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Boat shipping is a vital service if you wish to transport your boat or yacht from one area to another. At We Will Transport It, our service is all about offering our clients a feasible solution for their shipping woes.

Our company boasts of excellent services that we offer in terms of transport quality, safety, reliability, experience, and thoroughness of evaluation after offloading and before loading. If you’re looking for a company that will transport a fishing boat, you’ve come to the right place.

Boat transportation is a convenient and useful service for all yacht and boat owners. However, selecting the suitable transporter is a matter of conducting thorough research and proper understanding of the transporter’s policies and rules. Here’s what you should know when you transport fishing boat.

Fishing Boats

The different kinds of fishing boats include:

Bass Boats

Fishing Boat TransporterThe small boat’s equipped and designed mainly for bass shipping or panfish shipping, typically in freshwater, for instance, lakes, streams, and rivers. The contemporary bass boat comprises swivel chairs that allow the angler to cast whatever position around the vessel, storage bins, and equipment, for instance, lures and rods.

An outboard and trolling motor usually propel bass boats. The outboard motor moves the vessel swiftly from one place to another while the trolling motor moves the vessel at a slow rate where an angler is fishing.

Center Console

These boats derive their name from the central position of the steering console. The single-deck saltwater and freshwater boats can usually handle rougher waters offshore. If you’re looking to catch ocean fish, these boats are ideal.

They’re the perfect option for offshore waters where sea and weather conditions frequently demand a seaworthy vessel. They feature deep V-bottoms, allowing them to handle huge waves and ocean swells easily. Common amenities comprise huge insulated lockers, numerous rod holders, and tackle storage.

Sport Fishing

These larger vessels are ideal for those who seek bigger fish. They’re spacious enough to offer amenities for lengthy trips. Furthermore, they can travel offshore and feature towers, outriggers, and numerous rod holders. You’ll discover they’re perfect for pursuing and catching huge game fish like marlin, tuna, and sailfish.

Aluminum Boats

These smaller boats feature welded or riveted aluminum hulls and are mainly for freshwater fishing. The simply designed and lightweight vessels are suitable for inlets, shallow water, and can fit in areas where other vessels can’t.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Fishing Boat Transporter


Whichever carrier you choose, it should have the appropriate authority. Any legal carrier must have authorization from the Federal DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Authority. The numbers should be in the carrier’s profile information.


You’ll need extra insurance from the transporter since your boat insurance will probably not cover any transportation damages. Ensure the carrier offers cargo insurance since basic liability won’t cover your vessel. Therefore, it’s advisable you inquire about buying extra coverage.


Numerous transporters permit you to track your shipment, so if you wish to stay on top of where your vessel is, ask prospective transporters about their tracking choices. Bear in mind that the best carriers are also excellent communicators.


It’s important you examine a transporter’s track record and references. View the carrier’s feedback rating, history, and comments on its profile. You could also view their background via the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the transporter. Fortunately, you can view our great average rating online.

Obtaining the Best Quote

preparing a boat for transportYou’ll want to obtain the best quote to transport a fishing boat, so you must get numerous quotes. Quotes are dependent on the destination, origin, boat measurements, and desired dates of transport. Having this information with you together with the model and make of your boat enables a transporter to offer a precise cost to transport a fishing boat.

Once you obtain the quote, inquire from the carrier how they arrived at the quote. The quotes you obtain must be all-inclusive. For the carrier, the cost will comprise the cost of tolls, permit fees, and gas. Ensure you take your time to shop around for good rates, but don’t compromise on quality to obtain a lower price.

Don’t hire a transporter who cuts corners by omitting cargo insurance or the necessary permits for your boat. Nevertheless, you can influence your shipment’s price as the shipper. With some flexibility on your end, some transporters may provide lower quotes legitimately.

The best way of saving money on boat transportation is being prepared throughout the entire process. Remember, the easier it is for a carrier to haul your vessel, the more cash you save. Look for trustworthy companies that can offer cheaper options, but prioritize safety, service, and security. Keep in mind that good communication with your hauler will ensure a good experience for you both.

Whether it’s a speedboat, fishing boat, or yacht, boat shipping needs special handling and meticulous care during transportation. We’re experts at shipping vessels safely and without damage, so contact us today for quality services.


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