Door to door auto transport Tips to save time and money

Check out these door to door auto transport tips!

When it comes to door-to-door transport, make sure you are available around the time of pickup.

If you’re unable to physically be there at the time of pickup, then please ensure that a friend, relative or neighbor is there to so the vehicle can be loaded on schedule.

If your nehborhood has a vehicle size restriction, which would prevent the driver from loading the vehicle directly at your home, you may have to meet the driver at an alternate location.

Unfortunately, this can translate to delays and added expenses.

Instead, we recommend considering an auto transport terminal, which can store your vehicle until the driver can pick it up. You can then specify a terminal for pickup that is most conveniently located to your new location, saving you time, money and stress.

Here is another tip: if you happen to live in a Rural area or a city that is not heavily populated, we suggest leaving your vehicle with a friend or family member who does reside in a more populated city. This is a good way to save money, due to the fact drivers like to go to the more populated cities, the rationale being “more people more vehicles and dealers.”

Also, in a worst case scenario, because all of our carriers are 100% rated with the Department of Transportation, you can consider leaving the keys in a hiding spot on the car and inform the carrier, who will then reliably carry out the transportation in your absence.

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