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The Most Trusted and Experienced Local Moving Companies In the South Florida Area Want to Help You Relocate for Less!

We are One of the Best local moving companies in South Florida. We offer multiple services that include shipping a car to heavy load hauling. Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences you’ll ever have to go through in your life, but sometimes it’s the price you have to pay if you want to grow your career! Top companies are regularly expanding and opening new offices throughout the United States, and career-minded professionals have to be prepared to relocate if they expect to climb the ladder. But it’s far less stressful if you hire a qualified moving company in your area to help you relocate.

local moving companies in South Florida

We Will Transport It partners with Florida’s most trusted and experienced moving companies local, and you can always count on exceptional service at bargain prices. We have a team of experienced transportation and logistics professionals on staff, and we can help you locate an excellent moving company local for your upcoming move. To get your free quote for local moving companies near me, contact WWTI online, or call 1-800-677-1196.

As a Moving Company we offer the following Services:

  • Car Shipping
  • Heavy Equipment Transport
  • Boat Transport
  • Yacht Transport
  • Mobile Home Movers
  • Shed Movers
  • Shipping Container Homes Transport
  • International Vehicle Shipping
  • Heavy Load Haulers
  • RV Transport
  • Farm Equipment Transport
  • Construction Equipment Transport
  • Military Equipment Transport
  • Fifth Wheel Transportation
  • and more…

Finding the Right Local Moving Company Near Me Helps You Enjoy a Smooth Move!

There are many different reasons why people move, and each of us goes through many emotions as we prepare to relocate. It’s an exciting time for most people when they get ready to move into a dream home, and it’s also a little sad to leave an old house behind. Whatever your personal situation may be, you have a lot on your plate! If you’re currently at your breaking point, you should let a professional team of movers take over. There are plenty of seasoned moving companies local in your community who are ready to help, and you’ll be in great hands from making your first phone call until you get settled into your new home!

local moving companies in South Florida

We Will Transport It offers custom transportation and moving solutions for hard-working people, and we can help you locate and hire great moving companies locally at low prices. Every move happens for a different reason, but our transportation experts have seen it all! A full-service moving package is always an excellent option for professionals who currently find themselves far too busy to get packed. A team of seasoned movers will arrive at your home with a truck and literally do all of the heavy liftings! Let us know if you’re on a tight budget, and we’ll help you select a more economical option, such as a local truck rental or a moving storage container. One phone call is all that it ever takes to save 10% or more for relocation services, and we can save you the most money if you call us early!

Our Network Of Trusted And Experienced Local Moving Companies Near Me Are Just a Phone Call Away!

We have a reputation as the most trusted and customer-focused moving company locally in the South Florida area, and we want to earn your repeat business! We make it cheap and easy to find a local moving company near me, and you’ll save 10% or more on all services. Our moving and transportation experts work with a nationwide network of moving and shipping companies, and they can find unpublished rates that aren’t offered to the public! We partner with pre-vetted local moving companies throughout the United States to ensure that we can always solve our customers’ shipping and logistical needs, and you won’t have to pay any upfront cash to schedule service.

local moving companies in South Florida

Your WWTI transportation specialist will walk you through your options to help you find a qualified mover, and they’ll notify you when the movers are on their way to your home.

When You’re Choosing Local Moving Companies, It Pays to Shop Around!

When you’re in the market for a moving company in your area, you should approach the process in the same way as any other product or service. There’s a lot of competition amongst local moving companies near me; they know if they want your business, they’ll have to earn it! Get multiple estimates, and keep the following factors in mind when you’re comparing moving companies local:

  • Price

    Price is always the most important consideration for most customers, and We Will Transport It makes it easy to get a head-to-head comparison! We’ll do the shopping for you each time you schedule a move! You’ll get notifications each time that one of our transportation partners places a bid, and you’ll have the chance to wait for the best possible deal. Remember that you’ll pay more for a full-service move than you will if you pack and load the truck or container on your own, and you’ll pay a higher price to move a longer distance.

