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Amazing Florida Sports Car Transport

When you’re looking for sports car shipping, you need an amazing sports car transport company that truly delivers. Not only do you need the versatility to be able to transport nationwide and internationally, but familiarity with Florida’s terrain, availability in various locations, safety, reliability, experience, and a solid track record.

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You also need white-glove treatment for careful handling of your sports car. That’s why We Will Transport It is #1 of all sports car transport companies in the Sunshine State for all your shipping needs.

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What is Sports Car Transport?

Sports Car Transport is the process of moving a sports car by shipping it from one location to elsewhere, whether in the same state, another state, or internationally. A trailer is used to do so. Shipping a sports car is different because sports cars are more expensive than other cars and require special handling.

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There are two main methods of shipping a sports car, which is the same as shipping other cars: Open transport and enclosed transport. Enclosed transport typically costs 30-40% more. However, it provides protection for your luxury car. It’s important to choose enclosed transport because sports cars tend to be lower to the ground and at risk of scraping the bottom during shipping.

Why do you need Sports Car Shipping?

There are several factors that go into whether you need sports car shipping or you’re better off driving it yourself:

  • Distance
  • Season
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Time
  • Convenience

In your decision, you must compare these factors by driving it yourself as opposed to shipping it. A sports car has a more powerful engine and usually runs on premium gas, which makes your decision especially important.

How much does it cost to Shipping Sports Cars?

To get an estimate of how much sports car shipping will cost, you need to get a personalized quote. The following factors will determine the quote:

  • Make and model: We need to make necessary space on our truck and space adjustment modifications for longer, taller, or wider cars cost more.
  • Weight: Weight is factored into the shipping cost. Some new sports cars are heavy due to their features.
  • Condition: We can ship inoperable cars at additional cost for extra equipment and labor.
  • Transport type: Open transport is the cheapest, but enclosed transport provides protection.
  • Location: Cars in rural areas should be brought to the closest major city. Big cities have faster shipping.
  • Distance: The cost of fuel counts, but longer distances cost less per mile with higher overall prices.
  • Route: Location with regard to traffic counts.
  • Seasonality: Winter, harsh weather conditions, and holiday seasons make transport more expensive.
  • Scheduling: Booking ahead of time costs less.
  • Flexibility: Open scheduling costs less.
  • Multiple cars: We give discounts for shipping multiple cars on the same truck.
  • Discount: Ask for it if you’re a seasonal traveler, repeat client, or active military member

How to get a Sports Car Transport quote?

Enter the following details into our car shipping quote calculator:

  • Pick update
  • Pickup location’s zip code
  • Drop-off location’s zip code
  • Year, make, and model of your car
  • Your personal information

How long does it take to Transport a Sports Car?

A few factors affect how long it will take to ship your sports car. Distance is the most important, but the time it will take to pick up your car also matters. It’s typical to take a few days to do so.

Weather and road conditions are other factors. Our truck drivers traveling through different states can encounter inclement weather or detours.

Last but not least is traffic and other stops. Road congestion or travel to remote areas will cause delays, while our truck drivers may have to make other stops to put more cars on their trucks. Also, with snowbirds transporting cars to warmer states, including Florida, during the summer, you need a sports car shipping company that is knowledgeable in all things Florida-related.

Booking ahead of time and being flexible with dates will not only give you a lower price but best prepare your car for faster shipping. If you are shipping in a single-car trailer, the driver will not have to make other stops to pick up more cars.

Deciding on whether to pack your sports car

It’s a personal choice whether you should leave personal possessions inside of your sports car. For some people, it’s better to do so because they don’t have room in their moving van or another car, or it’s more cost-effective to leave belongings inside rather than shipping them separately.

Keep in mind that the additional weight of items inside the car will incur an additional cost, and you should not have valuable items. Plus, new sports cars tend to be heavy, and weight factors into the shipping cost. It’s important to let our truck drivers know if you have cargo inside.

Preparing your Sports Car for Transport

Other than selecting enclosed transport for your sports car, you need to do a little work on your end to get your car ready. That means:

  • Gather all your necessary car documents including insurance, title, and driver’s license.
  • Cleaning your car and documenting any current damage.
  • Removing valuable items.
  • Removing luggage, bike racks, and other exterior accessories.
  • Ensuring there’s only a quarter-tank full of gas.
  • Have necessary maintenance to keep your car in good working condition.
  • Discussing with the driver and having them acknowledge any existing damage.

