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Swimming Pool Transport, Swimming Pool Shipping

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Swimming Pool Transport

Most of us don’t think of swimming pools as being too mobile. But here are a few situations where moving a swimming pool becomes necessary.

Swimming Pool Transport, Swimming Pool Shipping

At We Will Transport It, we’re experts at swimming pool transport. Whether you need to move your pool or pool building materials ASAP or just have some general questions on swimming pool shipping, we’re here to help!

When Do You Need to Transport a Swimming Pool?

Swimming pool transport services are mostly needed when you order a fiberglass inground pool and need it delivered and installed. However, in rarer cases, already-installed inground pools can be removed and transported to new locations.

You may also choose to use swimming pool shipping services when moving an above-groud pool. But since this is a simpler job, a lot of homeowners elect to do it themselves.

Moving a swimming pool is somewhat expensive, but in many cases, it’s less costly than you might think. When you work with our helpful agents, they can help you find a shipping solution that fits your budget.

What Types of Swimming Pools Do We Transport?

As experts in swimming pool shipping, we can move just about any type of pool (with the exception of large competition pools). Many customers ask for our help when moving inground and semi-inground pools, particularly those with fiberglass shells. We also regularly transport concrete swimming pools, shipping container swimming pools, and pool building materials.

Swimming Pool Transport, Swimming Pool Shipping

Moving a swimming pool with a fiberglass shell is easier than it sounds. In many cases, it can be dug out of the ground and lifted out with a crane. But before we transport a swimming pool that has been in place for awhile, we will inspect it to make sure it is not damaged.

If you have an unusual type of pool and aren’t sure if it can be transported, give us a call! Our friendly and helpful agents will be able to tell you whether your pool can be safely moved.

What About Pool Building Materials?

For us, swimming pool transport doesn’t only mean that we transport finished swimming pools. If you have a pool that must be built on-site, we can also ship building materials.

Our experience in swimming pool shipping also lets us safely transport anything you need to build a pool, including the following:

  • Fiberglass
  • Pool and deck tiling
  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Bricks

Whether you’re building a brand new pool or moving a swimming pool you already have (or is you need to move any building materials not mentioned here), give us a call to get a free quote today!

Why Hire Us to Transport Your Pool?

You shouldn’t trust just any company to transport a swimming pool. Especially in the case of fiberglass pools, breaks and other damage can occur if a company doesn’t handle the pool with the utmost care.

We have decades of combined experience in swimming pool transportation and hauling other types of oversize loads. If you’re looking for reliable, safe, and affordable swimming pool transportation, give us a call today!


  • How do you haul a swimming pool?

    The logistics of swimming pool transport will depend on the type of pool. If you have ordered an in-ground pool and need it delivered, swimming pool transportation involves using a truck to transport a fiberglass shell. Once the shell arrives at its destination, it will be placed in the ground.

    Swimming pool transportation for an above-ground pool is different. The pool will need to be disassembled. The frame and hardware will need to be boxed up, with the liner rolled up and secured. If you are packaging up the pool yourself, make sure you label parts of the frame and hardware so reassembly will be as simple as possible.

    You may be able to transport a swimming pool yourselfif it is a smaller above-ground pool. However, for larger pools that have been there awhile, it might be best to enlist professional help.

  • How are fiberglass pools shipped?

    When you read or hear about professional swimming pool transport, it’s usually fiberglass pools. To transport a swimming pool, it needs to be loaded onto a flatbed trailer. Depending on the circumstances, multiple pools may be stacked and shipped, or a single pool may be loaded onto the trailer.

    Experts in swimming pool transportation know how to properly secure the pool onto the trailer. Improper securing can cause damage, so it’s wise to hire experts like us is you need to ship or deliver a pool.

  • How much does a fiberglass pool weigh?

    Fiberglass pools come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the challenge of swimming pool shipping comes from the irregular shapes of most pools. But some of the challenge also comes from the sheer weight of the pools.
    On average, a fiberglass swimming pool shell weighs between 2000 and 5000 pounds. The cost of moving a swimming pool will generally be greater if the pool is more expensive.

    But generally, heavier pool shells are higher quality. Poor-quality shells will often be lighter, as overly cheap companies may use cut-rate materials.

    Cheap materials will often wear down over time. And when it comes time to transport a swimming pool, higher quality pools are far more likely to become damaged by transport or affected by winds.

  • What is the best swimming pool transport trailer?

    There’s no single best trailer for swimming pool shipping. But when moving a swimming pool, most companies use a flatbed trailer. At the end of the shipping journey, you will need a crane to unload the pool from the truck.

    Before swimming pool transportation, you’ll need to make sure that a crane can access your home in order to unload the pool. These logistics can be complex. But when you work with an experienced pool transport company, you won’t have to worry about navigating them on your own.

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