  • Services

    How much time do you have to relocate, and how much of the work are you prepared to do on your own? Both can affect the price you pay in significant ways. If you’re getting a big promotion and your company is paying for the move, you won’t have any trouble finding full-service movers who will take care of everything. Renting a truck is your cheapest and most “no-frills” option, but you must be prepared to move everything at once. A moving container offers a lot of conveniences if you’re planning to move in a few months. We’ll deliver a moving container to your home, and we’ll schedule your pick-up once you’re finished loading it up. Most movers will give you an itemized price list for services. Be sure to find out how they bill for their services and if the weight will be a factor. Many container moving companies don’t charge extra if you’re shipping large or heavy items, as long as they fit into the container.

  • Service area

    Some local moving companies near me only service a limited geographical area, and they might be able to offer you the lowest price if you’re not moving very far. Staying local enables them to manage their overhead more effectively. If you contact a local company for a cross-country move, they might subcontract your move to a nationwide carrier. Our transportation experts will help match you with a carrier to help you relocate to any destination. A national carrier can offer you a lower price per mile because it has the ability to effectively scale its fixed costs.

  • Other factors

    The final factor to consider is the intangibles. You should always trust your instincts as a consumer, particularly when you see a shipping bid that seems “too good to be true.” There’s a big difference between scaling costs and cutting corners, and you should approach a company with caution if their bid comes in substantially below the others. Companies count on getting good reviews from satisfied customers, so take plenty of time to read them. Customers with an excellent experience with a shipping company won’t hesitate to tell their story on the company’s website. You should also see how they address complaints. Smart companies know that effectively addressing customer concerns promptly is one of the best ways to earn repeat and referral business!


We all have anxiety about moving, but We Will Transport It is here to make it easier than it’s ever been. Our seasoned customer service agents are available to help you find the right moving company locally around the clock, and we can save you 10% or more on every move. Get your free moving quote online, or call 1-800-677-1196 to speak to a WWTI moving specialist!

  • How much does it cost to move?

    According to Forbes, the average cost to hire a local moving company near me is about $1,400, ranging from $800 to $2,500. Their cost estimates are for a 2-person moving team to complete a local move up to 100 miles. Your cost estimate will range between $2,200 and $5,700 for a cross-country move. Some local moving companies operate exclusively in a local service area, or they might subcontract the job if you’re moving outside of their service area. You’ll get the best price if you pack up everything yourself, but a full-service move is an excellent option for busy professionals. You’ll be able to get everything finished at your current job without having to deal with all of the stress accompanied by moving. Your team of professional movers will handle everything, and you’ll be able to concentrate on starting your next exciting chapter in a new home!

  • What will the movers charge me to relocate to a home in the same area?

    If you’re planning on hiring professional movers, the local moving companies will charge you for the truck rental and around about $50 per hour for the labor. If you’re prepared to spare no expense for a hassle-free move, all that you have to do is call a moving company in your area and ask for a full-service package. If you don’t mind putting a few of your friends on the spot, you can rent a local truck and save the labor cost. The only flaw with this system is the certainty that “something will come up” between the time your buddies agree to help and the day you need to move. Container moving is also an excellent option to help you expedite a local move at a great price, and we’ll be talking about how it in more detail shortly.

  • How much will a moving company local charge for its services?

    Your overall costs will be based on the distance for the move, how much stuff you’ll need to transport when you’re moving, and the selected service options. According to Moving.com, the average cost to move a two or three-bedroom house locally is $1,250. Most companies will also charge more to transport heavy or oversized furniture, but companies like Heavy Equipment Shipper offer flat-rate shipping in a moving storage container. The moving company local might also offer to do all the packing, but the price will go up. Your moving costs will also include mileage, and your estimated average cost will go up to $4,890 to move a distance of 1,000 miles away. If you’re on a budget, the best way to manage your shipping costs is to pack and load your goods on your own. If you don’t feel like packing up everything at once, rent a moving storage container a few months before you need to move and load it up at your convenience. Most homeowners are long overdue for a round of decluttering, and you’ll save money on your move each time you find something else to leave behind!

  • What is the cheapest way to relocate to a new home?

    Some families appreciate the ease and convenience of letting the moving companies local do all the work, and they don’t mind paying for it. Paying for full-service moving is always well-spent money, and it’s the easiest way to move. But most consumers are very budget-conscious and can’t afford to waste a dime! The traditional method for frugal consumers to make a local move has been renting a truck and offering their friends and neighbors a few slices of pizza in exchange for several hours of back-breaking labor. Fortunately, you now have a new option!

