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Looking for the best long distance moving companies?

We are Long Distance Moving Company experts located in South Florida.


Our Network of Long Distance Moving Companies Offers Expert Relocation Services at Low Rates!

Relocating to a new city or state is never easy, but it’s the price that we have to sometimes pay to climb the career ladder. No company is ever immune from the effects of a recession or an economic downturn, and they often have to close offices or consolidate their operation into a few distribution hubs throughout the country. There are also plenty of people in the United States who are approaching retirement, and they know that they want to finish out their years closer to their families.

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Whatever your situation, our team of moving company long distance specialists at We Will Transport It is here to help! We know that our customers deserve to find the best long distance moving companies to help them move, and we offer nationwide service through a network of trusted moving companies. Finding a qualified and affordable long distance moving company is a crucial component of making a smooth move, and we partner with the best in the business!

Three great reasons to hire long distance moving companies for your upcoming move

Some people relocate so they can get a big promotion or open up a new branch office of their company. Some people are relocating to an area with a lower cost of living to help them stretch their money further, or they’re moving closer to their families. Whatever the reason for your upcoming move, there are a lot of great benefits that you’ll enjoy when you hire a long distance moving company:

  1. You’ll save money

    We’ll be discussing the pricing of hiring a moving company long distance in more detail in an upcoming section, but there are options suitable for even the most modest budget. Doing all of the work on your own intuitively seems like your cheapest option, but it’s more affordable than you think to hire a long distance moving company. The modest amount of money you’ll potentially save by doing all the work yourself is a false economy if someone gets hurt or something gets damaged. Full-service moving is only slightly more expensive than basic shipping services, and moving companies frequently offer great promotional discounts and service bundles to earn new business.

  2. You’ll save time

    Even if you have the time to do all the moving and loading on your own, chances are better than average that you have better things to do. Even though that might sound a little like making an excuse, the truth is that most professionals have a lot of responsibilities and limited time to get everything done. This is particularly true if you’re finishing things up at one job and getting started elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with delegating a few responsibilities, and long distance moving companies will be happy to help you lighten your workload. They also work fast! Moving companies long distance have to work quickly to stay on top of the overwhelming demand for their services, and they can’t afford to waste any time. Hiring professional movers will always be your fastest option, and we’ll make sure that you don’t spend too much!

  3. You’ll save your back!

    Most American homeowners take great pride in their uncompromising work ethic and their can-do attitude. DIY specialists can now find a wealth of blogs and tutorials to help them tackle projects throughout the house, and they experience a lot of satisfaction each time they successfully perform a repair or upgrade. But seasoned home-improvement pros know their limitations. You have a lot of heavy furniture and personal belongings to move, and the best long distance moving companies in the industry are always a phone call away. There’s no shame in hiring professional movers to do all of your heavy lifting, and they’ll let you save your strength when you make your move.

Scheduling service with the best long distance moving companies is easy!

Millions of Americans move yearly, and the demand for long distance moving companies means plenty of competition. When you call We Will Transport It, our experienced moving company long distance experts will get right to work to help you find a great deal. Our dispatchers know how to help our customers find the best long distance moving companies each time they relocate, and they can help you make all the arrangements with just one phone call. We’ll give you a free moving company long distance estimate based on the current market value for your moving job.

Schedule the moving service of your choice

Your final price won’t be locked in until you confirm your shipment, but you’ll have an instant estimate in hand to help you prepare your budget. After you’ve placed your shipping order, the long distance moving companies in our network will send you qualified bids for the pick-up. You’ll have multiple offers in a matter of days, and we make it easy to compare rates side-by-side. The moving companies know if they don’t offer you a great rate, one of their competitors will, and the bidding process is the best way to get a bargain. We carefully vet each of the companies in our network, and we can beat any moving company long distance price quote.

What is the best-rated long-distance moving company?

The internet is always your friend when you’re shopping for a long distance moving company, and you’ll find valuable information about companies as you scroll through their reviews. You’ll want to start out by reading the reviews posted on the websites of all of the moving companies long distance that you’re considering. You should also read some independent reviews and rankings.

What’s the best container moving service company?