Shipping Sports Cars Safety

Sports cars tend to have rear-wheel drive, two seats, two doors, and design for aesthetics and acceleration. We are passionate about safely delivering sports cars. Ask us about our history with delivering Lamborghinis, Lotuses, Porsches, Ferraris, and more.

We recommend enclosed transport carriers for sports cars. Enclosed shipping ensures your sports car ensures it is protected from the weather, such as heat, rain, and snow, as well as dust and insects. We understand how much you’ve invested in our car and such protection is part of our careful handling. It costs more, but it’s worthwhile for what you likely refer to as your baby.

How do we do it?

We at We Will Transport It handles the work of transporting your sports car. Our company takes out the middlemen and puts you directly in touch with our shipping services.

First, you get a quote from us and work out the details of your shipment. We then pick up your car at a designated location and transport it to your destination.

Auto transport insurance

People who own sports cars tend to have more expensive insurance than those with regular cars. However, sports car owners naturally want to know if we cover for any damages incurred during transport, such as dangerous weather or fire.

All car transport companies are required by federal law to have and maintain car shipping insurance. Feel free to ask us for a copy of our insurance policy. Also, if you have cargo, it is a good idea to ask for cargo insurance.

The number one reason for damage to cars during shipping is negligency by drives. However, we have over 25 years of experience with shipping cars, especially sports cars.

Sports Car Transport Cost

It typically costs about $1.50 per mile for 1,500 miles to move a sports car. However, the price per mile decreases with a longer distance. Hence, it costs $1.15 a mile for 1,000 miles. If you are shipping your sports car coast-to-coast, it can cost as little as 90 cents per mile. These costs account for enclosed shipping.

Our Sports Car Transport Services

We offer the following sports car shipping services for your needs:

  • Door-to-door: For when you have enough space at your residence to park, load, and unload your sports car.
  • Open car shipping: An open trailer saves you 30-40%.
  • Enclosed car shipping: Extra protection from weather and road debris is best for sports cars.
  • Expedited car shipping: This premium service happens 24-48 hours after placing your order.

Three transport tiers

You may not be aware, but there are three transport tiers depending on your schedule:

  • Standard: Basic transport has you compete with other customers for trailer space on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sports cars tend to take up more space, so early booking is crucial.
  • Expedited: Best for popular routes or for customers in remote areas.
  • Rush: If you’re in a hurry and want to have a trailer devoted to your car(s), this is the best option that will work on your busy schedule.

What to look for in a Car Transport Company?

Not all sports car transport companies are the same. You need amazing sports car transport from a company that has knowledge, expertise, and experience with shipping sports cars, which is a league above regular cars. There are a few tips to help you make your choice.

  1. First, you should do your research and compare services. We Will Transport It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Burea, and it doesn’t get any better than that.
  2. Second, you should ask the company about their insurance. Transparency is key.
  3. Third, you should ask the company about their knowledge, expertise and experience with shipping sports cars. We Will Transport It has over 25 years handling a variety of cars, including sports cars.

We Will Transport It is the best choice for sports car shipping. We can give the careful handling your exotic car needs to preserve its value, whether it’s a Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, or another type. When it comes to Shipping Sports Cars, why settle for anything less than amazing sports car transport?

How much to get a sports car shipped?

Sports car shipping has several factors that determine the cost per trip as well as per individual car. Make and model, distance, weight, condition, transport type, transport tier, location, route, season, scheduling, flexible pickup date, multiple cars, and a possible discount for being a repeat customer, seasonal traveler, or active military member are all factors.

Shipping a sports car typically costs about $1.50 per mile for 1,500 miles. On the other hand, a longer distance lowers the cost per mile although the initial cost is higher. It costs about $1.15 a mile for 1,000 miles. But if you are shipping your sports car coast-to-coast, it can cost as little as 90 cents per mile.

Transporting sports cars automatically will cost more than shipping regular cars because they are more valuable and require careful handling. Plus, it is best to transport them with enclosed shipping.

Best way to ship a sports car?

The best way to ship a sports car is enclosed trailer transport. It offers protection for your investment from the weather, road debris, dust, and insects, so your sports car won’t get damaged or dirty.

Can I transport a Luxury Sports Car?

Yes. Sports car transport companies that are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and professional with Shipping Sports Cars can safely transport your luxury sports car.

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