Preparing oversize trucks for transport in the winter can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Are you planning to have an oversize truck transported in the winter? Follow these tips in order to properly prepare your truck to be picked up by the transport company.

First, check the glove compartment for legal paperwork and important items. Be sure to remove them from the vehicle. Next, give the truck a full sweep for any valuables that should also be removed.

You should also consider having all windows, doors, handles, tires, and even the balance & rotation inspected, as well as the brakes and gas pedal. Winter times are cold and slippery, and parts tend to freeze up a bit more and not function at their best under these conditions. Your tires may also lose additional air pressure when itโ€™s cold out, so make sure they are properly filled up in advance. Taking these steps will help you have peace of mind in knowing that you prepared properly, when your vehicle is picked up for transportation.

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Preparing Oversize Trucks for Transport in the Winter