Container moving services have become increasingly popular, and it’s easy to understand why. Instead of making a furious rush to pack and load an entire house or apartment in a few short days, you can order a durable moving container from your choice of several great companies and load it up over time. You can even use the container as a portable storage solution at any time before or after your move. The moving storage container industry is highly competitive, and you have a lot of experienced carriers to choose from. Even though their products seem pretty similar, each company employs different service offerings and pricing strategies. Some companies operate worldwide, and some only serve a limited area. Be sure to get more than one shipping estimate and read plenty of reviews.

Customer reviews yield some very revealing information about a company, and reputable container moving companies make it easy to see what their customers have had to say right on their websites. Independent reviews are also a great way to evaluate several prospective long distance moving companies at once.

Three tips for finding the right long distance moving company

Reading reviews is an important way to see how each moving company long distance treats its customers, and you can always contact companies directly when you have questions. Here are a few easy steps to help you make an informed decision and find the right moving company to help you and your family relocate to another state.

    1. Plan your move

      You’ll get the best deals with moving companies long distance when you call early, and it’s never too early to get started preparing for your upcoming move. Once you know where you’re moving and locate a new home or apartment, go ahead and sketch out the location for all your furniture and personal belongings. We’ll be talking more about downsizing in an upcoming section, but every move gives you a chance to think about what’s really important and what’s expendable. If you’re going to move in a few months, you can order a moving storage container and start loading it now. Most people have too many things, and it’s important to remember that everything you leave behind saves you shipping costs and time!

    2. Compare prices and service offerings

      After you’ve written down your plan, it’s time to start shopping. All moving companies long distance know that their prospective customers have a lot of choices, and they offer promotional rates to earn new business. If you’re too busy to collect all of the quotes on your own, you can contact a transportation broker and let them help you shop. We Will Transport It offers a lot of convenience for busy professionals by helping them get multiple qualified moving bids at once. In addition to price, be sure to select a company that offers the specific type of service that you’re looking for. Moving companies offer plenty of great self-service options for budget-conscious customers, but don’t be afraid to get some quotes for full-service moving as well. A full-service moving company charges a little more, but it has the skills and equipment to transport your furniture and belongings quickly and safely.

    3. Schedule the moving service of your choice

      Once you’ve found a moving company long distance that offers the services you’re looking for, the final step is to schedule your pick-up. Our WWTI moving and transportation specialists are standing by to help you schedule service with no money down, and you can reach a member of our team 24 hours a day at 1-800-677-1196.


We Will Transport It works with all of the best long distance moving companies, and we have an unrivaled commitment to saving money for our customers. Call 1-800-677-1196 or contact us online for more information about long distance moving companies, and we’ll help you enjoy the smoothest move possible!

  • What’s the cheapest way to move to another state?

    You’ll have to have a means of transportation to make your move, and your cheapest option will be to do all of the labor on your own. This includes packing, loading, driving, and unpacking. Homeowners on a budget know that they can rent a truck or trailer just about anywhere and load it themselves. If they have enough friends willing to pitch in, they can spring for a few large pizzas and get everything done in a few hours. Just remember that you get what you pay for, and be prepared to forgive your friends if they break something. If you’re on a budget and not moving right away, you can contact a moving company long distance that offers container shipping service and schedule a delivery. You’ll have to pay a delivery fee and monthly rental, but you won’t have to do all the work at once. Be sure to keep an open mind about the possibility of scheduling a full-service move. The best long distance moving companies offer competitive rates on full-service packages, and they’re always prepared to slash their prices to earn the new business!

  • How much does moving 1000 miles cost?

    According to Moving.com, it costs an average of $4,890 to move a 2-3 bedroom home distance of 1,000 miles. Your total cost will depend on which long distance moving company you hire and the options that you select. Contact us anytime for a head-to-head price comparison for the best long distance moving companies.

  • What is the cheapest method of transporting my personal belongings across the country?

    Renting a truck from long distance moving companies and driving it yourself is usually going to be your cheapest option. You can expect to pay about $1.75-$4.00 per mile, and you’ll need to return the truck to an authorized drop-off location in your new hometown. You can also have a moving storage container delivered to your home by the moving company long distance and schedule a pick-up if you don’t feel like driving the truck yourself. When you begin comparing rates among long distance moving companies, be sure to select a company that serves your area. Nationwide moving companies long distance are usually going to be your best bet for a long-distance move, and some regional companies offer exceptional service and great rates if you’re relocating within their service area.

  • Are there any good ways to cut my moving costs?