    Container moving companies make it more affordable than ever to ship your furniture and household goods from coast to coast. A moving container will be transported directly to your home, and you’ll pay a monthly rental fee as you load the container over time. You have your choice of multiple container sizes, and you’ll only pay a modest delivery fee and monthly rental. Once your container is loaded up and ready to move, call the company for a pick-up, and they’ll deliver the container to your new address in a matter of days. The current average cost for shipping moving containers across the United States is around $3,000.

  • What is the cheapest way to move from one city to another?

    Many local moving companies near me allow you to rent a truck, and you can now also rent moving trucks from home improvement retailers. Your average cost to make a move in town will be around $500-800, and you can expect to pay about $1.75-$4.00 per mile. Be sure to compare prices and review all of the terms of your rental contract carefully. Renting a truck will always be the cheapest way to move in town because you’re doing everything. You usually have to make several trips to get everything moved, and you can count on being exhausted at the end of the process. Once you’re finished, you have to do your best to fill the gas tank to its original level, return the truck, and then begin to unpack.

    If you’re not prepared to bear the costs of full-service moving, give us a call for a quote on a moving container. A 16’x8′ container is large enough to transport the contents of an apartment or a home with 3-5 rooms but small enough to occupy a single parking space. Your average costs for using PODS or a similar container shipping service will range from $950-$3,900, depending on how many containers you’ll need and how far they’ll need to be transported. You’ll pay a delivery fee for each container and a monthly rental fee until your pick-up. You’ll have all the time that you need to load the container, and a licensed and insured driver will transport it.

  • What size moving containers are available?

    We offer our customers the choice of three different container sizes. Their small 8-foot containers can carry as much cargo as a 10′ truck, and they’re a perfect option for college students moving in and out of their dorm rooms. A 12-foot container is large enough to carry enough furniture for a one-bedroom or studio apartment, and it’s a perfect option for young professionals taking a new job in a new city. 16-foot containers can carry as much cargo as a 20′ truck, and they’re recommended for homes up to 1,200 square feet. Your WWTI moving specialist will help you select the right sized container for your upcoming move and help you schedule your pick-up and drop-off.

  • What’s my best option for moving container companies?

    In addition to comparison shopping, be sure to read independent reviews to see what the experts say.

  • Is there anything that I can’t ship in a moving container?

    A Shipping moving container doesn’t have any weight restrictions, but all cargo will need to be secured in the container. When you’re finished loading the container, close and secure the door. You can ship furniture, clothing, household goods, and personal items in your moving container. If you don’t feel like packing and loading the container on your own, Container can help you hire loaders through a third party for an additional fee. You can’t ship any of the following items in the container:

    • Living things-You can’t ship anything living in a Container, which includes pets, plants, and livestock.
    • Food-Non-perishable food items aren’t susceptible to spoilage but can attract insects and rodents.
    • Hazardous Materials– Restricted materials include gasoline, paint, solvents, cleaning products, or anything potentially flammable or corrosive.
    • Weapons and Combustible Materials-This include ammunition, explosives, weapons, and fireworks.
    • Illegal or stolen goods

    Any time that you have questions about what you specifically can or can’t transport in a Container container, contact your transportation specialist anytime. We strongly recommend purchasing an insurance policy for the full replacement value of all the items in your Container. Still, you shouldn’t use it to transport rare, irreplaceable. You also shouldn’t ship precious items such as jewelry or currency in a container.

  • Can I ship a car in a Container?

    Your Container might be big enough to hold a car, but they don’t currently allow you to ship cars. But We Will Transport It also offers car shipping services at great rates! You can schedule car shipping with us at the same time as you hire your local moving company, and we’ll ensure that everything is picked up and delivered at the same time. Open-air auto transport is a safe and effective way to ship cars across the country, and we’ll find a car hauler making deliveries on your route. We can also ship your vehicles in an enclosed trailer or load them into a cargo shipping container and transport them to the port of your choice.

We’re Here To Find The Right Local Moving Company Near Me For Every Customer!

American workers are constantly on the move and don’t have time to waste when their careers take them from city to city! They need to relocate quickly and begin their next chapter, and they want to keep as much of their hard-earned income in their bank accounts along the way. We Will Transport It makes finding a trusted local moving company near me a fast and easy process, and you can schedule service with no money down! Contact WWTI online for your free moving quote, or call 1-800-677-1196 to speak to one of our transportation specialists!

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