Preparing a Vehicle for Hot Weather Transport

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Car Transportation in Summertime

If you need help preparing a vehicle for hot weather transport, you’re in the right place! Summer is almost here, which means hot weather is quickly approaching. It’s important that you know how to properly ensure your vehicle is safe from damage if you plan on transporting it during warm weather. First, you should remember that your car’s battery is very vulnerable to heat, so if it is older than three years of age, have it checked for reliability. Replace it if necessary, before transport, so your vehicle can reliably be driven on and off the trailer.

Under-inflated tires can overheat and are more susceptible to blowouts, so check tire pressure while tires are cool and make sure the tires are properly filled with air before you send your vehicle off on its journey. Check your vehicle’s cabin filter, and if it is dirty, go ahead and change it before shipping. Adding a sunshade across the dashboard can help you keep the sun out to keep the vehicle cooler and prevent damage and discoloration to the interior if you are shipping your car on an open trailer.

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preparing a vehicle for hot weather transport

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