    Most people are making a move for financial reasons. Whether you’re moving to a new city to take a new job or you’re relocating to take advantage of a lower cost of living in another city, you can’t afford to waste money. Here are several easy money-saving tips to keep in mind when you get ready to move:

    • Downsize– You’ve often announced your plans to get better organized, and there’s no better time than now. Take some time and make some hard decisions. If you no longer use something replaceable, get rid of it now and buy it later if you still need it!
    • Call your friends– If you have a lot of cheap labor available, enlist their help. Be patient, and don’t forget to show them the proper gratitude. They’ve worked hard for you, so treat them to a great dinner out at the end of the day to say thanks!
    • Find free boxes and moving supplies– Most of the best long distance moving companies sell boxes and shipping supplies for a small additional fee, but you can get creative if you’re looking to tighten your belt. You probably already have plenty of rolls of tape and old towels sitting around, so gather them up to see what you have before you run to the home improvement retailer or hardware store. If you’re looking for boxes, go to the local grocery store or liquor store and ask them when they get their deliveries.
    • Ask for discounts-Seniors are never shy about asking for discounts, and you should also let the l
    • Move during off-peak times-Most people don’t have a lot of flexibility when it’s time to move, but you can save big if you move in the fall or winter. An estimated 70 percent of moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day, so expect to pay higher prices if you’re moving during the summer. It’s also cheaper to move mid-week than on a weekend.
    • Get multiple price quotes-The best way to save money on moving is to get quotes from multiple moving companies long distance. The transportation industry is highly competitive and the cost of moving is constantly changing. Obtaining multiple bids is the most surefire way to get a low price. Call up any moving company long distance that you like and see if they’re willing to beat a competitor’s quote if they weren’t the low bidder.
    • Save your receipts-You can’t currently claim moving expenses on your taxes, but you can get deductions for donating items to charitable organizations before your move. Be sure to obtain a receipt for the fair market value of any items that you donate, and consult a tax professional if you have any questions about what expenses are deductible.
  • Is it worth hiring professional movers?

    If you have a large family and a lot of people prepared to “put their shoulder to the wheel,” you can move locally or cross-country as a DIY project. If you’re a single professional moving from city to city, you might be accustomed to “traveling light.” But go ahead and get a price quote for a full-service package from a long distance moving company. It costs a little more, but the moving companies long distance can do everything for you. Ultimately, you should consider the value of your time. You’ll have plenty of things to take care of as you prepare for your upcoming move, and the best long distance moving companies can make short work of tasks that would take you and your family several hours. There are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong while you’re moving, and professional moving companies long distance are better prepared to meet all the challenges along the way. Sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra for true peace of mind!

  • Is it cheaper to relocate to a home in the same city?

    A long distance moving company might not be your best option for a local move, but there are plenty of regional carriers that offer excellent service for customers in their service area. You’ll pay more for a long move, but less per mile after the moving company long distance recoups its fixed costs. You should expect to pay around $500-$800 to rent a truck or trailer for a local move if you do all the loading and unloading yourself.

  • How much does renting a moving container cost?

    Most of the top long distance moving companies now offer moving container services and your average shipping costs for a domestic move will be around $3,000.

  • Can I hire movers to load my moving container?

    Most long distance moving companies offer full-service pick-up and delivery services. This can include packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking. If you’re ordering moving containers and don’t feel like loading them yourself, you can also hire laborers to do all the work for you! Let the moving companies long distance know if you’re interested in hiring loaders for your container move. Some companies have their own loaders, or you can hire loaders from a third party. Be prepared to pay around $50 an hour for labor, and some long distance moving companies might require you to pay minimum labor charges.

  • Can moving containers be transported overseas?

    If you’re taking a job in another country, it’s easy to find a long distance moving company that offers international shipping options. You can ship furniture, household goods, and even cars overseas in a shipping container. It takes several weeks to schedule an international container shipment, and you’ll have to complete customs paperwork and other forms. In addition to your transportation costs, you’ll also have to pay port taxes when you arrive at most international destinations.

Get your free moving company long distance quote today!

Making a cross-country move can be stressful if you’re not prepared, but the right long distance moving company makes a big difference. We Will Transport It’s dedicated team of shipping and transportation specialists works around the clock to find great deals for professionals and families on the move, and we partner with the best long distance moving companies to offer worldwide service. Call 1-800-677-1196 or contact us online to get a free quote, and get ready for the smoothest move of your life!

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