addresses and stuff and dire information where they’re coming out of and we’ll be good.  Let me see here…I almost thought…hold on let me try to search…that’s what happens.  See these guys, most of these guys that you talk to they move Toyota Camrys, you know what I mean, they don’t even have an access board to …most of them to actually dispatch out your stuff with the types of trailers and trucks that you need, so they think they can get away with that.  They may get lucky once in  a while but for the most time you don’t really have good luck with them.  I’m going to send you over a test email, if you want you can go online catch all the information for them babies, release forms, all of that stuff, address and I have I believe it’s going to Grayson, so I pretty much got all your info for there.  But basically where it’s at, who we’re going to contact and any release information, if you have buyer numbers or anything like that, I’m going to need those, and year, make and model of each one.

Customer Matt:   Okay….and what did you say the price of that was?

WWTI:    I think we are at 1850 if I remember off the top of…I’m going to look through my notes but I believe that’s where we’re at each.  So yeah, this guy was thinking he was going to get 6o feet of truck on to a 50 foot trailer and then talk the driver into doing it for next to nothing.  Well that don’t work, but…

Customer Matt:   Especially with the hurricane that came through man…

WWTI:    Oh yeah, no they scattered everywhere, and you’ve also got a lot of snow bird traffic and they like to haul their big toys down here this time of year, so you lose a lot.  And everything that we’ve been doing lately, this is the slow time of year, a lot of guys take time off, and I’ve noticed that pretty much in every category of kind of transportation we do here have gone up a little bit, you know what I mean, as far as the rates the drivers are requesting for certain things that we were getting really cheap at the beginning of the summer ain’t like that now, so you’ve got to get them into winter rates and it’s going to go up a little bit.  But yes shoot me over the info and what I’ll do Matt is I’ll put it together and I’ll have some news for you, and I’ll give you an update literally later this afternoon cause I really think I can take care of it quite quickly for you.

Customer Matt:   Okay sounds good man. I’ll get them working it right now.

WWTI:    Absolutely brother.