Information You Need for Shipping Your Oversized Vehicle

Hauling oversized red truck

Shipping Your Oversized Vehicle

Be sure and watch this video for important information about shipping the oversized vehicle that will save you money and stress.

Check out these tips for shipping your oversized vehicle! Oversize hauling transport is much like shipping your standard-sized vehicle, but there are a few differences.

Shipping Your Oversized Vehicle

It’s important to have all of the relevant information about your vehicle handy so that your carrier can be fully prepared when it comes time to pick up and ship your vehicle.

  1. The year, make, model, and engine type, of your vehicle.
    This info makes it easy for your carrier to research your vehicle’s dimensions and weight. If you know your vehicle’s length and height, as well as its approximate weight, that’s great too!
  2. Any aftermarket alterations or additions to your vehicle that might affect its height, weight, or length measurements significantly.
  3. Potential pick-up and drop-off locations.
    Because oversized vehicles may require more space for pick-up, and the vehicles used to transport them may need additional space to maneuver, you should have a few different suitable locations in mind.

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