If you are looking into shipping your vehicle you probably have heard about terminal to terminal and door to door car shipping. These are two common ways of shipping a vehicle and many people have questions about both. It is good to get these questions answered clearly because there are some misconceptions about both.

Door to Door Car Shipping

Door to door shipping is pretty easy to understand. Your vehicle is picked at home or at another near by location and is then dropped off at another location of your choosing. The great part about door to door car shipping is that you do not need to drive your vehicle very far in order for it to be picked up. You also do not need to pay to have it spend time in a car terminal.

However, door to door shipping requires that you, or another adult, be there when the vehicle is picked up. This can be difficult in some situations. One such example would be a situation where you have move ahead of your vehicle transport and live in the drop off location. A situation like this will make door to door shipping much more difficult. This can be fixed with careful planning.

Many people think door to door shipping is more expensive because the carrier had to come to your home to pick up the car. This may be true if you live far away from the closest highway, but, more often than not, door to door shipping pays for itself.

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

Terminal to terminal car shipping is another shipping option many clients consider. In terminal to terminal car shipping, you drop your car off at a car storage terminal and then the transport company goes to the terminal to pick up your vehicle. Most of the time, car terminals are placed on common routes of travel so that carriers do not have to travel far to pick up your car. This is what makes them so attractive to most.

If you cannot be around when your vehicle needs to be picked up, a car terminal may be just what you need. They will keep your car safe and have it ready for the carrier. However, the money people think they might save with terminal to terminal shipping often disappears with fees most car terminals charge. Most people do not understand that car terminals charge an upfront fee and then additional charges for each day. Thus, if your car is at the terminal for a long period of time, terminal to terminal shipping can easily become more expensive than door to door shipping. This is why most transport companies suggest door to door shipping over terminal to terminal shipping.

There is one simple thing you can do to make sure door to door shipping is an option you can use. All you need to do is plan ahead. Try to plan your vehicle transport at a time when you can be with your vehicle. It is also possible to find a friend or family member who can be there with your car if you cannot be. This will save you the hassle and expense of terminal to terminal shipping.

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